Pokemon Court Chapter 611

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 611 is desperate! Floating astronomy
    "This Magnezone is so strong."

    Mismagius's illusion ability audiences know that Mismagius is now being pressed by Magnezone, which is a bit difficult for them to accept.

    After all, Arcanine had a strong combo against Galvantula and left a deep impression on them.

    "It seems that the defeat of the first battle just made Lai Yue completely serious…"

    "Since the beginning, Terrance's Mismagius has not found a chance to get closer to Magnezone. Laiyue Elite can be said to be very careful this time."

    People can see that the strength of Magnezone is now much stronger than that of Galvantula. At the moment, looking at Mismagius suppressed by Magnezone, they are curious.

    Perhaps the current Terrance has the same helpless mood as the first wartime Laiyue Elite.

    "There is no vain under the prestigious name."Terrance feels in his heart.

    Rao is the strength of Mismagius, but it is still suppressed by the other side. The former Elite Four is well-deserved.

    Looking at the Mismagius, which was swept away by the current, and the metal fragments that were still moving, Terrance took a deep breath and “shared the pain.”

    Whether it's an illusion or an attack, and Mismagius is completely suppressed, Terrance can't help but make such an order.

    "Share the pain? Can you get it? ”Most people are shocked.

    Sharing the pain: You can pass the pain to Rival, while superimposing the physical strength of both sides, and then sharing the points equally.

    But this process is often cumbersome.

    When Mismagius heard the order, he gave up the resistance and exposed himself to Thunder Shock.

    Countless violent currents hit the body of Mismagius, and a mysterious wave of volatility from the Mismagius body quickly invaded the current, Lock On the root of Discharge, which is Magnetezone.

    "Can you do it?"The pain of being hit by Thunder Shock can also allow Mismagius to keep Smelling Salts' awareness of painful sharing?

    At a time when many people were puzzled, Mismagius once again hypnotized himself, letting himself lose the feeling of pain, and while suffering the damage, he worked painfully and painfully, and directly let this trick cover the body of Magnezone!

    "It turns out to be self-hypnosis."Lai Yue faintly opened, and in the case that Mismagius's illusion ability was completely limited by him, Terrance had to change his mind to make Mismagius' illusion of hypnosis come into play again.

    Self-hypnosis is the way Terrance and Mismagius deal with Magnezone!

    "Magnezone, cut off the connection between radio waves and yourself."

    Seeing that sharing the pain is about forming a bridge between the two elves, Lai Yueguo breaks the mouth and does not give Misagius any chance to contact Magnezone. However, the waves and metal fragments of the sky have also lost contact with Magnezone. With a body full of scars, Mismagius's eyes are still deep, and it seems that he was not hurt himself.

    "If this continues…"Terrance frowned slightly, and Magnezone's ability to completely restrain Mismagius, even if Mismagius had to deal with Galvantula, or the other's Trump Card Electivire would not do so.

    The problem now is that the hypnosis of the spiritual level of Mismagius is completely disturbed and blocked by the other party's radio waves.

    In the face of this situation, Terrance felt very tricky.

    However, in the face of such a Magnezone, did he and Mismagius really have no way to compete with it?

    Terrance is immersed in meditation, wrong. With the accumulation of Mismagius in Nightmare Island for half a year, even if the strength does not reach the level of Elite, it is definitely only a thin paper distance.

    Just give Mismagius a break, and it will go even further!

    There are many fear energy on the island. With so many resources, there is no reason for Mismagius to be absorbed in this bottleneck. The reason why the strength can't continue to grow is that even if Mismagius absorbs this energy, it has not yet fully grasped it!

    "Mismagius's digestion process is not complete, I know this."

    Although Mismagius says it completely digests this power, it is only superficial!

    This is not to say that Mismagius can't use the fear energy for it, but its own control of energy, which has not reached the top level and cannot be fully utilized.

    The analogy is that there is power in the air, but there is not enough skill to use the power. This is the biggest problem of Mismagius now!

    The energy it absorbs is only 70% or 60% of the force used to increase itself. The remaining energy, because Mismagius's control of energy has not yet reached a higher level, is subtly integrated into the body of Mismagius. Its potential, waiting to be slowly digging in the future.

    “As long as Mismagius can truly digest the accumulation of this half year, it has the chance to defeat Magnezone!”Terrance is sure.

    This digestive process was long, but now, in the face of such a situation, Terrance wants to gamble.

    The pressure of Assist Magnezone, the pressure of Assist's battle, let Mismagius fully inspire the part of the potential to integrate!

    "Mismagius, mobilize the energy of fear, go one step further!"Terrance shouted.

    On the field, Mismagius is also nervous, and it is suffering. It feels deeply weak. If it goes on, it may bring failure to Terrance. This is absolutely not good!

    “Whee~~~” got the order, and Mismagius suddenly glanced. After nodding, the red gems on the body were even more shining. It looked firm and realized Terrance’s thoughts, directly mobilizing himself to grow into the body. All fear energy.

    This pure energy is the great complement of Mismagius.

    In the next moment, Magnezone felt the disgusting energy of Mismagius's body, and his eyes were fierce.

    This disgusting fear energy, only Ghost Type Pokémon like Mismagius will be so passionate.

    Most of the Pokémons that are replaced by other Attributes will be avoided.

    The purple gas field permeates the Mismagius. At this time, Mismagius mobilizes the fear energy that lies in the body, and it seems to be arrogant to attack its existing power, trying to integrate with it to gain more powerful strength.

    "Mismagius' energy control has always been a strength, and its control ability has not reached the top level. First, the growth time is too short, the experience is not enough, and the second is that it has never experienced a higher level like Altaria. Otherwise, it is based on it. It should be able to reach a higher level sooner!"Terrance looked at Mismagius nervously, and whether it was a success or failure, it is now.

    "When we don't exist? Magnezone, using electric wave Lock On Mismagius. ”

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