Pokemon Court Chapter 612

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 612th chapter Elite, Mismagius! Floating astronomy
    Everyone sees that Terrance's Mismagius is accumulating power, and Lai Yue certainly sees it.

    In the battle, Lai Yue did not intend to give Terrance such an opportunity to quickly order Magnezone to attack.

    The waves waved and danced, and Mismagius was instantly locked by the electric wave Lock On, becoming the live target of Magnezone.

    "Magnezone, use Zap Cannon."

    The violent current infinitely condenses, and soon a huge Thunder Spark column is formed, which is like a projectile shelling toward Mismagius.


    Of course it is impossible. Let's not say that defense is not the strength of Mismagius. The power of Zap Cannon, which is brewed on Electric Terrain, is enough to make most Pokémons shun.

    At this point, the actions of Terrance and Mismagius made everyone curious.

    Gathering strength under the eyes of Magnezone, what are they doing?

    The next moment, Mismagius broke out with infinite fear energy. Although it has not yet been able to control this force, under the force of persecution, the power hidden in the body of Mismagius instantly ignited.

    The fear of the sultry turned into a purple curse lingering around Mismagius. In the face of the oncoming Zap Cannon, Mismagius seemed to enter the strange Contest Condition.

    This Contest Condition is similar to some of the Fire, Water, and Grass Type elves' slams, torrents, and lush Ability. It can be summed up to provoke a powerful force hidden in the body during a crisis, so that you can become stronger in a short time.

    Although this power is controlled by Pokémon, it is not perfectly controlled and can only be used at certain times.

    The current Mismagius is the Contest Condition, the hidden fear energy in the body, which was actively inspired by Mismagius. At this time, the purple curse lingers around Mismagius, making it look very different.

    "you…Can you control this power? ”

    Terrance was nervous, shaking, watching Mismagius provoke more power, he admitted that this power is very strong, but, if Mismagius can control, he still has some concerns.

    “Whee~~” Faced with Zap Cannon of Magnezone, the red gemstone on Mismagius was smeared with a hint of purple luster. Its deep yellow pupil shimmered slightly. The next moment, a large shadow ball was condensed by Mismagius.

    When Mismagius condenses the shadow ball, its all-around mantras continue to flow into it. This strange but familiar force is being forcibly controlled by Mismagius, trying to increase its power.

    "The energy of this shadow ball…"Lai Yue looked across from the opposite side, revealing an incredible expression.

    Since the beginning of the game, the strength of Mismagius has been at a disadvantage, but now this change…

    "How many cards are you hiding?"Looking at the opposite Trainer, Lai Yue feels a little depressed.

    The golden thunderbolt was looming and was directly stopped by the shadow ball in front of Mismagius. The size of the shadow ball, which is several times the size of the Mismagius, was stagnant with Zap Cannon. The two different energies were compressed. The ultimate, for a time, no matter what the outcome, no one can crush the other side's trick.

    "There is no victory."

    “Is the power of Mismagius so strong?!”

    At this time, Mismagius has undergone tremendous changes, and the strength has gained a short-term increase. It directly collides with the main Elite of the Elite Four in the power of the trick. This scene has caused many people to swallow their mouths and suddenly stayed.

    No, from Arcanine, Terrance has been showing the endless stream of cards, Terrance, which was not optimistic, and the possibility of a comeback again!

    As Electric Terrain's countless currents rushed into Zap Cannon, Laiyue Elite looked heavy, and he saw that the power of the shadow ball on Mismagius continued to grow. For a time, no one could.

    The mysterious mantra that surrounds Mismagius continues to flow into the shadow ball. At this moment, the Mismagius under the Contest Condition has the power of Elite!

    "Controlled."Looking at the Mismagius of the mantra that controls the energy of fear, Terrance relieved, but before he could calm for too long, the situation changed again, and the power of the shadow ball increased much faster than Zap Cannon, Mismagius, who grew the shadow ball with sophisticated control, quickly pushed the shadow ball back to the middle of the two sides, which was a good start, and then had the hope of suppressing magnezone as long as Mismagius continued to use the power lurking within the body.

    Just that…

    "There is a hand."Lai Yue smiled slightly, and some admired watching Terrance, such a young Trainer, once again found a turn from the battle, suppressed himself, which makes Lai Yue feel a little emotional, it seems that he really needs more practice.

    "Not just Steven, Wallace…"Although Lai Yue’s qualifications are relatively small in the top Trainer, it’s still older than the Trainer who has long been a strong player like Steven. “The strength of these Rookies is really true, including this called Terrance. Terrible."

    At this moment, Lai Yue felt that he was only in his 20s, and he seemed to be a bit old. There was no such thing as a young man.

    At the command of Lai Moon, Magnezone control radio waves ignited Zap Cannon, destroyed the structure of Zap Cannon, gave up confrontation with Mismagius, that moment, the structural disorder of Zap Cannon erupted out of the more terrifying power, At once the shadow ball also destroyed, let both sides of the trick explosion caused the shock wave, this shock wave, instantly shrouded the entire ring, will Mismagius and Magnezone at the same time engulfed in.

    "Mismagius !!"Terrance was shocked and the Mismagius, who controlled the mantra, could not be distracted.

    Infinite smog lingered on the platform, and the smoke slowly dispersed. Magnezone's scarred body appeared in Terrance's sight, but Terrance was not happy.

    Because Mismagius was even worse under this impact, it was directly bombarded by the shock wave and fell to the ground and lost its fighting ability.

    "Unfortunately, the power of short-term control can't be used perfectly…"Terrance snorted and sighed slightly.

    Mismagius tried his best, and the strength of the other side was terrible, but the efforts of Mismagius were not in vain. The other side was equally scarred and severely injured.

    "Get one, but the price is not small."Zac Cannon was detonated by himself. Magnezone suffered no less damage than Mismagius. She suffered the double violent impact of the shadow ball and Zap Cannon. If it is not the amazing defense of Magnezone, I am afraid that the result is no better than Mismagius.

    Ok, Terrance has one elf left.

    The scene was silent, watching the only remaining Poké Ball icon on Terrance on the big screen, and sweating for Terrance.

    "Altaria, look at you."Terrance solemnly took out the Poké Ball of Altaria, looking directly at the sight of Lai Yue, and throwing it hard!

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