Pokemon Court Chapter 613

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 613th chapter kills Magnezone, floating astronomy

    It was not too much of a surprise for Terrance to send out the Altaria outsiders. When the graceful, fluffy swan-shaped Pokémon appeared, the audience was attracted by its high and wonderful Growl, which was so pleasing that it couldn’t help but indulge in it. .

    Noble, elegant, mysterious and powerful.

    This is the most intuitive embodiment of Terrance's Altaria.

    "This Altaria is your Trump Card."Lai Yue slowly opened.

    Although the other Pokémon Breeder of Terrance is equally good, this Altaria gives a very special feeling that cannot be said.

    "Yeah."Looking at the Magnezone, which was already full of scars, Terrance continued to speak.

    "Then, let the battle continue."

    At the venue, Altaria fluttered in the air, and her eyes locked on Magnezone, without revealing any unusual expression.

    As if this is the Contest Condition's Magnezone, it is not a Rival worthy of attention.

    "Too proud."

    Looking at Altaria's expression, most of the audience are excited, this pride, not to despise Rival, but to have confidence in their own strength.

    Even when Altaria appeared, Terrance changed his serious expression and returned to calm.

    Mismagius didn't have the power to master it. Terrance didn't have much regret. It was an attempt. Then Mismagius could continue to grow, but Altaria is different. Its existence is Terrance's greatest strength.

    It is also the reason why Terrance is facing the top Trainer.

    "Magnezone, Lock On, Zap Cannon!"

    "Altaria, Dragon God dive."

    At the beginning of the battle, it was convenient to open the most violent offensive. At this moment, Altaria had a blue-violet flame, which released a powerful momentum!

    Magnezone is doing its best, its Contest Condition is very serious and not suitable for a long-term battle, so in the face of Altaria, it must not be sloppy.

    The thunder and lightning cannons blasted into a powerful beam of light.

    "Is it hard?"

    When I saw Terrance's order, many people stopped.

    Even if the Magnezone Contest Condition slips, but…Terrance is so confident, can Altaria's trick power suppress Magnezone?

    "What was he thinking about."

    Many people have expressed such doubts, but there are still a small number of people who are staring at Altaria and want to see the changes that may occur next.

    Sure enough, when everyone thinks that Altaria's Dragon God dive and Zap Cannon will have a fatal collision, causing the aftermath of the shock, the accident is sudden.

    The light yellow gas field that covered Altaria's whole body was like being born out of thin air, and it was like being actively mobilized from Altaria. With the appearance of the gas field, the altitude of Altaria suddenly increased, and the dragon-shaped fluctuation formed by the dragon god dive. More arrogant.

    "…"Sure enough, it is the Totem gas field. ”

    This is not the first time that Terrance's Pokémon has shown the Totem gas field. If the first Arcanine shows the Totem gas field, people still have some doubts, or are not sure, but after their careful observation, they finally recognize This special gas field.

    Alola Region, there are still a certain number of people who have been there. Although there are very few people who know about the Totem elves, it is unrealistic for anyone who pays attention to this celebration to recognize the Totem gas field.

    With the Totem gas field wrapped in Altaria, not only the momentum, in the overall strength, the overall Contest Condition, also brought a comprehensive reinforcement to Altaria, so that its strength has made a leap forward.

    At this moment, Zap Cannon might have some powerless Dragon God dive tricks, and suddenly a terrible power broke out. Altaria rushed into the thunder and lightning, letting the thunder hit the whole body, but the reality is that Magnezone's Zap Cannon, but the energy of the Dragon God's dive can not be washed away, let alone cause real damage to Altaria.

    “This dragon god dive is much more horrible than the one in the Dragon Type event.”

    “He is still in the Dragon Type event!”

    When the power of Dragon's dive overshadowed Zap Cannon, Lai Yue's face changed greatly, and once again recalled Bai Cheng's words.

    "This Terrance and Altaria really have reservations! What is going on in this weird gas field? ! ”

    Seeing that Altaria collided with Zap Cannon, many people were dumbfounded, just like this…Collided with each other? !

    And, in terms of power, it has completely overwhelmed Zagne Cannon of Magnezone! This change has made most people unable to understand!

    "Not just the power of the trick…"

    Bai Cheng has used the power of Bird to clearly understand the changes of Altaria. In addition to the improvement of Altaria's attack power, the most important thing is that Altaria's defense strength has reached an incomprehensible level.

    Although the defensive power can not be directly linked to the attack power, it is also a very important physical quality!

    The same strength, attacking with mud and stones, can the same destructive power? !

    At this time Altaria is the Contest Condition, its body, because of the Totem gas field, because the dragon god dive, became the most horrible weapon, swallowed Zap Cannon, and launched the impact of the Magnezone that has been down the Contest Condition!

    "It's the Totem gas field, there is absolutely nothing wrong, but why…"

    The horrible dragon god swooped and pressed all the external forces until it hit the Magnezone. At that time, people only heard a deafening roar, and the two elves were swallowed by the aftermath of this terrible battle, and the whole body fell into the body. In the smoke.

    "Rely, it's amazing."Bai Cheng’s surprise is almost a direct breach, what a joke, in the past six months, Altaria’s growth has so much?

    Even Altania, who just mastered the Mega Evolution, didn't have that strength.

    "Can you still guarantee to win him now?"Riean looked at Bai Cheng’s weird expression and smiled.

    "Don't make such a joke, I won't lose."Bai Cheng shook his head and shook his head. In the face of the current Totem Altaria, he would not be afraid. After all, Lucario under the Condition Condition, and Darkrai can match it, even suppress it, but…

    Bai Cheng and Riean look at each other. They are the few insiders, Terrance's Altaria…

    Still far from becoming the strongest form!

    "This Lai Yue Elite…It may be bad. ”Bai Cheng folded his hands and prayed for the passerby Elite. He gave the Mega Evolution stone to Terrance, but he really couldn’t help the Master Laiyue.

    "However, what is the mysterious gas field that Altaria is haunting."Riean is slightly dignified, which is not like simple power.

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