Pokemon Court Chapter 614

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 614 chapter of the Totem gas field that triggered the reaction of all parties, floating astronomy
    "This is a shock to the Dragon God."

    Wallace is amazed, although the Magnezone Contest Condition is not good, can…

    Looking at the stunned Magnezone, he suddenly felt a feeling in his heart, and Terrance, who had no optimism since the beginning of the game, might have an upset!

    "Knowing that Dragon Type energy is not good for Magnezone, the attack gave the Dragon God a dive into the dragon's breath, making it more lethal to Magnezone, and the idea was very clever."

    The Steel type has some resistance to the Dragon Type. It can't be used to kill the Magnezone at that time, but Terrance's Altaria has done a difficult skill.

    That is energy conversion.

    Dragon Type Most of the tricks are the performance of different ways of using Dragon Type energy. Among them, Dragon Breath is a more interesting application.

    Because it can be said to have both "flame" and "thunder" qualities, with a sense of heat and can also let Rival into the Constrict Condition.

    Melissa's Gengar has blended the nature of flames and venoms, creating a fire-killing technique that is no less difficult than Terrance's Altaria, but because of the gap in strength, it doesn't show up like Terrance. Altaria is so shocking.

    "Magnezone …Losing combat ability…"

    Vivian reacted quickly after a little disappointment, and looked at Altaria with surprise. At this time, Altaria was swaying around Totem, and Vivian was sure that this was exactly the same as the energy fluctuation that she first saw in Arcanine!

    “Totem gas field, the ability of the unique Totem elves in the Alola Region…”Steven looked at Terrance on the ring and gave him a deep look.

    At the same time, because the Totem gas field was completely revealed this time, the various forces began to pay attention to Terrance.

    Kanto Region.

    As the birthplace of the Elf Alliance, this place has a profound heritage and a long history, but on such a continent, there is a criminal organization that is full of ambition and ambitious, the Rockets.

    The Rockets are headquartered in the Kanto area. The main venues are the Kanto Region and the Johto Region Region. They are designed to capture powerful or rare elves and use their power to achieve the purpose of capturing the world or to use the power of the elves to achieve their own. Ambition.

    This organization has never concealed its sins and has an extremely strong foundation. Even in the face of the repeated suppression of Alliance, it is still very active.

    At this time, in a dark room of the Rockets headquarters, a secretary-like woman knocked on the door and entered, providing the latest information for the Rockets boss Boss.

    "Totem gas field…"

    The black-haired middle-aged man sat on a chair and looked at the latest information handed by the female secretary with interest.

    "Bomu Wood, the Totem gas field is unique to some of the Elola Region's elves, but according to the survey, this Terrance Arcanine is definitely not in Alola."

    “I suspect that he has mastered the ability to artificially give Totem gas fields.”The real bird is serious. "In the secret of the 'Lucas God', one of our Rockets secrets, Totem Pokémon is likely to be related to the existence of 'Lucas God'."

    "Lucas, God, I have an old friend who is investigating Lucas in the Alola Region. I don't know if he will be surprised if he gets this news."Banmu said with a smile: "The information about the Lucas god should have been collected by him. If he didn't even find out what he was doing, we didn't have a good direction too early."

    "Oh, but this guy always likes to be confused…If there are no certain conditions, I would like to hear from his mouth the message of 'Lucas God'. ”

    "Forget it, compared to that, the most important thing for our Rockets now…"

    "That plan!"The real bird was shocked and solemnly opened.

    "Yes, if that plan is successful, then the strength of our Rockets will be unimaginably strengthened."

    "In the moment, that thing is more important than Lucas."

    Thinking about the boss of Banmu, the real bird fell into meditation and said, "What about Terrance?! The technology he might have in his hands…"

    "Don't pay attention to him."Banmu quickly swept through the information handed by the real bird, smirked and placed the information on the table next to it.

    "His information I have already read, this boy has a relationship with the old man of Wicktor, or do not want to stun the snake."

    "And Totem gas field is such a thing…Only before has no one to look at this, since Terrance has confirmed that Totem air field can be given to other elves, then whether it is our rockets, or alliance those guys, can be more perfect copy out, this technology, you should not think we rockets, Or the alliance forces are not as good at scientific research as a kid, are they? ”

    "I understand, Banmu boss."The real bird showed a surprised look.

    Wicktor? Could it be the top Breeder home Wicktor?

    This person…Is there still a connection with the Rockets? !

    "Is it wrong…"The real bird suddenly snorted and quickly guessed something.

    That plan.

    Even if she is a secretary of Banmu, she only knows some insignificant information about this plan.

    The Rockets’ current secret plan is said to have created a man-made elf of the legendary elves who are not inferior to those who are strong in strength, with multiple genetic recombinations.

    The field of top-level Breeder Wicktor's expertise is genetics. It's not easy to create the legendary Pokémon with the Rockets' foundation. Now that this project is running perfectly, I am afraid it is difficult to get with many top researchers and teams. Trading to the bright side.

    For this speculation, the real bird did not dare to ask, after all, it was related to a top master. After the board of wood decided that the appearance of the "Totem gas field" was not an important thing, the real bird would retreat.

    In fact, not only the Rockets, the Interpol handsome guy immediately revealed a dignified expression after receiving the news.

    "Hey, it’s the police station…"

    It's me.Mr. handsome guy took the phone, and before he finished asking, there was a voice coming from there.

    The information that the Rocket's news department can get, the speed of the Interpol side is also not slow.

    "Are you used to do Island kahuna on Alola?"Mr. Handsome said with a sigh, "Oh yes, there is a police position."

    "Fortunately, Office Jenny here is very respectful to the elderly, huh.."Smirk!""Smirk!"There was a laugh from the phone on the phone.

    "That, nonsense will not say much. This contact is because of the Mega celebration currently held in Hoenn. Do you have any concerns?"

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