Pokemon Court Chapter 615

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the text 615 chapter Mega Evolution's precursor, floating astronomy
    When the handsome guy contacted Merdan, other forces also had movements.

    Behind this dark tide, Terrance, the maker of all things, is still fighting!

    With Magnezone losing his fighting power, Lai Yue and Terrance have only one elf left.

    And from the situation, no one is much cheaper.

    That's awesome!

    From Arcanine's appearance, victory, to Mismagius, a powerful force that seriously injured Lagrange's Magnezone, then Altaria's one-shot kill, Terrance's performance has kept the audience in a Contest Condition.

    Because, Terrance's strength is far beyond their expectations, or, anticipation.

    This contrast made them inexplicably surprised. At this moment, when they look at Terrance again, it seems that Terrance is surrounded by a mysterious halo, which makes people unable to understand.

    "He has succeeded."

    “It’s done very well.”

    When Magnezone fell, Raoul Contesta laughed, and the previous two games were enough to establish Terrance's status regardless of the performance of the next Terrance.

    His Rival is not a silent little person.

    The people present, there are not a few laymen, naturally know the significance of Terrance and Laiyue Elite.

    "Now no one can question it."

    Raoul Contesta is in a good mood, and in the face of this shovel, his negotiations with other top executives in the Contest will be smooth.

    "amazing."Several top Trainers looked at the two players in the ring and agreed to Terrance.

    This is in line with the age of Terrance, which reached the point of age 15 and has to say that Terrance has great potential.

    "I admit that although I have always attached importance to this battle from beginning to end, I still look down on you."Lai Yue Elite slowly opened his mouth and vomited, and the two elves were defeated. This battle, even if he was to turn the tide under his Trump Card, Terrance would definitely be famous for his reputation.

    And the name of this return, although the potential still occupies some, but more importantly, this fame is also affirmation of Terrance's "strength", and the original reputation is essentially different.

    "My Electrovire is stronger and stronger than other elves. It is my strongest partner."Lai Yue opening.

    Terrance looks directly at each other and looks at Altaria, saying:

    "I am like you, my Altaria, my strongest partner, to be stronger."

    The two men’s words are tit for tat, and no one is willing to show weakness. Seeing Terrance’s toughness, Lai Yue smiles and throws Poké Ball directly.

    "So, Electrovire, show your strength!!"

    Electivire, like a thunderbolt body covered with Black electric symbols, like the tiger's stripe Normal, the back, the head of the conductive, can help Electivire to accumulate more power, making it show horrible damage.

    When Electrovire appeared, the entire venue seemed to be swaying, and countless currents in the air collapsed and roared.

    "Lai Yue is the most powerful Pokémon of his life. It is also the only Pokémon that caused me a headache in the battle with me a few years ago."Respect the Steven of this battle.

    This Electrovire is really not good, and the strength is the standard Elite Four Trump Card level.

    It is more difficult to deal with this elf than to deal with Galvantula and Magnezone. The strength of Laiyue is mostly supported by this Electroviere.

    Terrance, I am afraid I have to fight hard.

    Electivire's momentum, everyone can feel that the oppression of the entire venue is enough to make the audience who have not seen the Elite level battle deeply shocked.

    "Look at the venue…The venue turned out to be affected by the appearance of Electrovire, even the environment was affected! ”

    Terrance is also looking at the Electricityire, and seeing this elf, Terrance can't help feeling.

    "Is it it? It is said that the instantaneous burst of electricity can supply the electric elf that runs in a town…"

    Looking at this Electroire, Terrance does feel the pressure. He has not seen a more powerful elf than the Electricityire, but the situation at that time is different from the present!

    At this time, the Electricityire is his Rival, and due to the will of the Trainire of the Electricityire, the Electroviire also has a strong sense of war, which leads to the feeling that Terrance feels the pressure that has never been felt before.

    ButThis feeling, he is not disgusted.

    He feels that this may be a simpler and more straightforward battle than the previous two games.

    With a smile on his face, Terrance took a step forward and Altaria flew to Terrance, calmly looking at the opposite of the Electricityire.

    The next moment, the breeze blew, Altaria's ankles, revealing an ornament from the cotton feathers.

    The jewelry is very delicate, it is not difficult to see that it is a stone, or perhaps because of the breeze blowing, the jewelry is obviously exposed to the sight of most people.

    Altaria took the initiative to expose Mega Stone, the intention is self-evident.

    Altaria, Lai Yue and Electivire, who watched the change of movement, were obviously a glimpse.


    bass! bass! bass! bass!

    Countless attention to the big man in this battle, suddenly stood up and looked at the stone-like ornament exposed at Altaria's ankle.

    The whole body is pink, and there are blue and white patterns in the middle. This stone is very similar to the color of Altaria, which makes many people feel shocked.

    Steven suddenly stood up from the seat, and the audience saw the champion being so excited and instantly realized that something big was going to happen.

    Could it be…

    "It turned out to be…"

    "It's Mega Stone…"Steven first opened his mouth and he recognized the stone immediately.

    Mega Stone, he also has a collection, and with the championship of Kalos, let Steven also recognize the power of the Mega Evolution.

    Even his champion Trainer can't deny that if he uses the Mega Evolution, he can make his strength even better.

    Under the attention of the big people who know the Mega Evolution props, Terrance moved when most of them were unclear, but they felt the sight of the crowd with the wrong atmosphere.

    Slowly extend the left arm to the front, Terrance reveals the Mega Ring, and the right hand gently touches Key Stone.

    "Altaria, Mega Evolution."

    With Terrance faintly opening, the next moment, Key Stone on the Mega Ring on his wrist, and Mega Stone on Altaria, shined at the same time! !

    Altaria, feel my heart…

    When Terrance interacts with Altaria, he instantly enters the Calm Mind Contest Condition, while Key Stone and Mega Stone are activated simultaneously!

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