Pokemon Court Chapter 616

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the 616th chapter of the text is unprecedented, Mega Altaria! Floating astronomy
    "He really has Key Stone!"

    The actions of Terrance and Altaria completely overturned the image he had left before.

    This is what is the potential of Rookie.

    This is the dark horse that suddenly came out.

    This is completely complete…It’s a big boss that everyone didn’t expect, hidden in this celebration!

    "Altaria, Mega Evolution -"

    Terrance's voice is constantly echoing in the ears of the audience. They have doubts, puzzles, sorrows, and expectations.

    NextWhat will happen…

    As the Key Stone on the Mega Ring shines brightly, countless people have eyes widened and turned their eyes to stare at the light released by Mega Stone on Altaria.

    The two rays are dazzling, and they are like the blazing chain Normal. They are entangled in the line of sight, connected, and in a short moment, they form a mysterious bridge.

    Then, an amazing momentum wave swept out, marking the new transformation of Altaria!

    "I can feel it……"Terrance thought in his heart, he felt that Altaria's hot heart, even if the Electricity is strong, can't stop the ambition of winning! !

    "Altaria -"

    The endless rays were wrapped in Altaria, and as a sorghum scream came out, everyone was shocked and showed an incredible expression.

    Altaria is now in the same situation, obviously the same as evolution, can…

    Whistling ~~~

    The mighty air waves continue to appear around Mega Altaria, and the heavy pressure is in the area centered on Mega Altaria. This airy wave instantly covers the current on the field and successfully overpowers the Electroire! ! And with the collapse of the evolutionary light, Mega Altaria's face finally appeared in front of countless people.

    The silky tail feathers and cotton fluff danced in the wind, Mega Altaria, like the noble monarch Normal standing in the air!

    "I have never, I have never seen such a beautiful elf."Someone murmured.

    Altaria's more fluffy feathers give it a noble, mysterious.

    It also means that it has gained more power.

    At this time, Terrance's clothes and hair also fluttered with this crazy wave, but from the expression of Terrance, he was enjoying, he and Mega Altaria were enjoying the time of attention.

    MegaEvolutionLai Yue Elite slowly opened, he wanted to say in a calm tone, but his trembling voice directly proved his feelings, he is not calm, Altaria's Mega Evolution, made him feel a strong threat.

    "Come on a battle."Terrance opening.

    With the completion of the Mega Evolution, Laiyue forced the shocked mood to prevent the change from disturbing his emotions, resulting in a failure to play properly.

    However, Mega Evolution, the first time facing this magical system, even if Laiyue has strong tyrannical strength, it is inevitable that it will be crappy.

    Altaria's information, he knows everything.

    But for Mega Altaria, he has no idea.

    “Electivire, Thunderbolt !!”

    With perhaps a lot of excitement, perhaps tension, and incomprehensible complex mood, Lai Yue shouted loudly, the first time as the other Trainer Normal heated command.

    In the face of the pressure brought by Mega Altaria, the long-lost soul of Trainer in Lai Yue’s heart was completely mobilized!

    "Mega Altaria, Dragon Pulse!"

    The endless current, like the Thunder Normal in the rain of Hurricane, Thunderbolt in the display of Electroviere, the power and speed have reached an incredible point, even if the Ground Type Pokémon forced hard connection, it will not be unscathed.

    When the energy is condensed to the extreme, this is the scene.

    The golden light shines through the ring, everyone is immersed in the power of Thunderbolt, powerful, is the only comment on this Thunderbolt.

    But this is the utmost Thunderbolt, but it was directly suppressed by Mega Altaria's Dragon Pulse, instantly swallowed in, and after breaking Thunderbolt, Dragon Pulse still quickly swept toward the electire!

    It seems that the violent energy can't stop, and it is necessary to go through all the Rival in front of us.

    Electivire, Laiyue, they watched the powerful Dragon Pulse, which swallowed Thunderbolt's powerful tricks, which surprised them, but in this case, Electroviire can only "protect" "The trick is to resist.

    However, Rao uses the protection trick known as "absolute defense", and the Electrovire can still feel the tyranny of this Dragon Pulse from the surrounding waves.

    Unspeakable surprises appear directly on the Expression of Electivire.

    It is not very understandable why Altaria suddenly has a strength that is weaker than it, and it has been strong in strength for a moment.

    “Is Mega Altaria's strength so powerful?”

    Bai Cheng was shocked. He watched Altaria grow up on the Mega Evolution step by step, but the last parting seemed to make Terrance and Altaria unfamiliar.

    "No, just Mega Evolution, there will be no such exaggerated strength increase."Steven determines the opening.

    If he doesn't know Mega Evolution, but for Mega Evolution, Steven doesn't dare to say that he has absolute authority, but his understanding of Mega Evolution is definitely not just a comparison of most evolutionary trainers.

    To know that the light is Mega Stone and Key Stone, he has a variety of different sets!

    “It’s hard to be a special reaction between the Totem gas field and the Mega Evolution?!”

    Looking at the pink gas energy that slowly emerged from Mega Altaria, Steven showed an incredible expression.

    The color of the gas field has changed.

    Alola's mysterious atmosphere blends with the special evolution that circulates in Kalos, which is really…Unprecedented progress!

    "From the championship of Kalos, the Mega Evolution has completely entered the sights of the Trainers, but for a short time due to the rarity of the Mega Evolution props, most Trainers still don't understand the system…"

    "The fifth person…After the match against the Diantha champion, Terrance was the fifth Trainer to show the power of the Mega Evolution. ”

    In the conference room, Glacia Elite glanced at the young Trainer in the TV…The same with amazement.

    because……The strength of Terrance's Mega Altaria is too strong.

    Even the Trump Card elf in the hands of Lai Yue Elite was actually suppressed in the clash of the trick, and the strength of Mega Altaria is really exaggerated.

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