Pokemon Court Chapter 617

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body name 617, the name of Terrance (fifth), floating astronomy
    In fact, even Terrance did not anticipate the powerful strength of Mega Altaria.

    His knowledge of Mega Altaria's strength is still in the Alola era.

    After Altaria mastered the Totem gas field, this was its first Mega Evolution.

    The dual system blessing to Mega Altaria, the power of this explosion is not only a top-level Trainer, not just a large audience, even Terrance, who is with Altaria, does not expect Mega Altaria to master this powerful strength. .

    "No matter what, it is a good change."


    With such a strong strength, Terrance changed the previous war and ordered Mega Altaria to attack.

    Just kidding, until now, don't watch him send the two main players of Laiyue Elite, but Terrance has long been wrong.

    Arcanine, that is, in the case of his own constant injury, at a huge price to draw the other side.

    Mismagius, even if it releases the enormous energy hidden in the body, is still defeated. These, Terrance is not unacceptable, but this does not change his depressed heart.

    The strength is not as good as people, and naturally it is necessary to accept reality.

    But now, Mega Altaria, has the strength to surpass the other Trump Card elves, a strong attack, and why not? !

    "Electivire, Swift."

    Laiyue faintly, Electrovire hands, two tails, instantly changing, the huge golden starburst appeared in it!

    Swift, countless people were surprised when I heard this order, but the next moment, they looked at this Swift shocked.

    "Ion Deluge trick…"Terrance narrowed his eyes and opened his mouth.

    Ion Deluge: Spreads the charged particles, making the Normal Type move into an Electric Type.

    This is similar to Mega Altaria's new Ability.

    In the Ion Deluge move, every Swift has a powerful voltage, and is given the speed of lightning, coupled with the nature of Swift, this trick makes it look shocking, the endless lightning star As the Qi rushed toward Altaria, the audience couldn’t think of how to resist it.

    Can this kind of trick really face it? !

    The answer given by Terrance and Mega Altaria is…Why not!

    The light bursting down on the Soaring in the sky, like a meteor, was given the Swift of the Thundering Ability, colliding directly with Mega Altaria's Dragon Stars.

    The electric smashing, the power is amazing, it has been difficult to describe this collision.

    The stocks and the waves that swept away in all directions directly confuse the order at the scene.


    Looking at the two elves on the field, all the audience read the words in unison.

    At this time, the Electricityire is like a fierce monster covered in lightning. It is a violent Bolt Strike.

    It jumps and can touch countless lightning.

    In the face of this kind of lightning monster, Mega Altaria can still compete, and show the same fierce posture, which is different from the beautiful appearance of the fighting style, so many people are deeply silent.

    1 1 1

    Electivire, with Mega Altaria, you come and go, the most violent battles in several battles.

    At this moment, Laiyue and Terrance's fiery emotions were all mobilized. They kept commanding and constantly ordered, and the Electricityire was intertwined with Mega Altaria to create an incredible battle picture.

    This level of combat is rare even in Elite.

    This fierce battle picture, all of a sudden let everyone in.

    "This is really…"

    Raoul Contesta looked at Terrance silently, he…I can no longer speak.

    Rookie, optimistic, turned into a character who can compete with the Elite Four-level Trainer. This change, even his old man can't afford it.

    "I recognize you!"With the confrontation, Electrovie and Mega Altaria strangled together, and Laiyue finally spoke.

    "So, please take the strongest blow of Electrovie!!"

    Terrance replied: "Thank you, my Mega Altaria, also has the strongest hit and is not used."

    The two looked at each other and saw the heat in the other's eyes. Terrance was instigated. Before the start of the game, he did not expect that he could fight the former Elite to such an extent.

    Mega Altaria's strongest blow is not a dragon god dive, not a dragon star group, not any Dragon Type trick.

    Altaria started with a powerful Dragon Type talent, but under Terrance's Breeder, but under the numerous Hearthomes, Terrance and Mega Altaria, this time has jumped out of the limited field of Wicktor masters.

    They are now stronger, and they have already stepped out of their own path!

    “Electivire, Wild Charge!!”Laiyue loudly ordered.

    As the electricity on the Electrovire flickers and the field currents circulate into Electric Terrain, the endless currents begin to converge toward the Electrovire, and it's built to maximize the power before the best blow!

    “Mega Altaria, Giga Impact.”Terrance is also open.

    Giga Impact, making yourself a force to attack Rival, no matter what the elf, will make it impossible to move after a short time.

    If there is still a way to act, it means that the elf is not using all the power.

    The power of this trick is more powerful than the dragon god, which is more powerful than the Dragon Star group, and…

    With the changes brought about by Mega Altaria's new Ability, Giga Impact can be given Fairy Type energy, which can be turned into a Fairy system, and, to this extent, a small increase in lethality.

    How strong is this way with Dragon and Fairy Type, Mega Altaria in the Totem gas field? !

    Terrance didn't know, but when the lightning monster and the Mega Altaria, which had the appearance of Fairy's light, collided with each other, the whole platform was like a roaring Normal. This powerful impact made anyone no doubt enough to flatten a huge one. Building! !

    “Metagross, cover the site with Confusion.”

    When Steven didn't know when, he had already stepped out of his seat and ordered the eye-catching silver Metagrass to protect the venue.


    The shock from the Confusion-covered site, even across the Confusion shield, was enough to shock anyone.

    At this time, not only the scene, Kanto Johto Region, Hoenn Sinnoh, the various Regions concerned about the celebration of the battle, all looked at the scene revealed in the video.

    While watching the Hideki, Terrance looked at the situation on the field and looked complicated. The battle was so fierce. To his surprise, the Totem gas field and the Mega Evolution system merged, and his physical exertion was greater than ever. It’s very difficult to maintain the battle, let alone the implementation of the small Z move, but…

    Looking at the ring, Mega Altaria's slowly flying figure, Terrance knew that he won.

    Electivire dissipated as the smoke dissipated, the body fell weakly, and stunned in the broken platform. Looking at the horror of the Electroire, Laiy Elite silenced and he lost completely.

    Lost to a young man who is much smaller than himself, a rising star, a Coordinator that has never been valued by anyone.

    At this point, the picture is fixed on this shocking picture, Terrance, he defeated the former Elite Four.

    Raoul Contesta directly overturned the table, laughing too much, Bai Cheng "ah", his eyes were hot, Steven…Wallace …They all looked at the guy they should be familiar with with amazement, and their emotions surged.

    Those who are familiar with Terrance and are not familiar with Terrance can't suppress the different emotions in their hearts.

    "Everyone is wrong, the second Wallace has appeared."Glacia Elite stood up and looked out the window.

    In the ring, Vivian forgot to understand, but even if she didn't talk, people knew that the name of Terrance would be deafening.

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