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Pokemon Court Chapter 618

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 618 chapter action, floating astronomy
    When Terrance defeated Laiyue, there were vibrations of different degrees in many places.

    Olde Green House ……Tianguan College…Contest official…Even the Hoenn Alliance.

    At this moment, Terrance's information was madly tapped, and the Hoenn Alliance staff who had originally paid attention to Bai Cheng had put Terrance's affairs first.

    Compared with Bai Cheng, whose identity and origins are unknown, Terrance can be regarded as a member of the Hoenn Alliance. At this time, Terrance showed his value and received the attention he deserved in an instant.

    Talents like Terrance may be able to become a strong candidate for Alliance's next Elite Four, just like Petalburg Norman.

    I understand

    Glacia Elite puts down the communicator and walks straight out of the door.

    She just got the news, and then I have to contact Terrance again because of something.

    In the final battle of the celebration, Trainer represented Wallace vsCoordinator on behalf of Wallace.

    Because of the unpopularity that Terrance and Laiyue Elite played before, many people dare not judge the result easily.

    Bai Cheng’s strength is comparable to that of the previous Terrance.

    Whether it is Lucario or Darkrai, it is a powerful Pokémon that is enough for the attention of all parties.

    Terrance slowly walked down the ring and felt the feeling of being so eye-catching. The heart was a little different, so…He is also a very important person, right?

    Although not the most comprehensive test of Trainer, 3vs3 beats the top Trainer, and no one can do it.

    The strength of Terrance is obvious to all!

    Just as Terrance walked slowly down the ring, Wallace was also walking towards the ring.

    Wallace opposes Terrance's gaze, and Terrance sinks and stops, saying, "Come on."

    ThanksWallace smiles back.

    The two men passed by, and Terrance looked at Bai Cheng again, the result of the match…

    To be honest, with the strength of Lucario and Darkrai, Bai Cheng can indeed compete with Wallace, but…

    "3vs3 battle, what does Baicheng intend to do? With the strength of Wallace, his other two elves are completely unmatchable…"Terrance knows that Wallace is a Coordinator of strength and Steven. The strength of the game is weaker and will not be too weak.

    If Bai Cheng wants to play against Wallace, I am afraid it will be a tougher battle than he and Lai Yue.

    "Wicktor Master's message?"

    Coming to the ring, Terrance wanted to continue watching, but suddenly found the urgent message from the Wicktor master. In desperation, Terrance and assistant Sharan said, secretly sneaked away from the scene through a dedicated channel.

    After finding the video call, Terrance dialed the Wicktor master and immediately responded.

    "Master Wicktor, you are looking for me."

    It's me.Over there, the voice of Master Wicktor came.

    "I saw you at the celebration, congratulations."

    "I didn't expect it…Thank you!Terrance is embarrassed to say that the victory over the former Elite Four is indeed a congratulatory thing.

    "However, because of this battle, your Totem gas field is exposed."Wicktor Master speaks.

    "Mm."Terrance nodded and suddenly felt the atmosphere was a bit heavy.

    "Three months later, it is the assessment of the next intermediate Breeder family. Your reasons are a bit special. I intend to let you conduct advanced Breeder home assessment in advance. What do you mean?"

    "The assessment is the new power system of Totem gas field…I remember you said that the Totem gas field is the same as the Alola Z move, right? This kind of achievement is enough for you to get the title of senior Breeder in the field of research. ”

    “Advanced Breeder Home?!”Terrance is happy, "Of course."

    For this title, Terrance has been waiting for a long time.

    "But you have to be mentally prepared. During the assessment process, the technology of your Totem gas field will also be exposed, but I have already applied for a patent in advance for you. Regular use of this technology will require you in the future. Authorization."

    "I know this."Terrance nodded.

    Whether it is the senior Breeder home or the top Breeder home, some research results that need to be verified will be published on a small scale or in a wide range according to the specific value. This is already a hidden rule.

    Just like a researcher's "Electirizer" and "Magmarizer" has long been popular in the Trainer community.

    This approach is also fundamental to the ability of the Trainer industry to thrive.

    Of course, as the researcher himself, the researcher has already gained fame and fortune at this time and became a winner in life.

    If Terrance wants to hide the Totem gas field, he naturally doesn't have to participate in any advanced Breeder home assessment, but this is not in line with his original intention.

    After all, Totem's research on the field, Wicktor provided him with countless help, for the sake of reason, or because of Terrance's own pursuit, he also went to the advanced Breeder home assessment.

    As for the exposure of the Totem gas field, he did not care much.

    Because he knows the difficulty of this technology, the roots of Totem gas field and Z move are Sparkling Stone. It is no problem to say that it is the same source. Now the technology of Totem gas field is still incomplete, and the long-term value is absolutely absolute. It is not as good as the Z-style system, and the level of preciousness is not as great as that imagined by outsiders.

    So this technology is better than Z-Ring, which is not good for Trainer.

    If the Totem gas field does not require a magical stone like Sparkling Stone, its value may be higher, but unfortunately…The items it needs are also extremely important in other areas.

    "Right, there is one last thing…"Master Wicktor slowly opened his mouth.

    Terrance listened to the other's enthusiasm, his expression changed constantly, and finally, he nodded hard and understood the meaning of Wicktor.

    "Mr. Terrance…"

    Not long after the Terrance video call was closed, he got a new message again.

    Nurse Joy rushed in and told Terrance Glacia Elite that he was waiting for him.

    "Glacia Elite…"In the heart of Terrance, the action of the Hoenn Alliance is quite fast.

    What Wicktor and what he said just now is how to deal with the Hoenn Alliance, the teachings of the Wicktor masters, and the personal thoughts of Terrance are not much different. After the battle with Laiyue Elite, Totem gas field and MEGA evolution are all exposed. Terrance has long been prepared to enter higher areas and negotiate with all parties. This is an inevitable step.

    Thanks to Nurse Joy, Terrance went directly to the location given by Nurse Joy and went to Elite, Glacia, who was waiting for his Hoenn ice.

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