Pokemon Court Chapter 619

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 619th chapter trading and dramatic changes, floating astronomy
    "Glacia Master."

    When Terrance came to the other side, he asked Glacia Elite, who was wearing a purple dress and had a golden curly lady look.

    “The Terrance owner, the last time I met or at the opening of the Fallabor Gym, was just a year away, and I didn’t expect you to stand in the highest hall of Trainer.”Glacia Elite laughed.

    "You are laughing, I am just lucky, and I am still far away from the masters."Terrance smiles.

    He can win the Lelite Elite, there are too many external factors, his own strength, there are still many shortcomings, need to be further improved.

    Glacia Elite and Terrance first talked about two short family homes, and after two people laughed and laughed, Glacia Elite finally got to the point.

    “The mysterious atmosphere of the Terrance Pavilion, Arcanine and Altaria in the previous match, should be the Totem gas field in the Alola Region?”

    "Yes."Terrance nodded.

    "I have been to the Alola Region, where the mysterious atmosphere of the Totem Elf has made me curious for a long time…"Terrance laughed. "So I challenged the islands there, and studied the Totem elves by the way. I just didn't think that the results really made me find the source of the Totem gas field."

    Glacia Elite took a deep look at Terrance and said: "Totem gas field, its formation is very special, it is said to be related to another world of creatures."

    "The ultimate animal…"Terrance opens slowly.

    "Yes, it is a very strange animal. This kind of creature from the outside world is not only stronger than most Pokémon, but their existence has caused serious damage to the ecological energy of this world."

    “In recent years, Interpol has also investigated this miraculous species, but it has been harvested so far.”

    "Glacia Elite …what do you mean……"Terrance looked up at each other.

    “I came here on behalf of the Hoenn Alliance and Interpol and would like to send you an invitation to hire you to become a member of the Interpol UB Counter.”

    "UB, this is the code for the extremely strange animals in Interpol."

    "Of course, as the Trainer of Hoenn's Dojo, you don't need to go to Alola to investigate the exotic animals. The Totem gas field may be associated with the ultimate animal. Interpol hopes to hire you to become a researcher at the UB's headquarters. Of course, the benefits of this position will be several times, or even dozens, of the benefits of the Towerer Trainer."Glacia Elite sends out an invitation.

    Terrance smiled as if he had expected this situation. He said: "The Totem gas field was only researched by my chance. There are still many shortcomings. I believe that Interpol's research ability will be more perfect."

    "I am not ugly with this little skill. I am willing to hand over to UB's headquarters for the technology given by Totem."

    Glacia Elite stunned and didn't expect Terrance to be so crisp.

    "You don't have to rush to answer first. The specific things will come to Interpol and you will come to negotiate with you. In this case, you only need to ensure the confidentiality of Totem gas field technology."

    "After all, this is about the ultimate beast, and the ultimate beast is a dangerous creature that could cause fatal damage to our world."

    Of course, Terrance knows this well, and even if Wicktor does not remind him, he knows how to do it in his current status.

    And, whether it's Elf Alliance or Interpol, it's naturally impossible to accept Terrance, the free Totem gas field technology.

    This is a deal.

    "These I understand."Terrance nodded.

    “But Glacia Elite, I am planning to get the advanced Breeder title with 'Totem Gas Field Technology', which is the assessment process…”Terrance frowned slightly.

    "You don't have to worry about this. Then Interpol will help you complete the patent application and get involved in your senior Breeder home assessment. You can rest assured that if you are successful, it is not just the advanced Breeder title, maybe you can still Receive the honor of an international researcher."

    Slightly sinking, Glacia Elite heard what Terrance said. Terrance, who is worried about exposing the Totem gas field, just wants to get more benefits.

    At this point, Glacia Elite is not disgusted. Since the research results of the other party are borrowed, the side she represents will naturally also pay for the relative value.

    This is a deal. In the face of a potential young and powerful Trainer like Terrance, both sides must also be equal traders or traders that are more inclined to Terrance.

    Just as Terrance and Glacia Elite delved into it, there was a sudden shock outside, and the sound was so cluttered that the sound wave came over and the two were surprised.

    What happened?

    Shouldn't the outside be a battle between Bai Cheng and Wallace? !

    Terrance and Glacia Elite looked at each other and the two quickly walked out of the room and headed for Sootopolis Square.


    Sootopolis Square, against the ring.

    A Lucario madly released his own waveguide, forcing everyone who wanted to approach the ring.

    Riean called Ninetales and showed the "Flame of the Flame", becoming the first person to climb the ring.

    Wallace ordered Milotic, looking across, and was unable to give orders.

    On the ring, Bai Cheng, who was attacking Black's windbreaker, suddenly fell to the ground when he was fighting Wallace. The change came suddenly, and everyone in the room did not respond.

    Not only was the authority Wallace stunned, but Steven, who oversaw the entire game, frowned.

    "The power of the waveguide…"

    In the battle, Lucario played against Wallace's Milotic and fell into the wind for a long time. The two men in the fierce battle showed their magical powers. But at a certain moment, Baicheng's Lucario broke out with a powerful force and almost suppressed Milotic. The process did not last long, and Bai Cheng, a Lucario Trainer, stunned.

    The reaction caused by this fainting was not Normal. There was a medical staff coming quickly, but it was blocked by Lucario's strength. In the moment when Bai Cheng passed out, Riean suddenly slammed into the ring. Ninetales came to Bai Cheng.

    What's really going on?Raoul Contesta, the head of the celebration, was sweating and looked at the unexpected change.

    Bai Cheng showed great strength during the battle against Wallace. Darkrai defeated Wallace's main force in the first battle and attracted a sensation. Then, Wallace sent his own Trump Card Milotic and defeated Darkrai after several battles. And Lucario, who is sent to Bai Cheng, still has the upper hand, and then…It is the beginning of the change.

    The very smooth celebration, at the moment when Bai Cheng fell, instantly became a storm.

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