Pokemon Court Chapter 620

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 620th chapter is foggy, floating astronomy
    At Sootopolis City First Hospital, Terrance took a laptop and watched the video playback on it, silently.

    On the screen, it is the battle between Bai Cheng and Wallace.

    Terrance had no intention of watching the battle, but Bai Cheng was like Riean, or showed a better match than Riean. In the confrontation with Wallace, the coordinator, Bai Cheng’s figure was dazzling.

    His power of the waveguide became the most important weapon for him to compete with Wallace.

    In the first battle, Darkrai vsSwampert, Bai Cheng directly won the victory!

    However, in the second battle, after Wallace sent the Trump Card Wizard Milotic, the situation reversed instantly.

    The powerful tyrannical Darkrai, in the face of Milotic, could not exert its strength. The tricks, skills and layout were all solved by the amazing coordination between Milotic and Wallace. The final situation was almost repressive and ended with Darkrai.

    The strength of Darkrai is the top Trainer level, which can be seen by many people present.

    This kind of strength, in the battle against Wallace still has no room to fight back, rarely the traditional battle of Wallace, his cooperation with Milotic suddenly shocked the audience.

    Wallace's strength is rarely known except for a small number of people who are familiar with him.

    Everyone knows his level of coordination, but the ability to fight, Wallace has not played against the top Trainer in public.

    This battle with Bai Cheng, let everyone fully realize the strength of this coordination master.

    "First Terrance, then Wallace, these two Coordinators will hold up the future of the Contest."The media commented at that time.

    "The next step is the most crucial battle."Assistant Sharan stood behind Terrance and reminded.

    After Darkrai was defeated, Bai Cheng sent Lucario, and Terrance was surprised that Lucario showed more strength in the battle against Milotic.

    In just half a year, it was not only Terrance himself, but also the strength of Bai Cheng. In Lucario, this progress has been clearly reflected.

    It's even stronger than when it's against Gallade.

    However, the process of confrontation between Lucario and Milotic continued the previous situation. Although Lucario was very strong, the command of Wallace made it difficult for Bai Cheng, the guy who played far more than Terrance.

    However, in the face of the tyrannical Wallace, Bai Cheng persisted, and at some point, he and Lucario seemed to make up their minds, and then broke out a very strong strength.

    "What he is talking about, the voice is a little bigger."

    Terrance opening.

    Assistant Sharan quickly translated: "I was at the scene, when Bai Cheng said this…"

    [The initial idea was to play as much as possible, but after starting the battle, I found myself still unwilling. 】

    Not reconciled…

    Terrance continued to look at it. Bai Cheng is a good man. In the battle against him, although it was almost ended with Terrance, but when Terrance wins once or twice, Bai Cheng will definitely come to the face and invite to continue the game. Until he is impatient.

    "Isn't this your strength?"

    On the screen, the suppressed Lucario and Bai Cheng, the two entered the mysterious Contest Condition. The Contest Condition Terrance didn't know what it was, but he guessed it might be related to Bai Cheng's power of the waveguide.

    At this moment, Bai Cheng's Bird, completely integrated with Lucario, Lucario broke out with a strong strength, changing the situation that was previously suppressed.

    Bai Cheng seems to act as Lucario's brain, conducting a faster communication than using the power of the waveguide. At that moment, Milotic was suppressed.

    As the coordinator of the Hoenn Champion Oreburgh, the only master of the battle, Wallace's Trump Card Wizard Milotic…It was suppressed.

    Through the screen, Terrance seems to be able to appreciate the shock of the audience.

    "This Contest Condition…"Terrance frowned and saw the picture of Bai Cheng and Lucario's waveguide. He felt the exaggerated mobility and fighting consciousness of Lucario in the battle, and the tricks of the waveguide condensed, the power was also raised by terror.

    After the Totem Altaria Mega Evolution, the consumption of me did not allow us to maintain a few minutes of battle. Bai Cheng and Wallace played against each other…The Contest Condition that Lucario entered, it is clear that the increase in strength is higher than the Totem gas field and the Mega Evolution, and is more complete…"

    Is this power the source of Bai Cheng’s fainting? !

    Overloaded overdraft?

    For a battle, even my own body is ignored?

    Terrance looked at the collapse of the picture in a complicated mood. At the moment when Bai Cheng suddenly fell, he seemed to see Bai Cheng’s original look and suddenly turned into a loss. This scene made Terrance jump.

    He always felt that it was not like the failure to complete the battle.

    "Mr. Terrance, Miss Riean's mood has stabilized, she wants to see you."

    Just as Terrance saw the last moment of the picture, a Miss Miss suddenly found Terrance.

    "Alright!"Terrance nodded and handed the notebook to Sharan, and quickly rushed over.

    Before Terrance and Glacia Elite did not arrive at the scene of the incident, Bai Cheng's Lucario and Riean protected the white city layers and refused to let anyone approach.

    At that time, the game was still on the air. After Bai Cheng suddenly fell down, in the face of this complicated situation, Steven, Wallace and even a group of security personnel did not make up their minds to solve the problem.

    Fortunately, Terrance came and he successfully communicated with Riean and Lucario.

    Terrance didn't understand the power of the waveguide, but at the time, it seemed that Lucario wanted to use his own power to help Bai Cheng. As for the effect, Terrance didn't know, Riean didn't know, only Lucario knew it, it made all the effort, and only It is the temporary stagnation of Bai Cheng’s life.

    At the end of the celebration, Bai Cheng was sent to the hospital. Riean was caught in an emotionally unstable Contest Condition. No one could ask a word from her mouth. Terrance had no choice but to understand the situation.


    When Terrance saw Riean, her expression was very embarrassing, and the original sleek face was now pale.

    At the side of Riean, the two Nurse Joy seemed to be guiding her, but Riean apparently didn't want to talk.

    "Nurse Joy, can you give us a separate communication space?"Terrance asks for the opening.

    Two Nurse Joy nodded. They talked to Riean. The only thing they asked was that the other person wanted to see Terrance, so even if they continued to talk, there would be no result.

    "That's bothering you, Mr. Terrance, let's go and report to Glacia Elite."

    "Well, thank you very much."Terrance bowed.

    After the Nurse Joys left, Terrance's expression sank and slowly said: "Riean, what the hell is going on, if it's just a normal problem, you won't be like this."

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