Pokemon Court Chapter 621

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 621 chapter unveiled the truth, floating astronomy
    "You are here."Riean looks at Terrance.

    "Well, let me talk about anything."Terrance Road.

    Riean shook his head and said: "I just want to tell you, Bai Cheng his real situation."

    "Real status?!"Terrance frowned slightly.

    Riean smiled and said: "Although I have already prepared for this situation, I did not expect it to come so fast, and it is in the game."

    Terrance continues to listen.

    "The power of the waveguide…Is a kind of spiritual energy, described as the spirit of each creature, Bai Cheng he…It has a waveguide that is more obvious than most. ”

    "When he awakened this ability, we were still in the experiment of the nightmare team…"

    "Well, Bai Cheng is relying on the power of Bird and Lucario to defeat the Nightmare team…"Terrance Road.

    "That's right."Riean nodded. "But the way he chose was to pass the waveguide to other creatures."

    "Even if Bai Cheng is very talented with Trainer, and Lucario is not weak at the time, but want to defeat such a small criminal organization, how can he rely on his current level? But it’s an idiot who says dreams. ”Riean laughed.

    "But he is very decisive, and he can say that he is very talented. He quickly developed the technique of passing the waveguide to other creatures. Lucario's strength is that it has grown by leaps and bounds. It can be said that Lucario's current strength, most of them are It was exchanged for Bai Cheng’s sacrifice of his spiritual energy."

    Terrance suddenly silenced.

    Next, even if Riean doesn't continue to say…He can already guess the truth.

    Passing the waveguide to Lucario, so that the strength of Lucario is greatly increased, this way…How can there be no side effects? !

    "Bai Cheng he…"Terrance opens slowly.

    "When we find you, his life is not much. The consumption of the power of the waveguide is the consumption of vitality. This is…We have also sought many doctors and have come to the same conclusion, that is, Bai Cheng’s vitality…It is close to the dry Contest Condition. ”

    "In this case, he didn't want to save himself, but he was going to rescue Darkrai. You said he was stupid."Riean suddenly smiled.

    "stupid."Terrance dried up the opening.

    "He knows that the power to abuse the waveguide will increase the consumption of vitality, and it is not too disappointing. It is too stupid to use high-intensity waveguides."Riean opens.

    i don't understandTerrance shook his head hard.

    "You mean…Now Bai Cheng, he…"

    "I don't know if there is any rescue, but among the doctors we ask for, no matter what the experience or the status, there is no way for these people to save Bai Cheng's life."

    "There must be a way."Terrance is serious.

    In the face of Riean, who seems to have lost confidence, he didn't want to show a sad expression. When he got the truth from Riean's mouth, Terrance really rushed into the emergency room for a moment and looked at Bai Cheng's situation, but he held back.

    For this friend, he now does not know what kind of feelings he should have.

    Compassion Nopity nope.

    It is a pity.

    At this moment, Terrance suddenly understood why Bai Cheng would reveal a lost expression when he fell, because this is the stage on which he should show his most dazzling side…He simply could not complete his wish! !

    "Don't be wrong."Riean heard Terence's words and said, "I have not given up."

    "Even if other people assert that Bai Cheng has lost hope, even if Bai Cheng himself wants to give up himself, I have no intention of giving up."

    A glimpse of Terrance.

    "Just in the room, I thought clearly, I am going to find a way to save the White City."Riean opens.

    "How to do it, I will help you…"Terrance opening.



    The celebration was temporarily terminated. The organizer announced that Bai Cheng’s use of “the power of the waveguide” caused excessive fainting. In the event of such an accident, it is not easy to compile any lie in a short period of time, which will only make things more complicated.

    The power of the waveguide, this is not a secret, just like Psychic, telepathy, if the explanation is clear, people are still very easy to accept and understand.

    ButBai Cheng’s situation made the audience regretful. He did not see the final battle between Lucario and Milotic, which made many people regret it.

    Because of this unexpected situation, Wallace and Bai Cheng’s battle were forced to judge the result.

    However, after this, Wallace performed a performance battle with Hoenn's champion Steven as a finishing touch. The two men reluctantly suppressed the Baicheng incident with such a battle, and then ended the celebration.

    However, there are still a small number of people who continue to pay attention to the short-lived Trainer Bai Cheng.

    If the most dazzling two of the Coordinator are the Wallace against the champion and the Terrance who took over the Elite Four, the Trainer is a sigh of white-eyed sighs.

    Obviously, the magical ability to have the power of the waveguide failed to complete the final battle. Unfortunately, it is impossible to summarize the mood of some people.

    Three days after the celebration ended, Bai Cheng’s condition and identity were announced to the public.

    The orphan of Almia Region, who dreamed of becoming a Trainer since childhood, was caught by the criminal organization Nightmare team as an experimental product. When this experience was exposed, it immediately triggered the simultaneous shaking of several Regions.

    The Baicheng incident led to a large-scale disappearance of children who had been sensationalized several years ago by the small Regions such as Almiya and Fiore.

    At the time, the case also caused the regional autonomous government to have a headache for a long time, and eventually failed to solve it. However, most of the children who were missing were orphans. Although it has not been resolved in a few years, it is also Was forgotten by many people.

    Bai Cheng’s identity reminds people of the incident.

    Destroyed the hero of the nightmare team, and awakened the power of the waveguide as the starry Normal dazzling genius Trainer, such Baicheng, once again recognized by people.


    The next message is that many people who support Bai Cheng and who are white and honest are caught in a loss.

    "Bai Cheng is in danger, the power of the waveguide is overused, the vitality is approaching dryness, and most of the human body functions are lost. So far, it has not been able to wake up. Can such information be able to find a way for Bai Cheng to save him?!"Terrance is also in a loss.

    Even if the Elf Alliance cannot be changed, it is necessary to seek a human being in the world…Terrance didn't know what the outcome was, but he worried that Bai Cheng couldn't hold it.

    "Do you know what the last sentence Bai Cheng said before playing against Wallace?"

    "Yes, after this game, be sure to fight against Terrance's Mega Altaria again…"

    Recalling Riean's words, Terrance was bored in his heart and suddenly felt that he had left a lot of regrets. He hadn't completely suppressed Bai Cheng once in the game. But this idiot has already…

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