Pokemon Court Chapter 622

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the text section 622 is temporarily separated, floating astronomy
    Sootopolis City, Terrance met the current Steven of the Hoenn Alliance.

    He learned from Steven that Alliance also wants to treat Bai Cheng as successfully as possible.

    After Terrance personally described Bai Cheng’s experience and the investigation of Alliance, even Steven was sorry for such a Trainer.

    "Whether it's the power of Waveguide or Psychic, it's extremely rare talent, but few Trainers with such talents will be ordinary people."

    Terrance also heard the meaning of Steven's mouth, which is why the Alliance side wants to save Baicheng, not because of Baicheng's experience, nor because of Baicheng's strength…

    It is because of the power of the waveguide, this kind of thing is extremely rare everywhere, and is given the mysterious color. It is the extreme desire of Alliance. As a person with such talent, Bai Cheng will naturally be valued.

    Bai Cheng’s power consumption is excessive due to the force of the waveguide, and because the power of the waveguide is fully rescued, the result is really…Terrance sighed slightly.

    "Is he not living in danger for the time being?"

    Terrance returned to the first hospital in Sootopolis City and asked the hospital about his concerns.

    "There should be no problem in a short time. His last vitality seems to be locked by a mysterious force. It should be the power of the waveguide, but this disease is even in our hospital…Or there is no precedent in the history of any hospital, and we can't do anything about it. ”

    "This is no longer a common disease and injury…Just as the life of a normal person comes to an end…No matter how you treat it, you can't do things like Reversal. ”

    The doctor shook his head helplessly, and Bai Cheng’s situation was the same as that of ordinary people. Even the Alliance allowed them to work hard to find a cure…No matter which hospital or doctor, there is nothing that can be done.

    Terrance was silent. After thanking him for a while, he looked at Bai Cheng far away. At this time, Bai Cheng’s hair had turned pale and there was no black.

    "This situation doesn't know how long it will last, but the force that protects his vitality will eventually dissipate. By then…Eh!

    "Thank you."

    After a thank you, Terrance left the hospital. Because of Bai Cheng’s affairs, Terrance shoved all the interviews and rejected reports from major media. As the most amazing black horse in the celebration, Terrance was at Hoenn. The reputation has almost reached its peak.

    Throwing Hoenn Elite Four and Steven, I am afraid that Terrance is the most resounding group of people.

    The name of Fallabor Gym was also spread throughout Hoenn during this period.

    At the time, the young Terrance started with the Coordinator and stood at this height…His experience, spread under the official packaging of the Contest, spread out at an extremely fast speed, and Terrance became the most well-known Coordinator after Wallace.

    There are also many people who are planning to embark on the Coordinator because of Terrance.

    After all, compared to Trainer, the Coordinator's road is easier. This is a deliberate propaganda and an article from Terrance's identity. This is not a deception. For some civilians, the Contest contest is indeed more friendly.

    And all this…Terrance only knows a few, he is not in the mood to pay attention to this, at this time he may not know, his reputation in Hoenn, to what extent in the Coordinator group.

    The next day, Riean informed Terrance that she was planning to leave Hoenn.

    "I have already negotiated with Mr. Steven, and here I will take care of his body as much as possible before Bai Cheng's vitality is consumed."Riean slowly said: "I intend to go there in person to find ways to save Bai Cheng."

    "How to find? I will go with you. ”Terrance Road.

    "No, I don't know, so I don't waste your time. Compared to that, if there is new news here, I hope you can contact me in time."

    Terrance indulged and said, "Well, if there is news that can cure Baicheng, I will inform you as soon as possible."

    "I will pay attention to things here, you can rest assured."

    "Thank you."Riean said.

    Bai Cheng’s current situation is indeed not solved by Terrance and Riean’s fears. In this case, they are also powerless.

    Terrance sighed and sent Riean a ride.

    Can Riean find a way? Terrance didn't know, but she knew that if Riean didn't do anything, just wait here, she shouldn't be able to do it.

    In this unknown time, she wants to work as hard as possible in her own way.

    "With Lucario, they are following Riean, there should be no problem…"Terrance looked at Riean's back and muttered.

    Lucario, Darkrai, Gyarados, Aerodactyl are currently being taken over by Riean.

    Both Bai Cheng and Riean are from the Almia Region. They are from the same orphanage. They are like brothers and sisters. After the Nightmare Island incident, the two are more like relatives Normal.

    Now, whether it is Lucario or Darkrai, they can all appreciate the will of Riean, and follow Riean to seek the last possibility, and they are also their unanimous desire.

    In order to find a way to save Baicheng as much as possible, Riean joined the Elf Alliance and became the official Trainer, and was assigned a special identity.

    This time, her route will have the information provided by Elf Alliance.

    These things, although Riean did not disclose to Terrance, but in the conversation, Terrance still got a lot of information.


    After the departure of Nightmare Island, the three met again and then parted again in Sootopolis City.

    However, this parting is somewhat confusing.

    One person was unconscious, and one went away from home. I didn't know where to go. Terrance looked at Soaring in the sky in Sootopolis City. After the celebration, he did not expect that so many things would happen.

    Walking alone in Sootopolis City, Terrance contacted Wicktor Master.

    “Smelling Salts are coming?”

    There was an old voice coming over there.

    "Smelling Salts is coming, and it’s not a way to go down like this. All that is done in Alliance should be done, wait for the news."Terrance sighs.

    "That Bai Cheng is very talented. It is a pity that it falls down like this…But life and death parting from this kind of thing, life is only a few decades, will experience many times, you can come out just fine. ”Master Wicktor sighed and worried that Terrance's age could not withstand such a thing.

    Terrance smiled: "I understand this, I am just some…"

    "Forget it, don't say this, Master Wicktor, where are you, I am going to find you now and discuss the Totem gas field and the senior Breeder family."

    "Well, this way, you are ready, 3 days later, you come to the city."

    "At the time, it will be the moment you become a senior Breeder."

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