Pokemon Court Chapter 623

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 623th chapter Senior Breeder home, floating astronomy
    “I heard that Breeder’s Vivi came to the water city.”

    "What? Is the winner of the Breeder home competition for the third consecutive year, the most popular Breeder home in the Elf Friends magazine identified by Elf Alliance? ! ”

    "It’s her, she said that she is really amazing. She has won the first place in popularity for three consecutive years. I am afraid that she is already one of the best characters in the middle-level Breeder family."

    "What does Vivi come to in the water city?! Is it a high-level Breeder home? ! ! ”

    "…"This is unlikely, she has not been in the middle of the intermediate Breeder family for a long time. ”

    "But I heard that it seems that this year's popular votes are still the overwhelming first, probably because of this…"

    At this time, in the city of Qishui, there is a beauty street Vivi, which has overwhelmed the name of most of the Breeder's genius Breeder.


    A man with a hat walked in the streets of the city, and after hearing the rumor, he glimpsed. "Is the Breeder home good at massage?"

    The figure is Terrance. After coming to the city of Habitu, he has not known how many times he heard this rumor.

    For Breeder's Vivi, Terrance has some impressions, but this is not something that Terrance should pay attention to.

    After contacting Wicktor Master, Terrance quickly met with the other party.

    In Hoshui City, Wicktor, the honorary vice president of the Breeder Association, has his own research lab. This time, Wicktor is the host of Terrance in the research room.

    The two intend to further explore a series of complex content between the "Totem gas field" and the "extraordinary animal" "Z system."


    The transformation of the Z system and the Mega Evolution system!

    At the time of the celebration, when Totem Altaria performed the Mega Evolution, the color of the Totem gas field on it changed significantly.

    With the Mega Evolution, the color of the Totem gas field turned into the same color as the Fairy energy. This change made the Terrance at that time unintentional to explore, but then the power of the Fairy system that Mega Altaria showed was Terrance. Did not think of it.

    The power of the move is definitely much more powerful than Altaria's Dragon Type trick.

    The reason for this is definitely an unknown change. It is likely that the value is not inferior to the new research direction of the Totem gas field.



    One day later, the Breeder home headquarters.

    A woman with blue-green hair holds a Vulpix and walks out of the headquarters in a crowd of people.

    "Miss Vivi, congratulations, this is your fourth year in the Friends of the Elf magazine to become the most popular Breeder home."A man in a suit smiled at the woman with blue-green hair and smiled. "The next magazine beauty contest will require more Miss Vivi to help."

    "Well, no problem."Vivi smiled.

    This is the fourth time she has been at the Breeder home headquarters. It has been certified by the Elf Alliance and the Friends of the Elf magazine. Vivi has become familiar with it and has won the vote for the fourth time in a row. This is both her approval and also The embodiment of her ability.

    "Hey, how is it so messy outside?"

    The suit man is the head of the Friends of the Elf magazine. This time, I came to talk with Vivi about the popularity of the magazine. The choice is of course a more common day. There is neither a Breeder home game nor an assessment of the junior or intermediate Breeder family. This situation outside…

    Even the door to the Breeder headquarters was blocked.

    "Mr. Toy, Miss Vivi, sorry, there is a Breeder who wants to temporarily review the senior title. Please forgive me for some temporary blockades."A member of staff walked out, apologizing towards two humane.

    “Advanced Breeder Home Assessment?”Vivi was slightly surprised and said, "Which Breeder is it?"

    The promotion of the intermediate Breeder family to the advanced Breeder home requires a high degree of achievement in the field of the Breeder family, and even the name of the Breeder family can represent a certain degree of authority in that field.

    "I don't know which field is there for an expert…"Vivi's heart.

    “Advanced Breeder Home Assessment?”Mr. Toy, the head of the Friends of the Elf magazine, also stunned. Their Friends of the Elf magazine is mainly concerned with the Breeder family. Which intermediate Breeder family intends to conduct advanced assessments, why don't he know?

    Please waitThat's…

    Mr. Toy was surprised when the blocked front door entered the crowd.

    The Badge on the research suit…

    "Interpol people."

    Just at a glance, toy recognized the identity of the fellows, all of whom were exclusive fellows attached to Interpol.

    "How could it be the people at Interpol…Is it also the person to be assessed? No, when will the people at Interpol value the title of a senior Breeder? ! ”Toe couldn't understand and shook his head.

    Toy and Vivi watched the movement, and no one walked around at the moment, standing directly in the same place, and the staff did not dare to urge them to let them watch.

    Not long after, the main entrance came in again.

    When I saw the old man who came in, Toe smiled and greeted Vivi and went straight.

    "Master Wicktor, how come you have time to come to the headquarters today."

    "Is this not Mr. Toy?"Master Wicktor narrowed his eyes after seeing the person and smiled.

    "Hey, you can call me Toy, and today I am just going to be a magazine's popular certification. I didn't expect to be able to meet Wicktor, I am so lucky."Toy laughed.

    "Hey, you are…"Looking at the researchers at the Interpol who came to Wicktor, and Terrance behind Wicktor, Toe was clearly excited.

    Terrance ? !

    Didn't this beat the Coordinator of Unova's Elite Four at the Mega celebration some time ago? !

    No! Still the owner of the Fallabor Gym.

    “Terrance Pavilion Master?!”Toy groaned and asked.

    "Forehead, I am Terrance, hello."Terrance gave a slight glimpse and looked at the acquaintance who should be the master of Wicktor.

    At the same time, Terrance also saw the figure around Mr. Toy, quite unexpected.

    Genius Breeder Home, Vivi…

    "Ha ha ha, that's good, Toy, then I still have something to do, then I won't talk to you, wait until the next day."Master Wicktor smiled and said.

    "That's good, I won't bother you."

    See you next time.

    Watching Wicktor and Terrance leave, Toy is in a weird mood.

    "Mr. Toy?"Vivi looked at Toy and gently spoke.

    “Is that the most authoritative Wicktor master in genetics?”

    "Oh yes, that is the Wicktor master, Vivi, you have to cheer, and fight to become a character like Wicktor."Toy opened.

    "…"Vivi smiled. "I just have some tricks. It's far from the high-level Breeder. How can I compare with the Wicktor Master?"

    "Don't be arrogant."Toe smiled and then dignified: "But…"

    Why did Terrance, who had made a big splash at the celebration, come behind the Wicktor and come to the Breeder headquarters? !

    ThatMr. Toy, you said that it is the one who is following the Wicktor master who wants to conduct a senior Breeder home assessment. ”Vivi was surprised. "I see his age is almost the same as me."

    "It shouldn't be."Toi Bean’s sweat ran down: “That man…”

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