Pokemon Court Chapter 624

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 624th chapter of Terrance's Breeder level, floating astronomy
    "The Terrance of the Hoenn Region Fallabor Gym, as the Taoist Trainer, is also a Top Coordinator…In the recent Mega celebration co-hosted by the Elf Alliance and Contest, he defeated the Unova Region's Elite Four Laiyue Master in a three-on-three battle at the age of 15 years. You should say that he is still a rising star. A person who is qualified to be a senior Breeder family…We simply found a piece of Ditto and it was dead. ”

    Tou laughed and made a joke.

    "Terrance…"Vivi nodded. I didn't expect the other person to be such a famous person. She didn't pay much attention to the news. This is the first time I learned about Terrance.

    Even if she is listening, she will admire her. Such geniuses are destined to be two worlds.

    "Okay, let's go."Toy reluctantly shook his head and said.



    Terrance conducted an advanced Breeder home assessment using the three-way relationship between Interpol, Elf Alliance, and Breeder Association.

    He himself has not reviewed the intermediate Breeder vouchers, and now intends to take the senior Breeder home continuously, which has no precedent since the establishment of the Breeder Association.

    "The rules are fixed. Totem's gas field is unusual. If you are in good condition, everyone will be happy to become a senior Breeder home as soon as possible."Master Wicktor laughed.

    Terrance negotiated with the Interpol side, and the other promised a lot of benefits from Terrance.

    Two of the most precious things that Terrance sees are a certain number of Sparkling Stones and Gallade's Mega Evolution props.

    “Interpol is really big…”

    Before the assessment, Terrance recalled the negotiations with the Interpol side and smiled.

    He knows that this harvest may be the result of acquaintances fighting for themselves.

    "Mr. handsome guy."

    Looking at the uncle who was wearing a brown coat, Terrance shouted.

    "Terrance, I haven't seen you for a long time."Mr. Interpol, a gentleman, said with a sigh.

    "Yeah, thank you before Rina."Terrance Road.

    "Those are small things. Compared to that, you can choose to transfer Totem gas field technology to Interpol. I am here to thank you."Mr. handsome man took off his hat and thanked Terrance for his compliments.

    "Serious, handsome guy."Terrance smiled and stopped.

    "Haha!"The handsome guy smiled.

    Terrance shrugged helplessly. To be honest, the world is much more complicated than he imagined.

    At the beginning of the crossing, Terrance thought that this is a fantasy world where humans and elves live in harmony, but with the improvement of knowledge…

    Different time and space, spiritual world, Reverse World, Ultra Space…

    Too many things that surprised Terrance appeared, and even these humans in this world did not fully explore it.

    Extremely exotic animals are different world creatures that may threaten the world. It is perhaps important that Terrance accidentally hits the Totem gas field, but it is not important, but because of the relationship with the extremely different animals, this also It has led to a very important reference value on the Interpol side.

    Under the contact of Master Wicktor, Terrance first conducted a written test of the intermediate Breeder home.

    This process Terrance didn't take much time at all, and it could even be said that the whole process was a breeze for Terrance.

    The knowledge of the intermediate Breeder family is not a deep knowledge here at Terrance.

    Since the acquisition of the Calm Mind method, his memory has been almost incremental.

    "Lucas God…"

    Advanced Breeder home assessment front-end, private mid-level Breeder home assessment…

    Terrance recalls the myths that I learned from the handsome guy.


    "Oh, the original Island kahuna, Uncle Murdan, already knew so much information…"Terrance grabbed his forehead.

    Before he challenged the islands to challenge Murdan, the attitude of the other party to himself was simply perfunctory!

    The three legendary elves that landed in the Alola Region in ancient times may be extremely exotic, and Island kahuna has already had this speculation.

    Breeder home headquarters, in a room.

    Terrance came to a Slakoth with the two examiners.

    This is the second assessment after the intermediate Breeder written test, observation and identification.

    Looking at the sloth, even if someone squats on the ground, the Pokémon, Terrance has black lines on his forehead, and Slakoth's brown hair and brown lines look more like a rag on the floor, now it's just like the floor. One.

    No problemTerrance opening.

    "So fast?!"The two Breeders who were responsible for serving as examiners for Terrance were shocked.

    Seeing Slakoth from Terrance, it's only 10 seconds.

    "First, the pink color of the nose is too bleak, and the number of times the body is exposed to moisture should be small. The normal development of the lazy man should ensure that occasional swimming in the river for long distances is in line with the natural growth process."Terrance opening.

    "Second, the brown color of the eye circle is too deep. It should be a manifestation of insufficient rest. The lazy man must ensure sufficient sleep, otherwise it is not conducive to its development. Laziness is just a ridicule. These habits are the natural choice of Pokémon. the result of."

    "Third, the claws are too straight. Seeing that the curvature should be conquered for about 2 years, the lazy man likes to use the claws to hook on the branches. This lazy man's claws have obviously not been used for a long time, and there is no Carrying out other training is obviously not conducive to this lazy man who uses some moves."

    "Three items are enough, can you?"Terrance Road.

    Looking at the surprised expressions of the two Breeder home examiners, Terrance glanced, hehe…

    “Good, perfect.”One of the examiners nodded…Sure enough.

    Even if they observe, I am afraid it will take longer to find out the three shortcomings of this lazy man. Terrance only took 10 seconds, which is enough to show his terrible observation and amazing knowledge of reserves.

    "The next elf is Ponyta."

    Oh…Looking at this Ponyta, Terrance frowned slightly. If you look at this elf, he has to touch it to judge.

    Slightly stepped forward and came to Ponyta's side, Terrance showed a friendly smile.

    Soon, he has a judgment.

    "The hair on the head is not neat than other places, and the manifestations of stunting require supplemental nutrition."

    "The hardness of the hoof is not enough, and there is no running exercise."

    "The most important thing is that the muscles in the legs are not coordinated…"

    Ponyta is not standing at the time of his birth, but in order to keep up with his parents, he will develop his feet while he is falling and then chasing.

    Normal, there will be no uncoordinated leg muscles…This Ponyta is obviously a bit special.

    Terrance needed to find out the shortcomings of the three randomly selected sprites to verify his Breeder level, which tested the Breeder home, but as the assessment progressed, the two men responsible for giving Terrance the examiner became more and more surprised.

    Even with the current level of Terrance's observations, it is more than enough to go directly to a professional Breeder.

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