Pokemon Court Chapter 625

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 625th chapter Wicktor, floating astronomy
    With the end of the second assessment, Terrance also experienced medical, food, training and other assessments.

    The assessment of the intermediate Breeder family is much more complicated than that of the primary Breeder family, and the survey is more comprehensive.

    In terms of medical care, Terrance personally recovered the condition of several Pokémons and performed more complicated treatment than the Oddish in the primary Breeder home assessment.

    In terms of food configuration, Terrance personally made food for several flavors of Pokémon and got the love and recognition of those Pokémon.

    In training, Terrance easily guided several Pokémons who had just mastered some tricks and couldn't control them, so that they could adapt to these tricks and use them normally.

    All of this, Terrance is very easy to complete, the Coordinator and Trainer's heritage, all of a sudden feedback to his Breeder level.


    Master Wicktor saw Terrance's assessment results and smiled. "It is worthy of the old man's fancy."

    Terrance's progress, but he witnessed it from the very beginning, Little June's child took the other road, and Terrance apparently took other paths.

    However, Wicktor feels that he has no time to wait for another potential generation, Terrance…This is his current choice.

    When Terrance conducted an intermediate Breeder home assessment, his scores were almost simultaneously evaluated. At this moment, only one of them had an intermediate Breeder home assessment, which was very efficient.

    However, everyone in the field knows that today's first-class play is not an intermediate level Breeder home assessment…

    Interpol's researcher, Interpol, Wicktor, Breeder's expert, and Elite Alliance's exclusive staff are waiting for Terrance to wait for Terrance to conduct a technical assessment of the Totem gas field.

    Senior Breeder Home Assessment…If you separate the levels, what Terrance intends to assess is the top-level one.

    His Totem gas field is more technical than the food and nursing field.

    The preciousness of the technology, but also the "Electirizer" and "Magmarizer" two Breeder homes that can make Electabuzz and the duck-billed dragon evolve.

    Therefore, it is difficult for Terrance to think about it.

    "Mr. Terrance."

    “Terrance Pavilion owner.”

    Before the certification, several researchers who were responsible for the accompanying smiles were smiling and polite.

    Terrance naturally responds politely to the past. Don't look at other people who are very polite to him. No matter which person on the scene goes out alone, they are not less than the big names of the senior Breeder family.

    Get the respect of the other party, and no one has this qualification.

    But coincidentally, Terrance has it.

    After introducing each other, several people began the certification process for the Totem gas field with Terrance.

    Due to the previous report, all the instruments and tools are ready.

    Even Sparkling Stone doesn't use Terrance to come up with it.

    The Totem gas field required for the assessment will be carried out on Mr. Croagunk.

    This process is obviously impossible to complete in a short time. Fortunately, it may take about three days.

    Compared to the advanced assessments of other Breeder homes, the process of Terrance is cumbersome, and the lineup of certified personnel can be described as luxurious.

    In the days when Terrance conducted an advanced Breeder home assessment, the outside world was calm and there was no major event.

    However, there is something related to Terrance, and the fossil Laboratory in Rustboro City has gradually achieved results.

    A group of people in research suits looked at the dying creatures in the medium and felt a sense of emotion.

    “The fossils of the recovery of Larvitar are still for the first time, although strictly speaking, they are not fossils…”A researcher coughed and said.

    "The leader, look, blink."

    In the medium, a thick, light-colored olive-green elf slowly opened his eyes, staring blankly at the surrounding form, known as the desert monarch's original form of Banjara, Larvitar, which spanned a thousand years of time. In this Laboratory, it has recovered again.

    “Very good, take a look at the situation first, then take this Larvitar for a full inspection.”

    "White tea, you take over my position first, I will inform its owner…"

    Habitu City.

    Giving work to Croagunk's Totem gas field is coming to the final step.

    Terrance took a deep breath and talked to these Breeder homes and researchers over the past few days.

    Not only is the process in Totem's gas field optimized a lot, but Terrance in other areas is also quite rewarding.

    "It’s almost done."

    Master Wicktor said to Terrance with a smile.

    Yeah.Terrance nodded and was a little excited. After that, he was a senior Breeder home.

    Before the trip from the Napru Road Museum, the intermediate Breeder home was almost his ultimate pursuit. At first he just wanted to make a simple living with the Breeder family and improve the life of Olde Green House… …

    But now, everything is going in the best direction.

    Breeder home…CoordinatorTrainer …At this time, Terrance can be said to have grown up in a series of adventures.

    "Terrance, are you willing to be my disciple and pass on my knowledge?"

    Before the Terrance, the Wicktor master in a gray shirt suddenly spoke.

    His question, let Terrance glimpse, finally arrived.

    Early on, I noticed that Wicktor had the idea of accepting himself as a disciple, but the other party did not speak, and Terrance could not ask.

    Waiting for this sentence, Terrance suddenly felt relieved.


    Terrance looked at the Wicktor master who was walking away and quickly followed up and said.

    "Hahaha!"Master Wicktor laughed and said: "Master is different from Teacher. You will accept my inheritance of genetics. Can you inherit this with confidence?"

    "You know, this road has not yet been passed by. The front is full of unknowns and thorns. The time it will take will cost you a lot of time. Even so, are you willing?"

    "Of course I do."Terrance nodded.

    At the level of the top Breeder family, the knowledge they mastered cannot be passed down. The result of each achievement is the sweat of years and decades. It is the fruit of painstaking research. Wicktor masters have considered it for a long time and will eventually The person was chosen for Terrance, and even though Terrance showed his talent very early, he also examined it for five years.

    If Terrance is a ruthless person, even if there is potential, why can he inherit the secret of Wicktor master. If Terrance is a ruthless person, Wicktor has no reason to believe that Terrance has the perseverance to continue exploring this unknown path.

    "Young and promising, decisive, good character, and his path of growth is also out of constant exploration."Looking back at Terrance, Wicktor masters lamented.

    Also watching Wicktor master, Terrance is not a lot of emotions. He came over this way. Wicktor master helped him too much. Without Wicktor master, it is difficult for him to get today's achievements. In Terrance's mind, Wicktor master has already occupied one. Very important position.

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