Pokemon Court Chapter 626

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 626th chapter of the youngest senior Breeder home (the fifth volume), floating astronomy
    after day

    Friends of the Elf Magazine, the most authoritative and vocal place in the Breeder family, got a big news that could be said to be earth-shattering.

    “Is there a new senior Breeder home?!”

    "The promotion is 15 years old…Isn't that the youngest senior Breeder home in history? ! ”

    When the Friends of the Elf got news from the Breeder Association, the whole community was moved, and even the "most popular Breeder home" selection campaign that was busy some time ago was thrown behind them.

    The most popular Breeder home selection, it is just a small event planned for the Breeder family Rookie, although the influence is not small, but compared with the birth of a new legend…They still know which things are more important.

    "Did you make it……"Tou, one of the heads of the Friends of the Elf magazine, got the news and quickly recalled what he saw at the Breeder headquarters.

    After leaving Breeder's home headquarters, he also paid attention to the promotion assessment, and knew which Breeder home to be assessed, Terratur, which is exactly what Vivi guessed, was the person who planned to conduct the assessment.

    With Terrance's age and other areas of achievement, toy think this assessment is ridiculous, a person's energy can not be in so many areas are not to break out of the famous bar, The good thing, after that a few days he did not hear any news, subconsciously thought that the promotion of Terrance failed, I didn't expect the new senior breeder family to show up, though it was delayed for a few days.

    “The youngest senior Breeder home.”After Toy got the information of this person, his mouth twitched continuously.

    Vivi's guess, which he refuted, turned out to be true.

    "In addition, the youngest senior Breeder home Terrance…Wowtor is a teacher. ”

    These two messages made the Friends of the Elf magazine turbulent, and they edited the content as quickly as possible. It was almost the first time to spread this information.

    This spread, of course, is also tacitly accepted by Wicktor Master and Terrance himself.

    Not only the Friends of the Elf, but also the magazine publishers who mainly focus on the Breeder family, other media have also received the same information.

    But compared to the Friends of the Elf, they need to edit more content.

    For example, the significance of Terrance's high-level Breeder home assessment and the reputation of Alliance as an "international researcher" to Terrance.

    Furthermore, it is Terrance who is not only the Top Coordinator, the Taoist Trainer, but also the meaning of the senior Breeder home certificate.

    With a few identities, plus the strength of the previous celebration Terrance, the resurgence of the top Trainer Lai Yue master's strength makes Terrance's reputation even louder! !

    Kanto, Nibi Road Hall.

    Trainer, who is taking care of his brothers and sisters, and Xiaogang, who is only 15 years old, are free to pick up the magazine of the Elf Friends who just sent it today.

    As a dream, he became a good Breeder's home. Although he has an excellent Breeder skill, he is not able to chase his dreams because he is restricted by the family's trivial matters.

    As usual, I flipped through the magazine, and Xiaogang’s hand suddenly shook and saw a familiar name and avatar.

    “The youngest senior Breeder home in history was born!! At the age of 15, I won a high title! ! ! ”

    Below is the history and biography of Terrance's Breeder family, as well as the results of this promotion.

    "Terrance…"Xiaogang’s eyes drifted away, recalling the encounter of Habitu City five years ago.

    Do not knowWhen will he leave the Nibi Road Pavilion to pursue his dreams?

    Hoenn, Olde Green House.

    Sinnoh, Tianguan College.

    Not only that, but anyone who met Terrance was shocked when they saw this message.

    Terrance's growth rate is amazing, and the achievements in various fields are almost numb.

    "Is it a teacher…"

    In the Elf Alliance, the Breeder Association, after high-level people got information from Terrance Wicktor, they re-evaluated Terrance's positioning.

    The potential Rookie, together with the Wicktor Masters, will be even more immeasurable.

    The genetics of Wicktor's masters, even if it is published, has not been fully understood, let alone the genetic directions and valuable materials of the new research.

    As the sole heir to the Wicktor master, Terrance is almost inherited from this knowledge and the skills of the Wicktor masters, that is, perhaps a few years later, a second genetics master will appear.


    In the city of Qushui, Terrance and a group of researchers are still doing the inspection of Totem Croagunk.

    After the handsome Mr. Croagunk was given the Totem air field, the change was even surprisingly surprised by Mr.

    His Croagunk is his most tacit partner since he became Interpol. As a first-class Interpol, Mr. Croagunk is also very good.

    But for a variety of reasons, Croagunk has not evolved, and the strength is naturally limited. For this reason, Mr. Guy often has headaches, but as Croagunk is given the Totem gas field, its strength is almost explosive.

    The exaggerated destructive power of the moment, so that the handsome guy even suspected that his own Croagunk was Switcheroo.

    “Unfortunately, if Sparkling Stone is not too rare, the value of this technology will be even greater.”

    An international researcher sighed, although the current Totem gas field technology has not been a big increase in Pokémon's strength, but it is still not as good as Z-Ring technology and Mega Evolution system.

    This increase in Pokémon by external forces has so far been at the peak of the Mega Evolution system and the Z-Ring system.

    However, although the Totem gas field is not as effective as the two, it is still a valuable technology that is far more valuable than other foreign objects.

    “The Totem gas field has a much more comprehensive increase in Pokémon's strength than the hand-made props.”

    "Yeah."A group of researchers, after comparing the strength of Croagunk, can not help but feel together.

    “You, as we have seen, there are still many places where the Totem gas field is not perfected by technology. As long as it is more systematically summarized and experimented, this technology may be more perfect.”Terrance opening.

    The use of Z-Ring and Mega Evolution has different effects under different factors, and the Totem gas field system has no reason to only stay in place.

    The researchers were deeply impressed. With the end of the transfer process of Totem gas field technology, the technology was included in the Breeder Association, Elf Alliance, and Interpol. At this point, Terrance's senior Breeder home assessment officially ended.

    After Terrance won the electric master Laiyue on the celebration, Terrance's name resounded everywhere. After that, countless forces began to contact Terrance only to find Totem gas field technology, of course, after signing an agreement with Interpol. This technology Terrance naturally cannot be exposed by Solaceon.

    In contrast, Terrance has also received a generous return. In the future, Totem's gas field technology requires strict reporting in addition to him.

    When Terrance left Sootopolis City, left Habitat, and returned to the Naplu Road Hall, Terrance's identity has changed dramatically.

    The most dazzling star in the Top Coordinator, close to Elite Four's Taoist Trainer, the youngest senior Breeder home, the heir to the top master…This series of identities declares that Terrance has risen completely.

    After nine years of hard work, this moment has turned into a result, and Terrance's rise has gradually drawn a small period.

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