Pokemon Court Chapter 627

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the text of the 627 chapter new journey, floating astronomy
    Alliance 214 years, the Napru Road Museum, an agricultural town in the northeast of the Hoenn Region, has developed into a well-developed agricultural town.

    Residents of the Naplu Road Museum know that the Contest Contest venue, as well as the “Fallarbor Forest Scenic Area”, which was recently invested by Elf Alliance, has a close relationship with the stadium owner Terrance of Fallaboro Gym.

    The buildings and plans that are conducive to the development of the Naplu Road Museum are all enjoyed by the residents of the Naplu Road Museum. With the development of the Napru Road Museum, the living standards of the people here are constantly improving.

    Fallarbor Forest.

    A beautifly, covered in a mysterious atmosphere, serves as the core of the “Guardian God: The Supreme of the Wings”. It is trained with the staff and a number of Bug Type elves. It is the one of Terrance's Breeder for Fallabor Gym. "Little Beautifly".

    The elves with the Totem gas field have an extraordinary deterrent and commanding power, and Terrance is not only seen in the Alola Region, but also his experimental work with a group of researchers.

    As Terrance's identity changed, his early ideas of "Fallarbor Forest Scenic Area Plan" and "Guardian God: Wings of the Supreme" received a variety of investments, and today the plan is developing rapidly, and in command and command of the Bug Type elves, Terrance It also has a better way than the original.

    That's Breeder's core Totem that can command the Fallarbor Forest Bug Type Wizard.

    This mission eventually fell to the small Beautifly of Fallabor Gym.

    As for Terrance's Beautifly, as it mastered the top-level skills, Terrance wanted to continue to stay with Breeder and train, rather than let it act as the core of the "Guardian God: Wings of the Supreme", and guarded the Naplu Hall for the rest of his life.

    The investment in the planning of the scenic area is only a negligible benefit from the rise of Terrance.

    Now Terrance's strength has made new progress, Altius, Arcanine, floating bubbles, Gallade, Mismagius, Beautifly, all of which have been enhanced by the Totem gas field.

    In other words, Terrance's six main spirits have all become Totem elves.

    And the time to harness the Totem gas field is much longer than the one-year time limit given by the rough version of the Totem gas field that Terrance started.

    Of course, Terrance gave Sparkling Stone, which is consumed by the main Elite Totem gas, in addition to the two of them, the other is provided by the Interpol side, which is also the benefit of the interest exchange Terrance.

    Sparkling Stone, the scarce resource that made Z-Ring in Alola, Terranc got a few pieces at once, and with the emergence of Totem gas field technology, it also caused a very bad impact on the Alola Region.

    All Trainers in the Alola Region want to perform island tours, threshold conditions and assessment difficulty…It was suddenly raised to the extent of terror.

    These are all due to the scarcity of Sparkling Stone, and Terrance, the "culprit" of all of this, is also suffering from Sparkling Stone.

    Although Altaria has been given the Totem gas field, this Totem gas field is still time-limited.

    This is very depressing, but fortunately, this kind of gas field is not only the power that Pokémon can get for a while.

    Mastering this higher level of power…It also allows Pokémon to experience and feel this stronger power, so that they can clear the direction of strength and enhance their growth.

    "Sparkling Stone is not enough…Ice Vulpix The little guy hasn't developed yet. When it's not given Totem's gas field, Larvitar's little guy has just conquered it, and I still know it, and it takes a long time…"

    Terrance had a headache and walked back to Olde Green House, looking at the Larvitar who was playing the game with Little Vulpix and coughing.

    With Terrance's dry cough, the snowy little Vulpix and the seemingly incomparable Larvitar stopped and looked at Terrance.

    Ice Vulpix is okay, ran straight to jump into Terrance's arms, as for Larvitar, it was completely blind with Terrance.

    Larvitar, who was sent by Kennedy researchers a few days ago, Terrance has been looking forward to it for a long time.

    Resurrected from fossils, Larvitar, which has lived for nearly 10,000 years in theory, is not much different from the Larvitar that Terrance recognizes.

    However, due to the possibility of recovery from fossils, this Larvitar is special. This is special. Terrance not only learned from Kennedy researchers, but also personally experienced it.

    Looking at that step by step toward yourself slowly, Ground will say "Hey! Hey! Hey! ”The picture of the sound, Terrance smiled at the small Vulpix, the little Vulpix and the Larvitar to do the chase game, Larvitar can catch up with it.

    This one Larvitar is the same size as the normal Larvitar, but the weight…It's three to four times that of a normal Larvitar!

    Dragging such a heavy body, Larvitar's action is very slow, giving a dull feeling.

    "This is still only the Larvitar stage…If it is to evolve to Banjara, how much is this? ! ”Terrance is helpless, how can his Pokémon not be normal?

    In the short term, it is not conducive to Larvitar's growth and competition. This is reflected in its slow course of action. This is not a live target. Even eating a food is slow, and Terrance is really dying.

    But as a senior Breeder, Terrance naturally won't struggle for this for too long. Even in the case of Ralts, he can succeed Breeder into a great Gallade, Larvitar, and naturally can become an advantage. Terrance has this confidence. He and Larvitar have just been in contact for a long time, and the road ahead is still very long.


    On the side of the garden, stop the Gallade, which is constantly wielding the air, and look at the coming Terrance.

    "First take a break."Terrance smiled and said that since the celebration ended, Gallade opened the knot under the guidance of Terrance after losing one.

    After opening the knot, Gallade's mental power is directly changed, and its momentum is more condensed.

    Gallade opened the knot, and as the Terrain of his Trainer, of course, he was very happy. After that, Gallade's requirements for himself were more strict.

    These are all because of what Terrance said at the time.

    When you are working hard, others are working hard and embarking on the strongest road. Effort is just a basic requirement.

    After awakening, Gallade's mood was more complete. In the face of today's Gallade, Terrance felt as if it had completely changed an elf.

    This change is in a good direction. Terrance is happy and grateful for Gallade, the change of Gallade…It is also not an excuse for him to specifically ask Interpol for a Gallade Mega Stone exchange.

    "At the right time, you can do the Mega Evolution like Altaria…"

    Guiding a few words of training for Gallade, Terrance silently turned his head and left.

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