Pokemon Court Chapter 628

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 628th chapter Teressi Sha, Akkon is missing, floating astronomy
    Terrance has been resting at the Napru Road Hall for a while since the Mega Grand Celebration, the senior Breeder family assessment.

    During this time, in addition to training the elves, he occasionally took over Kathrine's work and was responsible for one or two hall assessments.

    In addition, he also learned the basics of genetics that Wicktor Masters gave him, and Master Wicktor said that mastering this knowledge is a must for Terrance before inheriting the secrets of Wicktor Master as the top Breeder.

    Because Terrance has the foundation of the intermediate Breeder family, Wicktor is not worried that Terrance can't learn this knowledge himself. After all, the contents of the book and his notes have been clearly explained, and then the contact is so developed. If you don't understand, Terrance can also contact Wicktor Master at any time.

    In this way, Terrance returned to a quiet life during this time, but Terrance's heart is not calm, he still has one thing not completed, that is, to allocate food that increases the size of Arcanine, but does not affect health and growth.

    As the Pokémons were given the Totem gas field, their efficiency in using the Totem gas field has also increased over time.

    However, Terrance has not forgotten the artificially endowed Totem gas field and the Pokémon of the Totem elf is different from the Alola Totem elf.

    It is a body type!

    The Totem Elf of the Alola Region is significantly larger than the normal elf.

    This huge body shape not only does not affect their strength, but seems to let them play a stronger role.

    In nature, there are many reasons why some elves are much larger than their peers, the difference in body shape has a good impact on the elves, but also has a bad impact, but admittedly, for some of the fighting style of the elves, more robust, huge situation they can show greater strength.

    “Arcanine relies mainly on the explosive power of strength and speed…”

    "The growth of size, if it can guarantee that it can be perfectly coordinated in terms of strength and speed, then the change in strength is absolutely positive."

    The size of the body is getting bigger. The reason why the elf is not good at mastering the strength is that it is not well coordinated and cannot be perfectly controlled. But for the Top Coordinator of Terrance, these are not big problems. If you have the heart, you can change it through reasonable training and planning.

    Of course, Arcanine's size may have a positive impact on strength, because of its fighting style, but it doesn't necessarily have the effect of changing to a floating bubble, so Terrance just wants to verify the Totem gas field. The relationship between "and body type".

    Next, how to specifically Breeder other Pokémon…Terrance is not yet fully defined.

    Beautifly, Altaria, Mismagius, Arcanine, Floating Bubbles, Gallade, Alola Form Vulpix, Larvitar, the first six elves are the absolute mainstays of Terrance through these years of careful Breeder, using such a long time only Breeder six elves, Terrance It can be said that it has been a lot of hard work. Of course, the strength of these elves is also very gratifying.

    As for the last two, Terrance is still his preparatory main force in the Breeder process.

    In order to take full care of the eight elves, Terrance deliberately shut down all the reserved transmission systems on his Poké Ball. As a "civil servant" under the Alliance, this power Terrance still owns.

    In addition to these eight elves, Terrance also has a special partner, Rotom Pokédex.

    This elf Pokédex, which was invaded by the electric system and the Ghost system elves, has the same expressive power and many powerful functions as the normal living body. Terrance currently relies on Rotom Pokédex for most of the training tasks of Pokémon.

    “Teressi Shasha and Akkon lost contact…”

    Within Fallabor Gym, Terrance frowned after getting the news.

    After returning from Alola, he searched for Teressi Sha Teacher and asked about “increasing knowledge about the body's Breeder method”, but the information he got was Teressi Sha Teacher and Akkon going out to perform the task, after which Terrance returned. Have not contacted them.

    Originally, Terrance wanted to wait until I had time to contact Teressi Sha Teacher to ask about how Arcanine's food should be distributed. But before Terrance took the initiative to ask, there was such a bad news from the Tianguan Academy Joan Teacher.

    What happened

    Looking at the information from Joan Teacher, Terrance gave a slight glimpse, Teressi Sha Teacher and Akkon had lost contact for half a month, and the exact message that they could finally get was that they had entered the dangerous area of the Kalos danger zone "Annapur Mountains" .

    After learning the information, Terrance immediately contacted Joan Teacher.

    In the video call, Joan Teacher is gradually reflected there.

    Joan Teacher is still a serious look, nothing has changed compared to the way he was taught him, or they are basically this face.

    "See the news."Asked Joan Teacher.

    "I saw it, what is going on?"Terrance asks quickly.

    "Teressi teacher with Akkon to carry out a non-specific content of the experience task, and eventually lost contact in the Annapurg mountains, so far for half a month, Akkon's father has hired explorer into it to find two people, but these explorer The strength is not enough to penetrate the Pourg mountains, and there is little to be gained by strolling around the periphery, and then the Academy intends to send people into the Anantara Pourg Mountains in search of two people, who should have arrived at Kalos Region. ”

    "No specific content?!"Terrance doubts.

    "Yes, it is because there is no specific experience, so it is difficult to find out where they are."Joan Teacher licked his head.

    This situation…It’s no different from blatant escaping, and Terrance’s mouth twitches.

    However, this moment is not the time to entangle these problems, the two have lost contact for half a month, the situation is a crisis.

    "I also go to Kalos."Terrance Road.

    "En."Joan nodded. "The Annapur Mountains are undeveloped mountains. Should you know the division of the lost Region? According to the division, there should be a C-level lost Region, and the Normal Trainer could not go deep. ”

    "Although Akkon's father, Wu Songtian, is now spending a fortune online to hire trainer to find his son, but time is running out, and now he must use all his strength to find them, and you may be better off now than the teacher that the Academy sent, and you and Teressi and Akkon The relationship is shallow, you are in, deep into the Pourg mountains to find two people more likely. ”

    Chapter 351: The Lost Region

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