Pokemon Court Chapter 629

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 629th chapter of the Annapurg Mountains, floating astronomy
    The Annapurg Mountain Range belongs to the c-class Lost Region according to the hazard rating. It is an undeveloped location and is located in the most remote area of Kalos, away from the place of people.

    In such a place, transportation is simply not accessible, and in this mountain range with many aggressive Pokémons, only the Trainer can enter and exit.

    However, the c-level lost Region is not a normal place, which can be known from Terrance's pavilion assessment.

    The desert island that Terrance was in was a d-class lost Region, so that the strength of Terrance at that time had to be careful with some large elves.

    In exchange for a higher level c-class Loss Region, if it is not the top Masters level of the Trainer, there is no ability to act here at Solaceon.

    "The area is big."Terrance was shocked to find information on the Annapur Mountains.

    Such a forest mountain range depends on the strength of several people to know when it will be searched. Even if it relies on the power of Pokémon, the time it will take is not a small number.

    After getting information from Joan Teacher, Terrance took the flight to Kalos on the same day and then descended to the central airport of Kalos Lumiose City the next day.

    Teressi Shakespeare and Joan Teacher are the most attended Teachers in Tianguan Academy. Akkon is his best classmate in the college. After the two happened, Terrance was almost the first time.

    After the arrival of Terrance, he did not continue to grind in the city. He went straight to the wilderness and rode Altaria to the Annapurg Mountains according to the map shown on Rotom Pokédex.

    “Terrance, you are responsible for going to the center for a search. This road is to be careful of an elf community led by Flores. This elf community has repelled many Trainers who want to go deep into the mountains. Of course, if you have the spare power, you can explore this elf community. The situation inside."

    "In addition, there are a few ethnic groups of Pangoro that are also very difficult to entangle, and this elf is hot and aggressive.also……"

    Outside the Annapurg Mountains, leave a wait-and-see for Terrance to explain the latest information for Terrance.

    These are the news from the mountains not long ago. There are too many dangers in the Annapurg Mountains. It is far beyond the desert island where Terrance conducted the main assessment of the pavilion. It is only a few people who entered the dangerous area. Information is constantly coming out.

    This is still the case, when most people have not had time to go deep into the mountains, Terrance quickly responded, with his current strength, do not worry about the danger of the C-class lost Region.

    If it is Mt. In the dangerous area deep in Silver, he may still be jealous, but now he has the strength of being close to Elite Four. With all the elves carrying it, Terrance can be said to have reached the peak of combat power and has full confidence.

    This time he came with the goal of finding Akkon and Teressi Shakeser as quickly as possible or completely exploring the mountains.

    Whether it is trapped in the mountains, or what other complicated reasons for what happened to the two, the Annapur Mountains are the first suspected location.

    “The family of Teressi Sha Teacher is here too.”The Teacher said.

    Teressi teacher was born in Kalos Region, is the "eldest" of the children of the Stuart family, her father is an ecologist, the research team is a significant contribution to the ecological environment protection of the Elves, so enjoy a certain reputation in the local, the research team belongs to Kalos Alliance, her father is also a well-known figure, so Teressi Sasha teacher can be said to be born on the top of the family.

    Today, Terrance just knows the specific identity of Teressi Sha.

    "what is the reason behind the scene."

    After a confession, Terrance entered the Annapurg Mountains with his prepared luggage.

    On this road, he has been wondering why the two were missing. If there is no clear reason, the two have no reason to enter a dangerous place like the Annapurg Mountains.

    and also

    "With the strength of Teressi Sha Teacher, even if you can't move the Region at the c-level, you can't move around with it, but there is no problem with Akkon encountering some dangerous whole body."Terrance is puzzled.

    As the Teacher of Tianguan College, Teressi Sha Teacher teaches coordination and Breeder knowledge, but its strength is not weak.

    Each other's Chandelure…Crobat and the different color of Azumarill, Terrance did not doubt the strength of the trainer of Teressi Sha Teacher.

    Moreover, Teressi Sha Teacher and Akkon are also rational people, and it is impossible to enter the Annapur Mountains for no reason, leaving themselves in danger.

    "What is it because…"Terrance pondered Calm Mind while diving into the Annapur Mountains.

    The Annapurg Mountains are a vast area of several forested areas that are vast and mysterious than the well-known forest of the Kalos Region, Santalune Forest.

    ForestForestTerrance muttered to himself.

    Could it be because Akkon?

    Akkon's mother died at an early age. For a variety of reasons, Akkon did not see the mother's last side. This is Akkon's long-standing illness. He has a dream and the main reason for him to enter Tianguan Academy. That is…Look for the forest god Celebi, through the power of time and space to see the mother's last side.

    If so, is the Teressi Sha Teacher and Akkon deep into the Annapurg Mountains because they found the trace of Celebi?

    As the largest forest agglomeration in the Kalos Region, it is not impossible to see the trace of Celebi.

    "Or for other reasons…"Terrance sighed deeply and went deep into the mountains. Mismagius followed him and released the Totem gas field. The unbeatable deterrent force was released, and there was no need to worry about unopened elves in a short time.

    With the help of Mismagius, Terrance is very fast in the Annapur Mountains. I am afraid that even if other Elite Fours come, without the deterrent and fear fluctuations of Totem Mismagius, they can't be so safe in the Annapur Mountains. walk.

    "Rotom Pokédex, you are responsible for the record."Terrance opened the way to Rotom Pokédex.

    "Received Rotto ~~"

    "Gallade, Beautifly, you are with me, and Mismagius is responsible for sensing the situation around you."



    The released Gallade and Beautifly nodded.

    The safest place in the Annapurg Mountains should be the outer periphery. As the depth deepens, the interior becomes more dangerous. Even if the Teacher sent by Tianguan Academy wants to go deep into the depths of the Annapurg Mountains, it must be careful, but Terrance The amazing efficiency rushed straight from one direction into a dense Big Forest.


    As soon as he entered, Terrance's powerful perception heard a crisp and distant Growl.

    Chapter 491: Akkon's dream

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