Pokemon Court Chapter 630

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 630th chapter four years later, floating astronomy
    "What happened?"Terrance's thoughts permeated, leaving only one Growl back in my mind, feeling that nothing existed.

    Now Terrance's head is in chaos, and his previous experience in the Annapur Mountains has been replaying in his mind.

    He remembered as he went deep into the mountains and heard a long-awaited Growl. With this Growl, Terrance chased and finally saw a green figure.

    The god of the forest – Celebi.

    In the Annapur Mountains, there is really a presence of Celebi.

    After seeing Celebi, Terrance directly ordered Gallade to block. This Celebi was not strong enough, and Terrance easily stopped Celebi.

    However, Celebi seems to think that Terrance's behavior is not very friendly. It started to reject Terrance, but fortunately, Terrance has Rotom Pokédex as a translator, and one person and one elf have successfully negotiated.

    When it comes to Akkon, Terrance takes photos of Teressi Shab and Teacher Akek directly to Celebi, and Celebi's reaction is beyond Terrance's expectations.


    Terrance remembers that when Celebi saw the two people seem to be surprised, they should know Teressi Sha Teacher and Akkon.

    Seeing Celebi's statement, Terrance sighed with relief and quickly asked Celebi to take him to find two people. By the way, he also took the elf food to Celebi as a gift.

    This is……What happened

    Terrance rubbed his head and listened to Growl, the four elves next to him, and his eyes were clear.

    Surrounded by a familiar environment, endless trees, dim forests, Gallade standing in place, Beautifly hovering in the air, Mismagius revealing its shape, and Rotom Pokédex never moved.

    Everything seems to have not changed.

    Quickly touched the other Poké Ball at the waist…Altaria, floating bubbles, Arcanine are still there.

    In addition to the ice Vulpix and Larvitar that came to the pavilion this time, Terrance's six main forces were all brought to the body.

    "Backpack."Terrance frowned and looked around.

    "Rotom Pokédex, what happened just now?"

    Rotom Pokédex shook his head first, then nodded hard as if he hadn't eased from the changes.

    "It's Celebi…It was Celebi that made a change around, and all the trees glowed. ”

    "What about Celebi?!"Terrance stood up and Celebi didn't take him to find Teressi Sha Teacher and Akkon.

    Gallade, Beautifly, and Mismagius shook their heads, and when they came from Smelling Salts, the traces of Celebi had disappeared.

    "Terrance…"Rotom Pokédex mini channel.

    "What happened?"Terrance looks at Rotom Pokédex.

    "I have a terrible news here…"Rotom Pokédex shivered at this moment.

    Terrance looks a little different, this is not like the usual Rotom Pokédex, which quickly eases the expression, and Terrance comforts: "It doesn't matter, talk about it."

    “Just right, I successfully connected the network of Kalos Region and found out…”

    "What did you find?"

    Now is:Alliance calendar 218 years Rotto! ! ! ”Rotom Pokédex shouted out almost in horror.

    Alliance 218 years, from the advanced Breeder level from Terrance, defeated Elite Four in the celebration of the Alliance calendar 214 years directly spanned four years, Rotom, suddenly let Terrance's face sink, and he has a Bad guess.

    "Rotom Pokédex, are you sure you are not a network error?"

    "Is the network system faulty?"

    Rotom Pokédex is crying and sulking: "If it's just a matter of time, I won't be so sure about Rotto…MayIt is even clear on the Internet that things from the 214 to 218 years of the Alliance calendar, except for the possibility of illusion, are not like the fault Rotto…"

    “咔?!”Gallade is awe-inspiring.

    “Whee~~” “唔~~” Mismagius and Beautifly heard the words of Rotom Pokédex and also showed a puzzled expression.

    “Celebi, regarded as the god of the forest, likes to appear and play in beautiful forests, is said to be able to use the power of time…”Rotom Pokédex and Terrance spoke Celebi's information and then looked at each other, revealing a dignified expression.

    No wayAfter a long time, Terrance swallowed, and rumors that Celebi was able to travel through time and space, is it true?

    Even if it is true, it is so easy to take him to shuttle four years later? !

    "No."Terrance quickly calmed down, he didn't want to shuttle through time and space, he stayed in the original time and space, absolutely must find the Celebi to take him back.

    Terrance's eyes are sluggish, is there a problem with Celebi, and there is no side effect even if there is no side effect, but what effect does it have on Celebi? Is it unclear? ! So Solaceon used his abilities, and Terrance even wondered if Celebi was just born with a baby!

    Please wait

    "Teressi Shasha and Akkon, won't be here…"

    Suddenly aware of a certain possibility, Terrance twitched in the corner of his eyes. If two months ago, the two were missing because of the power of Celebi's time and space…Then I met Celebi and asked to find two people. After I was brought four years later, didn’t I say that I was self-sufficient?

    Silenced, Terrance looked at the three elves and Rotom Pokédex, and then said: "We acted separately, looking for the trail of Celebi in this mountain range, no matter where we found it, we returned here in two hours. ."

    "After two hours, you must come back here."

    Terrance emphasizes again.

    "咔咯!!""Fu~~""唔~~" The three elves nodded.

    “Altaria, you are responsible for finding in Soaring in the sky.”Terrance throws Altaria's Poké Ball.

    "Rotom Pokédex, you follow me."Leaving a floating bubble and Arcanine to follow, Terrance quickly arranged several elves to recover the Celebi as quickly as possible.

    Regardless of whether Teressi Sha Teacher and Akkon are not in this time and space, that Celebi is the key to his return and must be found!

    Terrance and a few elves split their heads and searched for the Celebi in the forest mountains. This process was very difficult for Terrance and several Pokémons.

    Any elf who doesn't have long eyes, they don't even have the mind to evade and directly push the past with great strength.

    Two hours later, several Pokémon and Terrance returned to the starting point, and when Terrance saw the little green creature sitting on the shoulder of Gallade, he was relieved.

    "Than ~~" stunnedly watching Terrance, this Celebi flies.

    "Celebi said that he has brought you over to Rotto~~ but the two people seem to have gone elsewhere."Rotom Pokédex Road.

    “Teressi Shasha and Akkon are really in this time and space?!”Terrance frowned, "Rotom Pokédex, you searched the web for something big happening in Kalos recently."

    Rotom Pokédex nodded and then silently said: "Four months ago, the Garchomp of the Bratano Professor Laboratory fell into a mad Contest Condition in Lumiose City, attacking the building indiscriminately, and a Trainer named Ash to save A Pikachu jumped from the Symphony Crystal Tower and made a sensation, but no one was hurt at the end…"

    “Two months ago, an Explorer discovered a new ancient relic…”

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