Pokemon Court Chapter 631

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 631th time-space passengers, floating astronomy
    Listening to the information found by Rotom Pokédex, countless conjectures were completely implemented by Terrance.

    [Once I passed the power of Celebi for four years, even Ash has traveled to the Kalos Region]

    [Teressi Shasha and Akkon are also because this Celebi came to this time and space]

    "Can you take us back?"Terrance asked Celebi.

    "Beyond ~~" Celebi nodded and danced around, seeming to say that this is not a great thing.

    "Since you can understand me…"Terrance sighed slightly and said: "The two people who were sent by you before are also the time and space. If they are left here, they will be confused. So I have to go find them now, and I will ask you at that time. Send us back together."

    "Beyond ~" Celebi wondered, then nodded again.

    With Celebi's promise, Terrance breathed a sigh of relief, and as long as the god would send them back, everything would be fine.

    The immediate priority is to find the Teressi Sha Teacher and Akkon who came to this time and space.

    They probably came here a few days ago or even a dozen days ago, and if they were similar to Terrance's time and space, they might have descended on the mountain.

    However, if the two have not succeeded in finding Celebi, it is very likely that they have already stepped out of the mountains and temporarily find a place to smoke. After all, there is no way to take care of eating and living in this mountain range for a long time.

    "Celebi, can you stay with me during this time?"

    Terrance can't help but let this Celebi go back to the forest alone, and if it shuttles to other time and space, Terrance doesn't even find it.


    Celebi hesitated and then continued to draw.

    "Oh, it is going to grab the food of Rotto."When he heard Celebi, Rotom Pokédex snorted and screamed.


    Quickly and calmly Rotom Pokédex and Celebi, Terrance smiled bitterly: "Although the backpack is lost, the food is still no problem."

    “Give me a lot of time and definitely make a lot of delicious food that many tastes won’t repeat.”

    "Beyond ~~" "Than~~" Celebi smiled and danced with a smile.

    Looking at Celebi's look, Terrance felt more and more that it was a Celebi that had just been born, and quietly watched Celebi cheering and dancing, and Terrance suddenly saw it.

    The god of the forest suddenly showed a tired look, and looked at Terrance with a sleepy look, sending out an unidentified Growl.

    “Celebi says it uses power too often, and it’s very sleepy and tired now, want to take a break.”Rotom Pokédex Road.

    "Rest?"Terrance looked up and didn't understand the meaning of Celebi's rest.

    Celebi ignored Terrance and directly controlled a Leafage from the old trees. The Leafage sparkled with brilliance and magic. As Celebi slowly closed his eyes, his body directly turned into a Leafage.

    Later, Leafage floated slowly and fell to the palm of Terrance's outstretched hand.

    Looking at the Leafage, Terrance has never heard of Celebi's ability to enter the plant.

    "Gengar can be hidden in the shadows, and Celebi can be done as a magical elf with time and space. This ability is not surprising."

    Holding this piece of glittering Leafage, Terrance had a headache, and Celebi had a side effect while traveling.

    Now Celebi's tired appearance is likely to be the aftereffect of the shuttle time and space.

    "I don't know when it will wake up…"

    Looking at Gallade, Altaria, Beautifly, and Mismagius, Terrance was silent for a while, then took out Poké Ball and took all the elves except Mismagius back.

    Now, only Mismagius and Rotom Pokédex are left to stay with Terrance.

    “Before Celebi wakes up, go to the towns around this mountain range to find out if there is any news from Teressi Sha Teacher.”

    After four years of strangeness, Terrance felt restricted everywhere, so that his Pokémon was always with him, otherwise Terrance really didn't know what to do.



    The closest human city to the Annapur Mountains is the city of Miluo.

    Located in the western part of the Kalos Region, the city of Miluo has a beautiful sea view and is a city with a mysterious and ancient atmosphere.

    Between the city of Miluo and the Annapur Mountains are some dangerous roads with thorns and some small towns built in some areas.

    Terrance and Mismagius and Rotom Pokédex came along the way, staying in several towns and inquiring about the news of Teressi Sha Teacher and Akkon.

    But after just inquiring about two or three towns, Terrance gave up this stupid way.

    Ghosts know where they both went after this time and space, even if they didn't leave Kalos…It’s just a region of Kalos, it’s enough to make Terrance look for a few years.

    Step by step to go to various places to inquire about the news, this method is obviously not reliable.

    "If I were Teressi Sha Teacher and Akkon, if I couldn't go back after coming to this strange time and space, I would first find a place to temporarily put myself down."

    "If the identity of the time shuttle is not well exposed, then the best way is to find an acquaintance."

    Family, friends, want to find a safe place to stay, then help people who know each other is the best way.

    “I remember that Teressi Sha Teacher was born in the Kalos Region, surnamed Stuart, and his father is a well-known ecologist…”

    "No matter what, let's talk about this Stuart news."

    Compared to the aimless search, Terrance plans to start from the life of Teressi Sha Teacher to find the traces of the two.

    In Miluo City, Terrance intends to enter the Elf Center to restore strength to the Pokémons, but the foot suddenly stops at the door of the Elf Center.

    PersonalHow to register? !

    In the capacity of his time and space shuttle, now it can be said that this time in the black family, the place to come to the Elf Center is simply a self-investment.

    “Will there be no trainer information at the time of registration…After all, I am not only the black household in this time and space, but also the black households in all the time and space of the whole elf world. My existence has already interfered with the development of many things. ”

    "This time and space, can you call it the future?"

    What kind of situation will the rider encounter when he shuttles through time and space again?

    Terrance didn't know, he looked at the center of the elf, turned his head and left, and resumed the Contest Condition, or forget it.

    Walking on the streets of Miluo City, Terrance sighed slightly, and now it is good to have Rotom Pokédex able to connect to the network, otherwise things like finding information can be difficult for him.

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