Pokemon Court Chapter 632

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 632th chapter of Kelney and Mega Lucario, floating astronomy
    In the city of Miluo, on a public bench in a remote area, Terrance and Rotom Pokédex temporarily stopped the operation in order to collect information.

    After four years, Terrance had a lot of doubts, but when he first came here, he didn't go deep into it for various reasons. For example, he didn't enter the Elf Center just now, which is one of Terrance's doubts.

    "Rotom Pokédex, have you found it?"

    Terrance didn't let Rotom Pokédex first query the information of Teressi Sha's Teacher's father through the Internet. Instead, let it query the Hoenn Region's pavilion information.

    “Lock On Map, Naplu Road Museum…Search for Fallabor Gym, check no information, check no information? ? ”

    Rotom Pokédex's open mouth, looking at Terrance, seems to be wondering why the Fallabor Gym disappeared out of thin air.

    "Fortunately, I didn't go in."Terrance had a toothache and said: "Can you find out the information about Hoenn's Mega celebration four years ago?"

    The words of the celebration…Although it has been four years, it should be left online.

    Rotom Pokédex nodded and said again after a while: "No."

    "Is there a celebration, or is there no me?"

    “The celebration was held as scheduled, but no one named Terrance appeared…”Rotom Pokédex opens slowly.

    "What about Bai Cheng, Riean, Laiyue?"

    "Unova Region took over Elite Four Laiyue to attend the celebration, lost to Wallace in the battle, and finally the Wallace swept the Trainer. It laid the position of the Contest and the strength of his coordinator…As for Bai Cheng and Riean, there is no such two people to play Rotto. ”

    Terrance was silent, and he had some flaws at the beginning of the shuttle. He thought that it might be possible to judge the final result of Bai Cheng through the future direction. Whether it is good or bad, Terrance is psychologically prepared, but now through the network. The information recorded shows…

    It seems that there is no Terrance figure in this time and space, whether it is the Fallabor Gym or the Mega celebration, as long as nothing related to him happens.

    Rotom Pokédex doubts holding his head, Terrance did not speak, it seems…The identity of one's own passers-by has a different place.

    MaybeThe time and space in which he is located, the time and space where the "traveler Terrance" is located has become a unique existence? !

    Terrance had a headache and didn't want to study it. The whole man couldn't study the topic of time and space. He didn't know much about it. But from the known information, he understood that the historical direction of this time and space has been completely different from his time and space. Different.

    “Hey, Rotom Pokédex, look for information from Stuart researchers.”

    Teressi Sha's father should be considered a social celebrity, and it is not difficult to find his information on the Internet.

    Sure enough, after a few seconds Rotom Pokédex gave Terrance the corresponding information.

    “Family and research team, all in Anistar City…”

    Get the information he wanted, Terrance touched his chin, and the city of Milo was not close to Anistar City, but he didn't have much time to hurry.

    "Well, Rotom Pokédex, then we will go to Anistar City!"

    "Wait for Terrance, I found one thing Rotto!!"Rotom Pokédex suddenly stopped Terrance and said: "In the matter you asked me to pay attention to Bai Cheng, I found the same keyword in the city of Miluo."

    "What?A glimpse of Terrance.

    "Lucario, and it is…Mastered Lucario of Mega Evolution. ”

    "The official pavilion of the city of Jurassic, the Jurassic Museum, the trainer Trainer's Trump Card Pokémon Lucario has recently mastered the power of the Mega Evolution. Maybe they will know the secrets of the deeper waveguide."

    Terrance micro-opening: "Mega Lucario?"

    “Rotom Pokédex, you can check out the Meta Evolution related information.”

    "Received Rotto ~~Mega Evolution, beyond the boundaries of elf evolution, which belongs to the evolution of the upper level. In the Kalos Region, it has become a very popular evolutionary way. It is the embodiment of Trainer's strength. The Mega Evolution Power Trainer is quite famous!!"

    Upon hearing the information given by Rotom Pokédex, Terrance said: "It seems that the Mega Evolution has been fully integrated into the Trainer community in four years…In this way, the Trainer who masters the Mega Evolution should not be so rare. ”

    "The advantage of me and Altaria…This time and space has also become very small. ”

    "It seems like this Rotto…"Rotom Pokédex Road.

    "But it doesn't matter. I started to like this time and space a bit. Not only does not have the existence of "I", but also the excellent Trainer has a lot of…Jurassic Museum, is Kelly right? ”

    Terrance revisited the reminder of Rotom Pokédex and shook his head. Although he didn't think that the other party could give any valuable information, he still planned to go there. It doesn't delay any time anyway. This is also a clue.

    In the original time and space, even the high-level waveguide messenger of the Sinnoh Region, Yaxuan, was helpless to Bai Cheng’s situation. Although this Kelly had Mega Lucario, Terrance did not have much hope.



    The Jurassic Museum is located in a refinery tower built on a shallow sea.

    After spending a little time, Terrance went straight to the direction of the Jurassic Museum.

    "This is for me…Flying over? ”

    Standing on the beach, looking at the distance like the refining tower floating in the sea, Terrance scratched his head.

    Did you fly past Altaria or let Gallade take your own teleport?

    At that distance, as long as you have been teleported a few times, you should be able to pass.

    "Hello, are you going to go to the Jurassic Museum?"

    Just as Terrance considered how it would pass, a crisp female voice was introduced into Terrance's ear.

    "If you want to challenge the pavilion, you have to wait patiently. At dusk, the road to the pavilion will appear at sea."

    "you are……"Terrance looked at the girl wearing a props like skates, a glimpse.

    The girl has a pair of lemon-yellow horsetails, dressed in red and white training suits, the whole person looks clean and pretty, quite energetic.

    “Trainer, Kelly, the pavilion of the Jurassic Museum.”Seeing this girl, Terrance spoke at the same time as Rotom Pokédex floating behind him.

    When the two fell, a Lucario came down from the air and stood behind the girl Kelni, calmly watching Terrance.

    "Yes, the super-strong Trainer of the Jurassic Museum is driving!" Just kidding! Seeing you look like a good challenger, how about, whether or not to wait for me at dusk and then have a great fight! ”

    "Eh?Huh? Did the sprite Pokédex speak? ! ! ”

    Kelly greeted Terrance with a big sigh, then suddenly turned to look at Rotom Pokédex behind Terrance and looked surprised.

    The nerves are very thick…

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