Pokemon Court Chapter 633

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 633th Mega Evolution showdown, floating astronomy
    Looking at the full of Kelly, Terrance's eyes remained on her hands.

    Evolution Key Stone.

    "Lucario also has."In the heart of Terrance, this Kelly's age seems to be more than Arnold, and he has already mastered the power of the Mega Evolution. It seems that the new generation of Trainer is terrible a few years later.

    With a dry cough, Terrance said to Korni: "I am not a challenger."

    "Eh?Kelni glimpsed.

    "How do you say, just want to ask you something…"Terrance has a slight opening.

    "It turned out to be the case."Kelly and Lucario lost a little, but immediately restored to the next moment, excited: "Of course there is no problem, as long as I know you can answer you, but since you are not a challenge, then you don't have to wait until dusk to go to the pavilion. It’s better to have a fight with me here!"

    Just finished training with Lucario, Korni also wanted to test the training results.

    "I will use Mega Evolution."Terrance's mouth is rising and pointing to Key Stone at the back of the opponent's hand. If it is an ordinary match, he really has no interest, but if it is a Mega Evolution matchup…That is still worth fighting.

    “Ewww.”Korni nodded and said, "If you have the strength to force me and Lucario to do their best."

    The two had just met each other, and the atmosphere between them was smashed and the war was on the verge.

    "Then my Lucario is here, what about you?"Kelly said.

    "I am Altaria here."Terrance throws Altaria's Poké Ball, and Breeder is significantly better than most of the same kind of Altaria instantly appearing in the air, overlooking Lucario on Ground.

    Having played against Bai Jing's Lucario and defeating Elite Four's Trump Card, Altaria can now judge Rival's approximate strength.

    "It looks really strong."Korni looked at this imposing Altaria with a dignified look.

    "Get started, Altaria, use Dragon Claw."Terrance Road.


    The blue-violet flames emanate, and Altaria's wielding giant claws swooped down and waved toward Lucario.

    "Lucario, defend!"Kelni's pupils shrank, Altaria's speed exceeded her and Lucario's imagination, when Lucario's hands were blocked, Altaria Dragon Claw had fallen.

    boom! !

    With a shock, Lucario was taken out by Pound, and his feet slid far away on the Ground, leaving a deep trace.

    Looking at the trembling hands, Lucario looked serious and looked at Altaria seriously.

    “Can our strength make the Lucario Mega Evolution?”Terrance smiled and spoke.

    "Well, I admit that you are very strong…"Kelly gave a slight glimpse and said: "If this is the case, then…Start, Lucario! ”

    VitalityKelni stretched out her left arm and looked serious. As she shouted, Lucario began to condense Focus Energy.

    VitalityOutbreak, Lucario, Mega Evolution! ! ”The right hand finger quickly pressed over Key Stone, and the dazzling white light enveloped Lucario, giving the Lucario more power through the Mega Stone.

    With Lucario's Mega Evolution, the dust was flowing around, the airflow was turbulent, and looking at the brand new Mega Lucario, Terrance smiled.

    “Is this Mega Lucario? I was the first time I had a confrontation with Mega Evolution. ”

    Lucario's posture is obviously more handsome, the whole body is armed, and in the face of such Rival, Altaria looks at Terrance.

    “The first time I played against Mega Evolution? What does that mean?Kelly snorted.

    "Of course this is."Terrance reveals his Mega Ring.

    "Mega Evolution!"Korni was surprised.

    In order to complete the practice of Mega Evolution, she spent a lot of effort. In order to get Lucario's Mega Stone, she not only challenged 100 consecutive victories, but also accepted more difficult tests…

    "It turns out that, let me and Mega Lucario see your full strength."Kelly was excited.

    "As you wish, Altaria, Mega Evolution."Terrance opens quickly.

    The dazzling light maps the sky, connecting Terrance and Altaria to each other, and the next moment, Mega Evolution is done!

    Looking at the aggressive posture of Mega Altaria, Korni and Terrance almost simultaneously opened:

    "Bone Rush !"

    "Dragon Claw!"

    Lucario quickly condensed the pale yellow Bone Club, waving and waiting for the arrival of Mega Altaria.

    The blue-purple flame of Dragon Claw, and the pale yellow Bone Club, the two tricks directly impacted together, making a sharp collision and fluctuations.

    "Sword Dance!"

    "It's over, Dragon God dive."

    In the process of the two sides, Kerni seized the quick command of the gap between the battles, but it was Terrance's indifferent command waiting for her.

    The connection between Dragon Claw and Dragon God's dive is coming to an extreme. The perfect combination of the two tricks seems to be the same.


    Mega Lucario was directly smashed out of the sky and fell on the beach. Looking out of Lucario exiting the Mega Evolution Contest Condition, Kerni was all there.


    Two rounds, lost?

    "That is of course."At the end of this fast-paced battle, an old voice came out.

    An old man in a gray costume, similar to Kelly's hairstyle, came out and said: "You and Lucario have just mastered the power of Mega Evolution, how could they beat the Trainer, and his and his Altaria's strength has reached a higher level. It is."

    El AbueloLooking at the coming person, Kelny was surprised to speak.

    "You should be so leisurely, don't say that the pavilion will be carried forward. It is not easy to defeat the young boy who is Pikachu who defeats you."The old man is unwelcome.

    Kelly’s grandfather…

    Let Mega Altaria exit the Mega Evolution Contest Condition and Terrance takes it straight away.

    In just two rounds, he has already made him aware of the strength of Korni. Mega Evolution has indeed brought more strength to Lucario, and even allows Kelney to stand firm in the Masters, but this strength is still Not as good as Bai Cheng's normal Lucario.

    Their foundation…Not enough enough.

    So although Terrance's Mega Altaria only played a little bit of strength, but Kelney still lost.

    "I heard the movement inside the hall and I came here. You are…"The old man looked at Terrance and wanted to know the origins of Terrance.

    "Hello, old gentleman, this is the case…"Terrance nodded. "I heard that the pavilion here has Breeder Mega Lucario, so I want to ask for one thing."

    "If a human being with the power of the waveguide completely loses the waveguide, is there a way to save the vitality that is on the verge of disappearing?"

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