Pokemon Court Chapter 634

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 634 meets "smart", floating astronomy
    "Is completely lost the waveguide?"Kelly’s grandfather glanced and shook his head and said, “Although I can’t have the power of the current guide, Breeder Lucario has known for so many years that the power of the waveguide is the reality of every creature’s spirit…”

    “Everyone has a waveguide, just a matter of more and less, as for the complete loss of the waveguide…”

    "Unless a miracle happens, otherwise…You understand, child. ”

    Terrance had expected this result, but it was inevitable and disappointing after hearing it.

    "Thank you for your answer."Terrance slightly thanked, sighed in my heart, and sure enough…Even Alliance has nothing to do, even after four years, it is not easy to Soleilon to find a relevant person to ask and can solve.

    "Say, I don't know your name yet."Korni suddenly spoke.

    "me?"Terrance, the name, think about it, he slowly said: "My name is Terrance, from Cerulean City of Kanto."

    Before the opening, Terrance wanted to make a pseudonym, but once he thought of using his real name, it might be easier to find Teressi Sha Teacher and they gave up on this plan.

    "Kanto Region ?"Korni was surprised.

    Is it the same as Ash…

    Are the Trainers in Kanto Region so powerful?

    Looking at Kelnie and her grandfather again, Terrance said: "In short, I have two troubles. If I have something, I will leave."

    Because of Terrance's remarks, the two did not retain Terrance. Even though Terrance had strong doubts, whether it was asking questions or his strength, the old and young in the Jurassic Museum suppressed curiosity.

    Looking at the back of Terrance's departure, Kelney said: "Grandpa, he asked questions…"

    "I don't know, but it shouldn't be him, or your Lucario can already be perceived."

    "Lucario, the battle just happened to you."Kelly looked at her own Lucario and comforted: "Then we have to work harder, but that person seems to be not ready to attend the Lumiose Conference. It will be difficult to find revenge for him later."

    "Revenge?"Kelly’s grandfather touched his chin and said, “The gap between you and the Trainer you just left is still very large. I’m afraid I have to practice for a long time.”

    El AbueloKelni was shocked. No matter who she used to fight, what kind of challenger she had in the pavilion, her grandfather never gave her such high rating.

    "I didn't mean to raise his strength…"Kelly’s grandfather shook his head and said: “His Altaria is obviously still struggling, and he has not played against you with all his strength.”

    After that, Kelly’s grandfather turned and began to walk in the direction of the refining tower. “The current generation is terrible. I don’t know which force was cultivated.”

    Kelly looked at Grandpa and left, her heart was silent, she did not doubt what her grandfather said, after all, her grandfather is the old Trainer of Kalos Region, strength and vision are not her doubt.



    after day

    Anistar City.

    Similar to the city of Miluo, Anistar City is a city located in the northeast corner of the Kalos Region, also adjacent to a huge water area with a cold climate.

    The north side of the city is built on a platform that extends from the land. Most buildings have a navy blue vertical pattern.

    The unique place here is the northern part of the city. There is a huge pink crystal. The crystal has a hollow in the center. It looks mysterious and is said to have fallen from the universe 3000 years ago.

    The sundial is the name of this pink crystal.

    For Anistar City, even for the Kalos Region, this day has a very important meaning, but today, there is a huge change here.

    A Meowth-style hot Air Baloon floats in the sun, Sky, a man and a woman in silver uniforms and a Meowth laughter, dancing and muttering: "Starting a sundial Snatch plan!!"

    At the same time, Kalos Region's Anistar Gym, which specializes in Psychic Type sprites, has a lot of looks.

    There was movement in the sundial, and it seemed that it was going to be the wrong person Snatch. This Power Trip approach is simply in the Taunt local pavilion and the police.

    Unless the other party is a god, it is absolutely impossible to make such a thing!

    "Rocket!! No, are they going to steal that? ! ”

    Several Trainers rushed in, looking at Soaring in the sky's hot Air Baloon, watching Naaring in the sky in a hurry, suddenly grabbing the huge device of the sundial.

    No matter how they stop, Soaring in the sky, the two are unmoved and still go their own way.

    Olympia, the owner of the Anistar Gym, is known as "the person who uses the stars to make roads." She uses Psychic to use magical astrology. The reason why the Kalos Region is less devastating than other Regions is Olympia.

    Such a mysterious Trainer, naturally can not watch the Anistar City's sundial being taken away.

    "Future Sight !"Although she did not leave the pavilion in person, when Olympia opened her eyes, the entire Anistar City fell into her surveillance.

    "People who are not doing anything against the Japanese…"

    As the trainer of the pavilion showed strength, the team called "Rocket" above the sundial, their hot Air Baloon instantly suffered several vortex Lock On appearing out of thin air.

    The upheaval in Soaring in the sky suddenly caught the trainers below.

    A Confusion group was shot from the vortex of the dimension. This unexpected change was not only a surprise to the trainers underneath, but the team known as the Rocket was even more shocked.

    Seeing that the Confusion group is coming –

    "Mismagius, the shadow ball."At this time, as a sound came out, a strange Mismagius stalked and manipulated several condensed objects of shadow energy, which immediately prevented the Confusion group launched by the "Future Sight" trick.


    Inside the Anistar Gym, the Trainers below, were shocked again by this change.

    The shadow ball and the Confusion group offset each other, although it did not harm the people on the hot Air Baloon, but because of this collision, the aftermath destroyed the device under the control of the Air Baloon.

    The Rockets did not ease in the Astonish just now. After they found out that they were out of danger, they immediately cut off the connection with the device and controlled the hot Air Baloon to escape quickly.

    "Damn, what happened in the end!!"

    Who was that?

    The Trainers underneath looked around and wanted to find out who saved the Rockets, but they found nothing.

    "It's bad."Terrance, who managed to escape from the scene under the Gallade Help, looked bitter because he saw acquaintances…I was so excited at once.

    He directly forgot that James of this time and time did not know himself at all, nor was he the "friend James" he had encountered.

    And, just one of the people below just…Is it Ash? !

    Just coming to Anistar City, Terrance, who hadn't figured out the situation, was suddenly in awe.

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