Pokemon Court Chapter 635

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 635th chapter sold the Rockets trio, floating astronomy
    “The Future Sight launched by Ms. Olympia is really unexpected and accurate.”

    What Terrance didn't think was that there was not only Ash, but also the well-known Professor of the Kalos Region, the Bratano Professor.

    The "Professor" who studied the Mega Evolution in the Kalos Region has become more popular in recent years with the popularity of the Mega Evolution.

    “Normal is rarely stupid, this time counts once.”

    Terrance, who has fled the scene, has a lot of trouble, but fortunately Gallade is a force, otherwise it will be difficult to explain his identity.

    Because of my relationship with James…I suddenly forgot what the other party’s old line is.

    "The power of the Future Sight trick…"Somewhere in Anistar City, Terrance looked in the direction of Anistar Gym and looked deep.

    The owner of the Olympia was heard in another time and space. Now I have a little contact and found that the other party is far more powerful than the rumors.

    "Ash should be ready to challenge Anistar Gym now…"

    Terrance walked back on the street, without any awareness of what he had just done, and swayed in one direction.

    Anistar City Ecological Laboratory.

    This is the research team where the father of Teressi Sha Teacher is located.

    After arriving here, Terrance asked the front desk to ask the person of Teressi Sha Teacher, who wanted to see the other side, but was directly told that the other party was not in Anistar City.

    “Can you contact each other?”Terrance continues to ask.

    The front desk assistant looked embarrassed and said: "But the other party is really not here now, but it will be returned after about three days."

    Terrance is here to find someone, naturally indicating that Terrance is not familiar with the other party, at least Terrance does not even contact each other.

    In this way, the assistant is not good to directly contact the father of Teressi Sha Teacher to bother each other, only to give Terrance a satisfactory answer.

    "Or else you have to set aside the information and wait three days to come back?"

    The assistant was already very polite, and Terrance could only nod helplessly, leaving the words Teressi Sha and then leaving.

    After three days, three days later, I will not come here.

    "Also, three days will also allow me to thoroughly familiarize myself with Kalos after four years."

    "This parallel time and space has no "I" existence, but it is quite interesting."

    Terrance lost his backpack and had no money on his body. Now he found an important thing…

    That is, even when he arrives in the city, he has to go to the wild to find trees and fruit.


    I touched my stomach and looked at each other with Rotom Pokédex floating on my shoulders. Both sides showed distressed expressions.

    "If I have the Trainer identity, just go to the public platform of the Elf Center and pick up two small tasks. I can definitely solve the problem with my current strength and make a profit…"

    "Hey, Rotom Pokédex, do you have anything near you that you can eat and stay for free and don't have documents if you win?"

    "Don't be crazy about Rotto…"

    As the corpse walked on the street of Anistar City, Terrance had no face to eat, and he had not eaten for nearly a day.

    I didn’t feel it because I was busy before, but I realized that I was getting hungry afterwards!

    "If it doesn't work, it really comes to the city to find the fruit, but there is Gallade. In fact, it is a trivial matter to eat a meal, but as a Top Coordinator, a trainer, an international researcher, and a senior Breeder. ……How can it be degraded to do such a demeanor. ”

    UhRocket. ”

    Just after Terrance had planned to leave the city, he suddenly shook his eyes and saw the two "dressed" people in the fast food restaurant and the Meowth.

    "The three big singers are even more blatant than me."

    "Rotom Pokédex, go, I have to ask for compensation."

    "Rotto ??"

    In the fast food restaurant, the Rockets trio, Jessie, James, Meowth squatted on the table, waiting for their own meal, while still not forgetting to review the action.

    "We are being attacked, right?"Meowth now recalls, suddenly found that there are many doubts.

    "Yeah, but why are we not injured?"James is thinking about Calm Mind.

    "And, what the sudden surprise attack is going on."Jessie seems to have appeared in the "Dimensional Swirl" and shot the Confusion group. It was a slap in the face. If they were hit, the three of them would be miserable.

    When the three were in meditation, this small table where four people could sit down was suddenly pulled out and one was sitting on it.

    "That is the Future Sight trick."This person speaks in a low tone.

    "you are–"

    "Who are you?"

    Looking at the tea-haired youth who suddenly sat next to him, the trio was shocked.

    "Hush."Terrance whispered quietly and said, "Why, is this the savior?"

    "If I didn't use the shadow ball to block the attack for you, then you don't know where to fly."

    The words, Jessie, James, Meowth, the pupils shrink, identity leaked? !

    However, the three great immortals thought for a moment, this person seems to be a friendly army.

    "who are you!"Meowth's eyes are fierce, revealing his claws under the table, ready to use the "Crazy Fury Swipes" trick with almost zero combat power.

    "When did the Rockets do things so timid?"Terrance high cold opening.

    "We have to change the perception that the backstop could be a trap from which the UK could not escape," May told EU leaders, according to Downing Street.Rocket? !

    Jessie, James, and Meowth are three moments.

    "Hey, if it's not for us to come from a place, will I save you for no reason?"

    "This is how you work hard, and you want to say a few words to you in front of the board boss. The result…"

    The Anime Unprinted series is the most impressive part of Terrance, but he can use some information to look at these three.

    While forcing a smile, Terrance looked down at the Waiter and put the food down, staring coldly at the trio in front of him.

    Just in the blink of an eye, James Jessie Meowth, the three great immortals, will be aware that this person may be true, or why should they save them, and also know the boss of Banmu? !

    you areThe next moment, the three great fairy smiles, although they don't know Terrance, they have already felt that this gas field is extraordinary, I am afraid it is the executive-level big man!

    Otherwise, how can you say a few words in front of Banmu boss!

    "Cough, a little hungry."Terrance opening.

    "You eat first."The three pushed their meals to Terrance.

    "Then I will be welcome."Terrance really ate and ate, and at the same time, he said, "I’m not easy…”

    "Come to Kalos to perform the mission…"

    "did not expect……have met……Hometown. ”


    The Rockets trio were also very touched. Unconsciously, Terrance had already finished eating the three meals, but Terrance changed his face and held his stomach. "You wait for me, I go." a bathroom."

    The trio looked at the horrified Terrance. It was a distress. The Rockets compatriots looked like they hadn't eaten for a long time. How do they feel that the other party is worse than the three of them?

    It seems that our three ability to make money is still very powerful.

    Looking at Terrance heading for the bathroom, the three looked at each other and affirmed themselves.

    Ten seconds later, Terrance and Gallade appeared in a remote alley, touching their bulging belly, and Terrance took a nap and satisfied.

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