Pokemon Court Chapter 636

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the main chapter 636 chapter new combination trick, floating astronomy
    When Terrance left Anistar City and arrived in a forest outside, there were three heartbreaking roars in Anistar City.

    "Gambling liar, don't let us see you again!!!"

    The Rage sound from the Rockets trio who paid for the meal for Terrance, Terrance naturally could not hear.

    But even if Terrance heard it, I don't think there would be any burden in my heart.

    "Oh, full."Walking in the forest, Terrance still has a little fullness and eats three servings of food. He feels that his stomach can support another day.

    "What to do next, Rotto??"Rotom Pokédex floated out of the Terrance clothes and wondered.


    Terrance Solaceon kicked a stone and said: "Although I am full, I still have to prepare dinner for you."

    "I don't think I can find any good ingredients in this forest. Wait for some nuts to make a strong meal."

    Most of the forests near the city have been developed by the Elite Alliance for the Trainers who traveled, and they have artificially planted many fruits that restore physical strength, detoxification or hunger.

    Four years later, the Kalos wild forest was even better than Terrance's imagination. If it was compared to his childhood Fallarbor forest, it was a heaven and a ground. After a while, Terrance couldn't help feeling.

    It’s a paradise…

    Before the night, Terrance and Rotom Pokédex picked a lot of Oran Berry and other trees that could satisfy their hunger.

    Since you can't go to the Elf Center, it's up to Terrance to get back to the Pokémons to restore the Contest Condition.

    However, without experiencing any high-intensity battles, Terrance's Pokémon did not have to restore the Contest Condition, so that now Beautifly their ability to adjust the Contest Condition by themselves.

    After Terrance was busy, he called Beautifly, Altaria, and Terrance looked at the seven Pokémons, including Rotom Pokédex, and coughed.


    "This is dinner."

    Compared to the meal at Fallabor Gym, the dinner made by Terrance with wild resources is simply terrible.

    Sootopolis City enjoys the treatment of the top Coordinator, and the city of Habitat enjoys the treatment of the high-level Breeder family, which has rarely been perfunctory in the wild.



    Beautifly and Altaria were the first to move, and the two of them first followed Terrance. They used to rely on these “wilds” for a long time, so it was natural to eat at this time, Arcanine, Gallade, floating bubbles saw After the eyes, they also moved together.

    As for Mismagius, he shook his head and said that it didn't like these trees. Terrance didn't insist on it. Mismagius, as the Ghost system Pokémon, didn't affect much.

    "In this case, then you can charge Rotom Pokédex."

    Lazy and lazy, Terrance smiled and said that Rotom's most common food was electricity, and it was a good idea for Mismagius to make something for it.


    Mismagius nodded helplessly. As for Rotom Pokédex, it felt the slowness of the body. Even if it wanted to vomit Terrance's behavior, the body still had to accept the power of Mismagius.

    Although this dinner is just some of the trees I have found, Terrance has made a different match according to the Attributes and tastes of each Pokémon. Maybe Pokémons don't know, but Terrance has tried to find the right ones in order to make them eat well. The tree is gone.

    After the Pokémons finished eating, Terrance looked at the sky and looked around.

    "There should be no caves like this nearby, forget it."Terrance shook his head and said, "That, Beautifly, Altaria, come with me."

    Looking for a while, Terrance came to the two stout fruit trees, and after a slight stroke, Terrance nodded with satisfaction.

    “Beautifly, use String Shot to build a hammock for me.”

    “唔~~” Beautifly nodded, his body moving, and the white silk rushed out like a white spray, instantly entangled between the two trees, gradually forming a hammock-shaped silk cloth.

    Going forward to touch the hammock of this silky material, Terrance continued: "Altaria, then use Feather Dance to make the bed surface softer for me."

    Altaria heard the words, waving feathers, and gently controlling the feathers to fall on the haystack.

    perfectLooking at the hammock made up of Beautifly's worms and Altaria Feather Dance, Terrance immediately went up and experienced it, it was soft and comfortable, and it swayed slightly, oh, it would be better if you couldn't see the layer of Leafage. .

    "Beautifly, help me make a cover."Lying in the cotton feathers, Terrance then spoke.

    As the two trees became more and more like a "small room," Terrance began to admire herself and two Pokémons.

    You don't have to bring any tools to go out in the future. Just take Altaria and Beautifly and you are not afraid to go anywhere.

    If you live in a place, you can build it anywhere.

    "And, it's much more comfortable than the bed in the center of the elf."Terrance admired the opening.

    Gallade, Arcanine, floating bubbles, Mismagius, they looked over and gave Terrance a white eye and continued training.

    The Pokémons around Terrance have long established the habit of entering the Contest Condition anytime, anywhere.

    "Well, take a break now, and since they have come to different time and space, we will be treated as a vacation."Terrance smiled and spoke.

    At this moment, the pressure on him is much less, and for the time being, he is not so eager to pursue strength.

    "Work and rest."Terrance rolled over in the cotton pile and continued to speak.

    However, Pokémon obviously did not intend to rest. Terrance's six main players, Pokémon, although they got along very well, have long formed a competitive relationship. This kind of friendly competition is the best urge for them to train hard.

    The concept of becoming stronger is almost a natural instinct for the Pokémon character of Terrance.

    "Not at all."Terrance snorted, but the eyes subconsciously rushed to the Pokémons in training, ready to point them to training.

    He needs to wait here for 3 days, and wait until the Stuart researchers come back. These 3 days, no accident, should have been spent in this forest.

    "Rotom Pokédex."

    The sky is not dark, Terrance called the only Rotom Pokédex that did not need to participate in the training task. While assisting the Pokémons to train, Terrance also began to learn more about this time and space.

    First, Terrance asked Rotom Pokédex to bring out the specific information and training plans of Beautifly.

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