Pokemon Court Chapter 637

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the chapter 637 Terrance's strength summary (must see), floating astronomy
    Beautifly, it has two directions of practice.

    One is the top-level skill that has been perfected since the rise of the airflow.

    This is the second name for Terrance to be the top-level skill of Beautifly.

    The absolute mastery and control of airflow, which can be called the “power of feelings”, is definitely not overestimated by the top-level skills known as the Elite Four.

    This amazing technique that made the top Trainer amazing at the Mega celebration, Beautifly has not yet mastered it in the normal state.

    As for the second practice direction, it is the skill of restoring physical strength that Terrance has picked up again – the source of physical strength.

    This technique, which Terrance believes value can reach the top level, if Beautifly can master it, and with the “wind domain” that consumes a lot of energy, the combination of the two skills may play a role beyond the top skill.

    The difficulty of the second technique lies in the reverse control of the Totem gas field, the mobilization of the light source with the Morning Sun and Giga Drain moves for physical plunder, and Beautifly is still groping.

    After mastering these two top techniques, Terrance believes that the Beautifly wearing the Totem gas field will not be inferior to the main elite of most Elite Four-level top Trainers! !

    The desire to bring Beautifly Breeder to Elite is the root of Terrance's dependence!

    At Altaria's side, the main enlightenment is the "mysterious gas field of Fairy energy color" which is transformed from "Totem gas field" and "Mega Evolution".

    Through the Rotom Pokédex survey, Terrance has already made clear the name of the new Age of Mega Altaria.

    Fairy Skin: The ability to give the Normal Type a Fairy Type energy, and the power of the trick will increase slightly.

    Knowing this, Terrance found that the "Mysterious Gas Field of Fairy Energy Color", which was transformed from "Totem Gas Field" and "Mega Evolution", also had a certain degree of power increase effect on the Fairy Type move.

    This effect, but not the "small amount" of Fairy skin can be summarized, Terrance has experimented with Altoma with Rotom Pokédex.

    If the Fairy Skin Ability can increase the power of Altaria's Fairy Type move by 20%, that is, the power is increased by one-fifth.

    Then this "mysterious atmosphere of Fairy energy color" can at least lift one third of Altaria's Fairy Type moves!

    That's why, Terrance concluded that Mega Altaria's future development path is not the dragon talent given by Wicktor Master, but the reason for the Fairy department.

    So at present, Altaria's main training direction is Fairy's trick, as well as a more perfect grasp of the Fairy Skin Ability and the realization of the variant Totem gas field by Terrance referred to as "Fairy Aura".

    Altaria's normal strength, although not enough of the Elite Four's main strength, should not be too wide. After opening the Totem gas field, it is enough to compete. As for the Mega Evolution, after the Fairy Aura under Fairy Aura, even some Elite Four's Trump Card Wizard, Terrance and Mega Altaria also have confidence.

    I have to say that this honor of Altaria, the most powerful force of Terrance, is not something that Pokémon can shake.

    The next Mismagius, who had a short-lived Elite-class combat power at the celebration, was only a moment, but also allowed Mismagius to understand how to digest the fear energy that is hidden in the body and turned into potential.

    After mastering the Totem gas field, Mismagius has been able to digest this potential much faster. Terrance speculates that it may be a few days, perhaps a week or two, no more than a month, and Mismagius can fully grasp this power, completely Turn the resources of Nightmare Island into its own strength.

    At that time, Mismagius will completely enter the Elite level, and it is the kind of combat style that is different!

    As the strength of Mismagius increases, its illusion power will be even more terrible, and the illusion ability combined with the Totem gas field seems to cause a stronger deterrent. Recently, Terrance has also let Mismagius pay attention to training.

    Digesting the potential for conversion from fear energy, and coordinating the Totem gas field with illusion, is now the main training task for Mismagius.

    On the Arcanine side, Terrance was the first elf to carry out the Totem gas field plan. Its physical fitness has reached a strong level, but this simple physical improvement is also the most difficult, requiring long-term accumulation and massive Nutrition keeps up.

    Totem Arcanine Contest Condition, its ultimate lethality and speed is close enough to the Elite Four level, Totem gas field, the Arcanine upgrade is not small, but this does not make Terrance satisfied.

    The props exercise device at Battle Tower has not kept up with the current Arcanine growth rhythm, and Terrance is preparing to find a more "violent" exercise device to cater to Arcanine's taste.

    Mastering Outrage Arcanine is almost perfect, and Terrance is currently focusing on the physical potential of Arcanine.

    Physical potential, which is what Terrance has long planned, is a giant beasting strategy, and Terrance is preparing to turn Arcanine Breeder into a "monster body."

    A large and powerful body can support stronger forces.

    The Breeder solution has not been found in time and space four years ago, and Terrance is now looking for it here.

    If it succeeds, Totem Arcanine may be a violent behemoth that makes the top Trainer's elves stunned and unwilling to face.

    Floating bubbles, its body is richer than Beautifly.

    If Beautifly can master two top skills in the future, then the four tricks of “Raining Rain”, “Hail”, “Sunny Day” and “Sandstorm”, which are mastered by floating bubbles, can be used as a tactical core, precious. The level is absolutely no less than the top skill.

    Terrance is the richest thing in Trainer. In addition to Totem gas field technology, Terrance is the top training method for four weather tricks.

    Floating Bubbles currently has four weather tricks trained by top training methods. It can be said that if it can Assist to the right venue, such as using the rain on the ocean, its strength is definitely not inferior to most top Trainers. Main force!

    Of course, if you are only in the regular battlefield, the floating bubbles have to continue to hone these weather moves. After all, Terrance's four top-level training methods are too short, and the floating bubbles are just proficient. Still not perfect.

    As Terrance accumulates resources on floating bubbles, floating bubbles can be a unique way to deal with any Rival and powerful elves in a variety of harsh environments.

    The training goal of floating bubbles is also very clear.

    The final Gallade, its training revolves around the core move of "Teleport", "Calm Mind" is responsible for strengthening Teleport, and the rest of the moves are based on its basic skills, but also have a decent power.

    Moreover, Gallade's two strongest techniques, “Homething” and “劈 Waterfall”, are special techniques that can be used to maximize the power of the trick, perfectly blending Teleport with these two special techniques, and will At present, all the tricks are combined into a systematic knife, which is the top priority of Gallade now.

    In addition, Gallade also has no other than Altaria other Pokémon do not have the treatment, as Terrance's next mega Evolution elf candidate, when Gallade can sum up their current learning, the clutter of the system, With the Totem gas field, its strength has not been inferior to the main trainer, this summary of the process of induction, is Terrance for gallade mood changes after the test.

    When Gallade succeeded, it was further sublimated. At that time, through the Mega Evolution, its strength will undergo earth-shaking changes.

    "All still need to work hard…"Looking at the strength positioning and training direction of the six elves displayed by Rotom Pokédex, Terrance breathed a sigh of relief.

    He…It is close to the top Trainer, and maybe he can enter the top Trainer before he is sixteen.

    This chapter makes the position of Terrance clear, and the training direction is the main line of this volume! ! After the reunification, Terrance is estimated to be in the Elite Four class.

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