Pokemon Court Chapter 638

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 638 Ash's invitation to Terrance, astronomy
    When Terrance rested outside Anistar City, Ash and his team also completed the challenge of the pavilion.

    At the sundial, watching the sunset fall, Bratano Professor and Anistar owner Olympia stand together and discuss each other.

    "Ms. Olympia, what do you mean by the huge crisis of Kalos?"

    When Ash first came to Anistar City, Olympia was guided by the astrology and saw the big crisis that Kalos will follow. This prophecy has always puzzled the Bratano Professor.

    "It's a swaying green flame that covers the entire Kalos, and humans and elves are caught in the flame vortex…"

    Olympia looks at the Bratano Professor, saying: "Including the group of thieves who want Snatch's sundial, you will accomplish major tasks in the whirlpool."

    So…Didn't you continue to hold them accountable? ”The Bratano Professor suddenly realized that Snatch could be released by Olympia, and it seems that Ms. Olympia saw the irreplaceable role of the Rockets in the future.

    "What will happen specifically…I am not sure as well. ”Olympia's eyes drifted away, and this prophecy was more mysterious and terrible than the disaster she had seen several times before.

    The next day.

    Terrance, who washed the trees at a creek, suddenly heard a groan.

    "Helping Rotto ~~"

    "Hmph!"Gently putting down the tree, Terrance turned and looked at Rotom Pokédex, who rushed to his side, frowning, quickly twirling his thumb and forefinger and blowing a whistle.

    "No, don't run, I am not malicious."Behind Rotom Pokédex, a teenager carrying a huge backpack and a golden hair chased after a panting.


    The teenager chased Rotom Pokédex and his vision was blurred. If he chased it again, he would definitely be exhausted in Ground, but Clemont suddenly found out that Rotom seemed to have stopped.

    Slowly let the running body stop, Clemont looks ahead, at this time, Rotom Pokédex is staying behind a young man with brown hair.

    The young man was still surrounded by a sinister Mismagius, a sullen floating bubble, and a silent standing Gallade, including the Arcanine, who was curious on the ground, and Altaria, who flew slowly from the air. Beautifly, the six elves, exuded the momentum, let Clemont squat, and the subconscious stopped moving forward.


    "It seems to be a misunderstanding."Terrance also said.

    This person, isn't that the little partner who is next to Ash?

    At the same time, three other people in the forest ran out and shouted: "Clemont, what happened."

    "That, Ash, Lena, Ipoh, I seem to have seen a Pokédex that will move by myself…"


    The three people who came running were the Ash people who challenged Anista Gym. After seeing the people, especially after seeing the yellow electric mouse on Ash's shoulder, Terrance smiled and made an action to let the Pokémons who came over. Relaxed.

    "It turned out to be the case."Silently, Terrance stepped forward and said, "Sorry, I thought it was dangerous."

    "Hello, my name is Terrance, it's a Trainer."

    Ash and Clemont met with each other. Although they haven't figured out what happened, they also introduced themselves.

    "That's it, it will move Pokédex."

    Several people looked at Rotom Pokédex, and they were surprised.

    "Ah, don't look at me like this, Rotto…"Rotom Pokédex is sorry.

    "Look, I will still speak!!"Clemont's eyes are light, and as an invention madman, after seeing such a novel Pokédex, he can't suppress his soul of knowledge.

    Terrance smiled and said: "This is Rotom Pokédex. It is what Rotom looks like after entering the Pokédex. Because it is loaded with a language system, it can communicate in the same language as humans."

    Rotom …

    Upon hearing Terrance's explanation, Ash took out his own sprite Pokédex and then explained the electronic sound.

    “Rotom's body is made up of plasma and is known for its mischief in sneaking into appliances.”

    Can you sneak into Pokédex?That's awesome!

    With Rotom Pokédex as the cause, Terrance and the four were immediately familiar with each other.

    “Altaria, Beautifly, floating bubbles, Arcanine, Gallade and Mismagius, it seems that Breeder is quite good.”

    After diverting his gaze from Rotom Pokédex, Clemont began to observe the Terrance man.

    Seeing Pokémon around him, Clemont's pupils shrink and perfect, these Pokémon Breeders are perfect, even the trainer of his Lumiose pavilion, it is difficult to pick out the Pokémon's lack of Breeder.

    "Terrance, are you going to challenge the Lumiose Conference? How many Badges are there now? ”Ash is excited.

    I? It shouldn't be a challenge, Badge, I haven't collected one. ”Terrance opens the way.

    "Oh, don't challenge."Ash looked at the elves of Terrance, and the excitement was instantly ruined.

    At this time, Ash has not realized the power of Terrance like Clemont. He is only curious about Terrance's elves. The careful Clemont has long judged the power of Terrance from the condition of Breeder of Terrance's Pokémon.

    Especially when recalling the momentum that I just felt when I caught up, Clemont felt that the Terrain Terrain was mysterious.

    “Although I am not prepared to challenge the Lumiose Conference, I still want to take a look at the powerful Trainer if I have the chance.”Terrance Road.

    In the Kalos Region, there are quite a few Trainers who master the power of the Mega Evolution. Practical exercises with these Trainers are very beneficial to the growth of Beautifly.

    Upon hearing Terrance, Ash immediately became interested, saying: "Would you like to play against me, I have already collected 7 Badges, and now I am going to challenge the eighth pavilion!"

    Pickup truckPikachu on Ash's shoulder showed an expression of anticipation.

    "Do you fight…"Terrance looked at Ash and Pikachu on his shoulder. He had a great interest in Ash and Terrance. After playing against Ash, Terrance looked forward to it before he even started traveling. He also looked forward to seeing Ash for the first time. After arriving in the growing Ash, it is definitely false to say that he is not interested in playing against him.

    "Okay, but can I ask for a request?"Terrance smiled and said: "Your Pikachu looks like Breeder is good. Let's let my Pokémon play against it."

    Pickup truckPikachu glimpsed and then showed war, and Terrance's proposal was exactly what it meant.

    "No problem, I accepted!!"Ash is confident.

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