Pokemon Court Chapter 639

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the chapter 639 Gallade vsPikachu, floating astronomy
    "Do you have to fight again?"Seine Lena sighed slightly because she ran over some hats that had fallen off.

    "Ah, this is Ash's character."Yuri Lijia has no choice but to speak.

    "In this case, let me be the referee."Clemont was shocked when Ash made an invitation to Terrance, although he wanted to remind Ash that Terrance might be strong, but considering Ash's personality, he gave up this useless practice.

    "He actually wants to play against Pikachu. The strength of Ash's Pikachu is very strong, maybe it can be…"Clemont is still very confident about the relationship between Ash and Pikachu.

    Terrance nodded and looked at his six elves, hesitating.

    They are six, clearly have a strong desire to play.

    "It's really hard to decide…"Terrance scratched his head and said, "Ash, it's better. If I choose Pikachu's exchange, you will pick a Rival."

    "Ah, let me choose?"Ash was a little surprised, then looked at the Pokémons of Terrance, and also showed an expression of distress.

    "If you choose Beautifly, the advantage will be bigger."Clemont helped the glasses and judged it.

    However, he knows that Ash's character will definitely make an unexpected choice.

    In fact, Ash also had a difficult choice. He had been on the Pokémons of Terrance for a long time and had not been able to make a final judgment.

    "Ah, ah, no matter what, just point it to one."Ash grabbed his eyes directly, turned his head back, and then turned around, pointing out a direction.


    Looking at the position that Ash pointed to, Clemont gave a slight glimpse, and Ash opened his eyes and saw a satisfactory expression after seeing the silent warrior he chose.

    From the outside, Gallade is very powerful, and challenging such a powerful Rival is what Ash expects.

    "Pikachu, come on!!"Ash shouted.

    "Gallade."Terrance looks at the selected Gallade and smiles. This is also a good choice.


    As the five vacated, Terrance and Ash each came to a side of the open space.

    Pikachu jumped out from Ash's shoulders, released electric flowers on his cheeks, and looked at the opposite Gallade.

    "Gallade, the sharp-edged Pokémon, will fight fiercely with the sword's normal arm and the enemy…"Recalling the information I just saw from Pokédex, Ash looked at Gallade's arm and observed it.

    "So fight…"Clemont saw that the two were ready and slowly opened:

    "Officially begin!!"

    "Be careful."Terrance reminded, "Gallade, with Slash!"

    Terrance orders.

    At this moment, Ash has not even begun to make judgments. As a wave of light that seems to break from the darkness, Pikachu suffered a huge blow and flew out.

    Pickup truckPainful out, Pikachu's body was swept a few meters away, its body was constantly rubbing in the Ground, and the powerful force spread all over Pikachu's little body.

    "Pikachu !!"Ash was shocked and shouted worried.

    "Pikachu -" Selena, Ipoh, and Clemont saw the development of the battle, and they were shocked to see that they disappeared and then suddenly appeared in the original location of Pikachu's Gallade.

    That was just…

    INSTANTANEOUSMobileClemont swallowed and looked at the Gallade with a stunned look.

    Not only the speed, but also the strength, the strength of the Trainer's Pokémon is really strong!

    "Pikachu, are you okay?!!"Looking at Pikachu, who was being beaten out, Ash was extremely worried. He shouted nervously. As Ash called, Pikachu slowly dragged his body full of scars and stared at Gallade with a strong and serious emotion.

    Pickup truckScreaming at Ash, Pikachu signaled that he could continue to play.

    "True."In my heart silently, Terrance was initially worried that Gallade's full-strike attack would cause too much damage to the Pikachu elf, but now it turns out that Ash and Pikachu's strength is stronger than Terrance expected.

    You know, the Glas that Slash, even the Alliance Conference champions he once met, is definitely not a hit, not an adversary.

    Pikachu, an elf with insufficient defensive ability, can withstand it and has made Terrance very surprised.

    "Very good, Pikachu, it's time for us to fight back!!"Ash looked cautiously, although the mouth said so, but the Gallade attack just made his heart dignified.

    "Gallade, Encore Slash."Terrance has a faint opening.

    Gallade heard the sound, using Teleport directly, the white light condensed in nothingness, and heading towards Pikachu!

    "Pikachu, use Thunderbolt's anti-fist energy cover!"At the moment of the Terrance command, Ash shouted at the same time.

    Anti-fist energy cover?

    As a referee, Clemont looks at Lock On on Pikachu.

    Gallade's Teleport is fast, but the tacit understanding between Pikachu and Ash is once again beyond Terrance's surprise. Before Gallade didn't act, Pikachu had already condensed Spark, and the body fell on the ground and kept spinning. The endless Spark continued to turn into an arc. Scattered out!

    As Pikachu's body rotates, Thunderbolt's direction is no longer concentrated, but with the coordinated movement of Pikachu, it gradually becomes a hood style trick.


    The televerted Gallade, who appeared next to Pikachu, had to pick up his arm to resist the "anti-fist energy cover" that was integrated with this attack and defense. Then he was forced to repel by the powerful current and the whole body quickly retreated.

    "Anti-fist energy cover…Ash's Pikachu will be this skill when. ”Several people were surprised by Lena and Clemont.

    “Hey, this is the technique I developed while traveling in the Sinnoh Region, inspired by one of my Coordinator friends.”Ash saw a success that hampered Gallade's attack and showed a smile.

    Sinnoh, Coordinator?

    Terrance looked at Ash with interest and said, "If you can only defend, you can't beat my Gallade with that current."

    "Use Close Combat, Slash's anti-fist energy cover."Terrance Road.

    "Defense is also not my style!"Ash also said that with two experiences, it was enough for Pikachu to figure out the way and timing of the Gallade attack.

    Pikachu, Oreburgh tail!

    Terrance and Ash are ordered almost at the same time.


    The sound of Close Combat colliding with Oreburgh's tail echoed in Terrance's ear, admiring Terrance's heart: "This Pikachu's fighting consciousness is excellent and it is on my Pokémon."

    The downside of Terrance is that there have been too few battles, and the Gallade attack is faster, but between Ash and Pikachu, with a wealth of experience and superb awareness, this scene, let Terrance have the desire to fight Gallade The intention of full force.

    "劈 waterfall!!"

    Terrance screams loudly, and the waterfall is a skill that has been honed in the Alola 劈斩 waterfall. It can radiate power continuously. At this time, Pikachu Oreburgh's tail is placed on the Gallade attack. Iron Tail is strong and Assist Gravity. And inertia can even block Gallade's offense, which makes Terrance have to let Gallade show real strength.

    With the power of Iron Tail, Gallade's knees were slightly bent, and the blade broke out with more power, allowing the strength to continue to impact Pikachu!

    "How, can you afford it?"Terrance laughs.

    “Pikachu, superimposing Electro Ball on Iron Tail!!”At this moment, Ash found out that Pikachu's Iron Tail was gradually suppressed and quickly shouted.

    If the Electro Ball can be superimposed on the Iron Tail, the power that is erupted is enough to instantly injure the Gallade, and Ash is the plan.

    But from the moment this order was issued, Terrance's face calmed down and the game was over.

    Pikachu, who lost control of Iron Tail, is no longer a threat to Gallade.

    SlashTerrance made a slight opening, and Pikachu lost his weight in a blink of an eye. When the expression was over, he would fall to the ground, and above it, a knife would follow the light and squat.

    "Pickup -" With the pain of Pikachu, Growl and the sound of falling to the ground, it directly lost consciousness and fainted.

    Ash and Pikachu, lost in the judgment of Gallade Teleport!

    Seeing Pikachu lose consciousness, Ash quickly ran up and picked up Pikachu, eagerly shouting.

    "This is Oran Berry."Terrance picked up a freshly washed tree fruit and threw it to Ash. "It's a wonderful match. If you understand the battle style of Gallade, I am afraid we are in danger."

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