Pokemon Court Chapter 640

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 640th chapter guides Ash, floating astronomy
    "Thank you."

    Ash took Oran Berry and immediately gave it to Pikachu.

    After Clemont announced the results of the match, he also ran to Pikachu with Selena and Ipiva.

    "Pikachu has lost so…"Pomelo looked at the sly Pikachu, and she was distressed.

    They did not expect that Ash's Pikachu would have lost so simply.

    It can even be said that Pikachu did not cause any substantial damage to the Gallade except for the "anti-boxing shield".

    Clemont helped the glasses, not Pikachu weak, but its Rival is too strong.

    This way to travel with Ash, Pikachu's record can be seen in their eyes.

    "I lost."After Pikachu recovered, Ash was disheartened: "But next time we will win."

    "I have already thought about the strategy of Gallade!!"

    After the frustration, Ash instantly regained his spirit like Pikachu.

    Looking at Terrance and Gallade, Ash is full of enthusiasm.

    After coming to the Kalos Region, I came across many powerful Trainers.

    "I am looking forward."Terrance smiled, so quickly thought about how to deal with Gallade, it is Ash.

    However, Gallade has not yet exerted its full strength. At least, the Totem gas field has not been released. Ash's Pikachu has a hard wound. Although the power and speed of the move are not weak, the defense ability is not enough. This is a fatal injury to Pikachu. .

    Ash chose Gallade as Rival, and Pikachu's proud speed was completely limited in front of Teleport. In the face of Gallade's embarrassment, Pikachu's defensive power is difficult to counterattack when it comes to bear, so I want to win. Gallade, the requirements for Pikachu are very high.

    Although I don't know what kind of strategy Ash thinks, Terrance is also looking forward to it.

    In addition, as a Breeder family, Terrance found that Ash's Pikachu Breeder was quite good, and there was almost no problem with the hardware. Unfortunately, Ash didn't seem to think about other alternative ways of the Breeder.

    "Do you want to…"

    Looking at Ash and Pikachu, Terrance suddenly thought of a route, and couldn't help but give birth to the idea of guiding Ash.

    He still has a good impression of Ash and Pikachu.

    Although this is not the case when Ash has just traveled, the fighting styles of Ash and Pikachu, which have already traveled through many Regions, have been finalized. Terrance can not guide much, but this does not mean that Pikachu has no further room for improvement.

    Terrance directed Crisna and also directed the Coordinator called Sora, but directed Trainer, he hasn't done it yet.

    "Ash, I remember you came from Kanto Pallet Town?"

    Terrance smiled and said, according to the introduction of the first few people, the topic was set up.

    Well, yeah.Ash nodded.

    "Then you should know Professor Oak?"Terrance Road.

    "Professor Oak …Of course I know that my Pikachu was obtained from Professor Oak. ”Ash opening.

    "Get it from Professor Oak…"Terrance stepped forward and hugged Pikachu from Ash.

    His move directly scared Ash and quickly shouted: "Wait a minute, dangerous…"

    Ash hasn't finished yet, but the picture he imagined didn't appear. Pikachu, who didn't like to touch other people, didn't release Thunderbolt to Terrance. Instead, he showed a happy expression under Terrance's massage.

    "Terrance, you seem to be very interested in Ash's Pikachu."Clemont said.

    "I am really interested in Pikachu Breeder, I am very impressed by Ash and Pikachu, and Pikachu is a beginner elf from Professor Oak, which makes me even more curious."Terrance opens slowly.


    "And what?"A few people asked.

    "And in addition to Trainer, I am still a Breeder."

    Terrance had amazed eyes, and from a closer look, he discovered the solid foundation of this Pikachu.

    “In the early days of growth, this Pikachu was well cared for. Should it be from a very good Breeder family?”Terrance Road.

    Yes, it must be Xiaogang.

    Normal, most of the Screeder that can make the Elf Breeder so delicate is the Breeder family. The rough Trainer like Ash can't have such a delicate Breeder technique.

    I can have a good and exclusive Breeder family to spend the Rookie period, and I have to say that Ash is very lucky.

    "Hahaha, of course, the other is my partner when I was traveling in the Kanto Region. His name is Xiaogang. He used to be the trainer of the Nibi Road Museum."Ash smiled and scratched his head.

    ASHTerrance picked up Pikachu and said: "As a great Trainer, you are already qualified, but you just said that your dream is to become a master-level Trainer. This is not so easy."

    “There was a Breeder friend who helped you lay the groundwork before, but after all, Breeder still had to continue to complete the Trainer himself.”

    "For Pikachu, have you ever thought about how to deal with its flaws?"

    Looking at Ash with a smile, Terrance's words made Ash a group.

    "What?… Mean …Ash asked in confusion.

    "I don't want to make Pikachu stronger. I saw your potential from the previous game. In fact, as long as you complete a practice, you and Pikachu will become stronger."Terrance opening.

    Terrance's words made Ash and Pikachu look out of Covet's eyes.

    Become stronger? !

    "What are we going to do?!"Ash is excited. He and Pikachu have not done nothing, but they are training in the trials of the pavilion after challenging some of the pavilions, as Terrance said, in order to face Pikachu's inherent shortcomings. The practice of the place just sounded like Ash and Pikachu with excitement.

    But,Selen Lena spoke at this moment, nervously watching Terrance: "Why are you helping Ash and Pikachu, what good is it for you?"

    She looked suspicious, for fear of Terrance's bad purpose, but when she thought of making Ash and Pikachu stronger, and looking at the look of Ash and Pikachu, Jose Lena regretted asking the question.

    BenefitTerrance smiled bitterly: "As you can see, I have to wait in this forest for some reason, but I don't have any kitchen utensils and food. If Ash can stay and train, I can be bright." Meal, hahaha."

    "And my original Elf Pokédex was also donated by Professor Oak. Speaking of it, I am also a predecessor to Ash, not to mention being a Breeder, um…Is it an occupational disease? ”

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