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Pokemon Court Chapter 641

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 641th chapter of the unparalleled skin god, floating astronomy
    Upon hearing Terrance's explanation, the four immediately realized.

    Ash didn't think that Terrance's sprite Pokédex was actually obtained from Professor Oak.

    Selena and Pangjia swept the surrounding environment. Sure enough, Terrance didn't even have a backpack, and the scattered trees were placed on the stone. It looked really cool.

    How to do

    Several people have discussed this opportunity, and Ash is keen to know how to make Pikachu stronger. At the same time, Clemont wants to observe Rotom Pokédex for a while. In less than a minute, the four people came to a conclusion.

    "Please be sure to guide me to practice!"Ash spoke to Terrance in a tone of worship.

    "Small meaning, little meaning."Terrance laughed and said: "But in exchange, you have to be responsible for my two days of food."

    "That is of course."Ash is serious.

    Pickup truck

    Ash and Clemont want to stay, and the rest of the two naturally won't object. After getting Ash's request, Terrance will get serious.

    What is the potential between Ash and Pikachu?

    To be honest, in the eyes of Terrance, both sides are also rare seedlings.

    But there is only one deficiency, that is, the road is too wild.

    Even Ash himself has not considered how to use Breeder Pikachu to maximize its combat power.

    Seeing that Terrance was going to give guidance, Clemont, Selena, and Ipoh are all around Ash and want to hear about Terrance.

    Breeder home…

    Just now Terrance said that he is the Breeder home!

    "Ash, do you know what are the advantages and disadvantages of Pikachu?"Terrance speaks by asking questions.

    Instead of giving Ash a direct practice, let him and Pikachu understand the purpose of the special training.

    "Advantages…"Ash pondered for a moment and said: "Speed?"

    "And Pikachu's tricks are also good…"

    “Correct.”Terrance nodded. "Even if the Thunderbolt, which has been decentralized, can beat my Gallade, Pikachu has a great talent for controlling power."

    “At the same time, its compact body can be considered a strength in terms of speed if it can be used with Quick Attack moves.”

    "But what you said is not complete."

    incompleteAsh continues to ponder and remembers what Pikachu has to offer.

    “You can change the angle, what advantage do you have with Pikachu?”Terrance smiled.

    Such a problem is difficult for anyone who has a normal brain circuit to answer, but Ash is not normal.

    "It is trust!! I trust each other with Pikachu, and our relationship is unmatched! ”Looking at Pikachu, Ash shows a confident expression.

    "Good answer."Terrance nodded and looked at the confused Seena and the little Stephanie, and he smiled and explained: "The emotion between Trainer and the elf is not a display. When the two sides are connected, Pokémon can often be made stronger. strength."

    "From the previous match and Ash's interest in Pikachu, I can see that the relationship between Ash and Pikachu must be very good, and Ash is also a Trainer who loves Pokémon very much."

    "It turned out to be…"Selena Lena and Little Stephanie, Ipoh, once again realized that they are still a little confused, and this has something to do with special training.

    “Trainer and the elves trust each other, and the most intuitive embodiment is in the fighting spirit and willpower of Pokémon.”Terrance said: "After Pikachu's fatal attack, it was possible to continue the battle with the wounded body unaffected. This is the embodiment of trust between Ash and Pikachu. This trust is in any Trainer. Very rare with Pokémon."

    "Pikachu ……"Ash listened to Terrance's explanation and looked at Pikachu with excitement. He felt…I was recognized myself.

    Terrance smiled and said, "What about the disadvantage?"

    Ash has come back, and with the reminder of the previous match and Terrance, he is very clear: "It is defense."

    This is not just the disadvantage of Ash's Pikachu, but the disadvantage of all Pikachu.

    The small body, limited by the innate race, can not withstand the attack with Pikachu's defense ability.

    If not the level of trust between Ash and Pikachu provokes Pikachu's greater willpower, the battle between Gallade and Pikachu may even end in the first round.

    "Since you are clear, then I will give you a reminder."Terrance said: "This is a word."

    "I call it 'take short to make up'."

    Terrance smiled, this is the word he came up with temporarily, and the meaning can be quite different from "to learn from each other."

    "Short short?"Ash is stunned.

    "Yes, take your own short board and add to enhance your strengths. This is the essence of shortness."

    "What can I do?"

    In the face of Ash's problem, Terrance's eyes drifted away and then opened directly.

    "In theory, we want to achieve the best special training results, and we need genetic agents to help."Terrance opens the way.

    “This involves a combination of genetic moves, but because my Breeder home is not enough, I can't make the perfect training program for you.”

    "But, through the tie between you and Pikachu, through the training of specific foods, even if you can't achieve the perfect effect, you can simulate half of it. No, maybe it will play out as your relationship deepens. Stronger effect."

    Gene Pharmacy is the top research achievement that Terrac Masters gave to Terrance when he studied with Wicktor Master.

    This technology is more precious than the hereditary inheritance. At present, the Wicktor master is not fully mastered, and only a few genetic agents are matched.

    The purpose of gene Medicament is also to let Pokémon master the genetic moves that can not be mastered, but its preconditions are much simpler, that is, there is no need for Pokémon by the parent side of the combination to inherit the moves, but through special materials and gene extraction technology to deploy the corresponding gene agents, To inject or eat Pokémon directly to make them wake up genetic moves!!

    Terrance and Wicktor masters have the idea of letting Arcanine awaken the "Morning Sun" trick, but that plan has not yet been completed.

    After seeing Pikachu and Ash in Terrance, two genetic tricks appeared directly in his mind!

    Endure: Even if you are attacked, you will at least leave a little physical strength and consciousness.

    Reversal: Do your best to attack, the less your physical strength, the greater the power of the move.

    Be aware that retaining a bit of physical strength and consciousness is no different for most Pokémons and for losing consciousness, because most of the elves' willpower will not allow them to play under the Contest Condition.

    But Ash is different from Pikachu, and the level of trust between them can completely overcome this difficulty.

    If you cooperate with the Reversal trick, Pikachu's physique that is seriously damaged by the attack, and the amazing power of the trick, is enough to play the devastating attack and complete the adversity in the critical moment when Ash and Pikachu are connected.

    "Even if I can't grasp these two moves in the true sense, as long as I pass the genetics recorded in Rotom Pokédex…Still can make a simple attempt. ”Terrance has deep gaze, Pikachu and Ash, who are well suited to work with Terrance's genetics.

    "Really?"Hearing that Terrance said he could continue his training, Ash and Pikachu listened carefully.

    "Of course, but the next step is to continue to explain and reach the final goal in the special training."Terrance laughed.

    Terrance developed detailed training plans for Ash and Pikachu, mainly using the enthusiasm and trust between Ash and Pikachu to wake up Pikachu, inspiring Pikachu's stronger fighting spirit and rapid recovery to the best Contest Condition under the constant consciousness 恍惚Contest Condition. Ability.

    This training task, even Terrance and its Pokémons, is hard to do. Terrance doesn't think that Ash can master it quickly. He just wants to give Ash the direction of training as much as possible in these two days, and then he himself. Going to Pikachu for a long practice, but…

    When Terrance adjusted the recipe for Pikachu based on the genetics recorded in Rotom Pokédex, looking for a formula that would match the "Endure" and "Reversal" effect, Terrance was shocked.

    He swears that he has not yet developed a more detailed training plan for Ash and Pikachu, but he has explained the effects of the two tricks and the advantages between them!

    But on the second day…


    A strong shock sounded.

    As Pikachu struck under the Gallade, Ash called, and after Ground slowly climbed out of the powerful current that was about to blow down the trees, Terrance almost threw Rotom Pokédex.

    "Do not pass these two tricks, can also have the same effect?!!"

    Man-made small universe broke out?

    Terrance was shocked and looked at the destruction of the forest. With only the remaining physical strength, it was scared that Gallade used Teleport to escape to Pikachu far away, revealing an incredible look.

    He still underestimated the potential between Ash and Pikachu. As the protagonist of the world, even if there is no achievement for the time being, the special thing about Ash is that Terrance, the Trainer who has reached the top threshold, is shocked.

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