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Pokemon Court Chapter 642

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the chapter 642 Ash's champion dream, floating astronomy
    We did it

    As the enhanced version of Thunderbolt broke out, Terrance heard Ash's exhilarating cheers.

    We did it

    Although Terrance is already psychologically prepared, he still has some luck. Even if he is not a purely theoretical party, the progress of Ash and Pikachu is too much.


    Terrance blinked. After coming to Ash and Pikachu, he suddenly found Pikachu's abnormality.

    At this time, Pikachu's body's Contest Condition is obviously activating the "Reversal" trick, definitely not what he guessed for no reason.

    Can this Pikachu not have to be mastered by heredity? I remember clearly in the notes of Wicktor Master, this situation…

    “Is it difficult for Ash’s Pikachu to have the talent to master the 'Reversal' trick?”

    After all, this Pikachu's parents are unknown. Ash is the Pallet Town who participated in the Professor Oak research class. It is impossible for Professor Oak to give him a Pikachu with a potential that is far less than the beginners such as Charmander and Squirtle. …

    At the thought of this possibility, Terrance's eyes flashed. It seems that he thought more and didn't need his guidance. The genetic tricks he had envisioned were Pikachu and Ash.

    Only, not only Ash and Pikachu, even outsiders have always believed that this is the performance of Pikachu's outbreak of a small universe, but this sudden burst of more powerful performance, may be affected by the "Reversal" move.

    Before the "Reversal" trick was deliberately exercised, this move Pikachu was only in a semi-mastered passive Contest Condition and was not perfectly controlled.

    But in the two days of targeted training, Pikachu's accumulation over the years immediately made it perfect for Reversal tricks –

    Turn passive moves into active ones.

    "This is really…"

    Looking at the trees surrounded by lightning and Ground, Terrance looked at Ash and Pikachu. This power is already comparable to Zap Cannon, the main elf of the Elite Laiyue, Magnezone, who is fighting with him!

    Of course, with this trick in place, Pikachu has lost the ability to stand up, almost using the Explosion of the electric system.

    Sure enough, a highly respected Professor-level character would rather give Rookie Trainer the common elf of Pikachu, and not give the three beginners of the three selected wizards in accordance with the Alliance program.

    "How, Terrance, I and Pikachu are using it!"Ash saw Pikachu burst into such a powerful force under the Contest Condition and looked happy.

    "First take Pikachu to the Elf Center to restore your strength."Terrance sighed and said.

    In the past two days, the main way of training was to let Pikachu accumulate injuries and consume physical strength, and then reply to the Contest Condition cycle. At first, Ash and others still had some problems, but after Terrance planned an absolutely reasonable physical warning line for them, they worked with Trainer. The largest welfare elf center, all the irrational transformation is reasonable.

    In Terrance's view, the Elf Center is the perfect golden finger for the Grasser Trainer. As long as it is the Alliance registered Trainer, it has the right to enjoy certain benefits in the Wizard Center.

    As long as these benefits can be used reasonably, it is entirely possible to use these benefits as high-intensity training for their own resources.

    However, Normal is rarely crazy like Trainer.

    Under the guidance of Terrance, Ash and Pikachu did this.

    Within two days, he and Pikachu almost got the blacklist of Nurse Joy, and Ash was even suspected of being the evil Trainer who abused his Pokémon…

    "It seems that I don't need to adjust the recipe for Ash's Pikachu…This Pikachu really has the talent to master 'Reversal'. ”Terrance was surprised.

    Also, after all, Ash is a Trainer through the serious way, and deserves to be a good beginner elf. This Pikachu talent is definitely not inferior to any beginner elves specially raised by the Alliance Breeder family. Similarly, Professor Oak It is also impossible to fool Rookie with a common and no special Pikachu. In the capacity of Professor Oak, there is absolutely no reason to do so.

    In this way, why Terra and Pikachu can break out of such a powerful strength Terrance understands.

    The training program he developed, in a sense, happened to ignite the hidden potential of Pikachu.

    Later, when Ash and Pikachu faced a desperate battle in the battle, they did not need to counterattack with a strong attack by factors such as "luck" and "coincidence."

    After mastering the "Reversal" trick, this trick and the tie between Ash and Pikachu will become a must-have for Pikachu.

    Even if it is in a desperate situation, Pikachu can use his powerful willpower to take off with the stunning Thunderbolt and Reversal.

    After Ash and Pikachu came back from the Wizard Center, they thanked Terrance for their gratitude.

    “Pikachu’s father’s mother may be awesome, and can inherit the moves like 'Reversal’.”Terrance laughed.

    “In short, thank you very much Terrance, you helped me and Pikachu for special training.”Thanks Ash.

    Pickup truck

    Ash looked at Pikachu and said: "After Pikachu mastered this technique, I was more confident in challenging the Lumiose Conference. This time I definitely want to win the prize, get Lumiose Conference Champion !!"

    "Then you have to work hard. In the following battles, let Pikachu go through as many battles as possible, get into a desperate situation and be familiar with this feeling."

    "The key is to take advantage of the Elf Center."Terrance laughed.

    Terrance's guidance, in exchange for Ash's party for him for two days of food, during this time, Terrance also took the time to go to Anistar City to find Stuart researchers again, only three days have not arrived, the other party did not return.

    As Ash and Pikachu have gradually mastered the real use of "Reversal", Terrance does not intend to retain them.

    "If there is a chance, I will go to the Lumiose Conference."Terrance Road.

    At the time of the separation, Terrance was invited by Ash to perfuse the opening. Of course, if possible, he would of course not mind the Trainer who mastered the Mega Evolution, but Terrance estimated that it was very close to his return to the original time and space.

    After all, he does not belong to this time and space, otherwise, he will not be so rough and fast for Ash's instructions.

    Terrance vaguely remembers that Ash seems to have never won a serious championship. This time, Ash and Pikachu have unearthed an active nirvana. I don't know if Ash's championship road can go any easier.

    The next day.

    Terrance took back six elves, and Rotom Pokédex went to Anistar City again and started waiting outside the Laboratory where Stuart researchers were.

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