Pokemon Court Chapter 643

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 643 temporary identity, floating astronomy
    Built in the eastern part of Anistar City, this ecological laboratory is a square building that looks extraordinary. At the entrance to the Laboratory, there is a seemingly old stone with a fuzzy like moss Z. Pattern.

    Terrance waited before the stone. Although the reception hall in the Laboratory has air conditioning and a sofa, it is obvious that this stone is more attractive to Terrance.

    "The ordering elves in charge of ecology, Zygarde…"

    This ancient pattern is not moss. It should have been copied by the ancients according to the appearance of Zygarde, and then accidentally obtained by the research team as a symbol.

    He has been observing for a long time in front of this stone monument and has been thinking about a problem.

    Why is Zygarde only monitoring the ecosystem of the Kalos Region?

    Just as Terrance was concentrating on observing the ancient stone monument, suddenly two horror sounds came, and when Terrance turned to look for the owner of this familiar voice, the mood was immediately difficult to calm down.

    There were a lot of people coming, but the woman with the single twist on the back gave Terrance a happy expression.

    "Teressi Sha Teacher?"Terrance quickly went forward and didn't expect to meet again in this situation.

    Looking for it, but now it takes no effort, "And Akkon…"

    Looking at the watermelon head boy who came out of the crowd, Terrance had some doubts at the beginning, but now all disappeared.

    Teressi Shakeser and Akkon are walking together, absolutely the two people he is familiar with.

    "Why are you…"Teressi Shah Tears quickly glanced at the researchers next to the dust, and spoke to the head of the white-haired old man, then set off Terrance and left.

    At the moment, Akkon was still surprised and didn't recover. He watched the two people who had left and quickly followed.

    "Terrance? If you look at age, it should not be Terrance in this time and space! ! ”

    He was shocked in his heart and couldn't understand why Terrance also appeared in this time and space. If he and Teressi Sha Teacher were accidental, how could Terrance come about?

    In the end, Terrance was hosted in a room by Teressi Sha Teacher.

    Sitting on the couch, with Akkon and Teressi Sha's big eyes, Terrance had no choice but to cough.

    However, waiting for him, but Teressi Sha Teacher sighed.

    "Say, what happened?"

    “Joan Teacher sent a message saying that you and Akkon are embarrassed during the experience…It’s a loss of contact. After Lock On’s location, I followed some of the Teachers to the Annapur Mountains. ”

    "Just, I didn't think of this, but I came here."Terrance smiles.

    "Who brought you here."Asked Teressi Sha, Teacher.

    "Celebi."Terrance spoke and then described himself to Celebi and Celebi with his own shuttle.

    As expected…With a forehead, Teressi Shah Teaser groaned in pain, saying: "The trouble is big, you know, the time you experience in this time and space, the same flow rate there."

    "That is, if you can't go back, even if it takes a few years to go back, it's been a few years."

    "Without the information reserved in advance, have you been missing and you have nowhere to find with us?"

    "I am prepared for this…"Terrance's forehead sweat dripping down, carefully said: "Can this not be an accident? Moreover, as long as you go back as soon as possible, how many days should you make a big impact? ”

    “Not so easy.”Akkon stood up and said: "Teressi Shasha Teacher took seven years to come back here."

    Seven years What does that mean?A glimpse of Terrance.

    Looking at the Teressi Sha Teacher, Terrance learned the truth as the other party could not explain it.

    Teressi, born in Kalos, has shown a very intelligent side since childhood and traveled to Kalos with her father's research team, and at the age of seventeen she was caught in a poacher to capture Celebi. The incident was forced to cross the time and space where Terrance was.

    In other words, Teressi Sha Teacher originally belonged to this time and space, Celebi sent her back, it is supposed to be the case, Akkon and Terrance, is the most innocent person who is involved in different time and space.


    Terrance was speechless at once, and it was a bit confusing.

    "I have been too fascinated to get Akkon in, now even you…"Teressi Shah's eyes looked dignified and said: "After this time and space, we have gone out for three visits, all to Annapurg Mountain, but still have not found the trace of Celebi."

    "If you can't find Celebi and send you back to the original time and space, you may encounter the same situation as me, living in a space that does not belong to you for a few years, even a lifetime."

    As the words fell, Terrance's face did not appear in the panic expression of Teressi Sha.

    I saw that Terrance slowly took out a packaged glowing Leafage from the pocket of his clothes and said: "The Celebi, in my case, just seems to be over-sleeping and integrated into Leafage."

    "Just wait for it to wake up, I think we should be able to go back."

    Terrance's words were calm, but he looked at Teressi Sha's Teacher, revealing the incomprehensible color: "What about you?"

    After asking, Terrance found that his words were superfluous, and the other party returned to his own time and space, there is no reason to return.

    I? It doesn't belong to me. ”Teressi Shado.

    As expected…

    Terrance looks at Akkon, and if so, take Akkon back alone.

    "Terrance, you…Found Celebi? ”Akkon blinked and looked happy.

    "Akkon !"Teressi Shakeer gave a cry, and from Akkon's look of expectation, she already guessed Akkon's thoughts.

    If she had supported Akkon's dream before, but when she returned to her original time and space, she began to resist this kind of chaotic time and space.

    "The consequences, you know."Teressi Shah Teacher is serious.

    "What consequences?"Terrance is awe.

    Akkon bowed his head, no words, Teressi Sha Teacher gave a slight glimpse, and looked at Terrance in a complicated way. "If I didn't guess wrong, every time Celebi used the power of shuttle time and space to a new time and space, it would turn the process of time and space toward Advancing in different directions…"

    "Terrance, do you know what your identity in this time and space is?"

    "What?"Terrance’s heart was shocked.

    "After returning, I deliberately investigated the next people and found you…It is just a restaurant, Waiter, in Kanto Cerulean City. ”

    With Teressi Sha Teacher's words, Terrance is lost in thought, Waiter?

    He didn't care what Teressi Sha's teacher said changed the time and space, the other party did not understand his identity, but he knew that he was another traverser.

    The original growth trajectory of "Terrance" turned out to be an ordinary Waiter?

    From Waiter to the top Trainer, how big is the storm that this butterfly has shaken?

    "So before you leave this time and space, try not to change things…"Teressi Sha did not know what would happen, but Terrance changed from the identity of the lord to Waiter, and this change has already made her afraid.

    In that time and space, Teressi Sha has been paying attention to the elf of Celebi. She collected a lot of information about Celebi, but in the current situation of Celebi, Teressi Shaheer still cannot explain.

    Even if she is eager to send Terrance and Akkon back to the original time and space, but Celebi does not wake up one day, one day can not use the power of shuttle time and space.

    Waiting for Celebi to wake up from a deep sleep is what Terrance will do next. During this time, Teressi Sha intends to help Terrance to temporarily make a citizenship and facilitate his stay.

    On the second day of the Annistar Eco-Laboratory, Terrance learned more from Teressi Sha Teacher.

    I have to say that thanks to the identity of Teressi Sha Teacher and her father, it would be difficult for Akkon and he would like to find a place to stay.

    Let Akkon and Terrance get involved in the Celebi event, and Teressi Shasha is also very embarrassed. Before Celebi didn't wake up, she tried her best to solve some difficulties for the two.

    However, Akkon and Terrance did not have the sorrow of having a lot of time and space. They experienced the Breeder idea and some elf knowledge four years later. Terrance's eyes didn't know how much.

    This person!Just as Terrance stayed at the hotel and quietly waited for Celebi to recover, he learned a magical Trainer online.

    This person, his elves are almost all known for their size, far exceeding the average of the same class, which seems to be a unique Breeder method for each other.

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