Pokemon Court Chapter 645

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 645th chapter Blizzard modeling: ice spear, floating astronomy
    Floating bubbles, gray body, mini body, seeing this cute appear, Snubbull looks at Terrance.

    "Is it going to let it show your tricks?"

    "Well, you can also call your Abomasnow out to watch."Terrance Road.

    Before seeing Terrance's real ability, Snubbull didn't say much. This time it was for the sake of trading. Compared to questioning Terrance, he hoped that Terrance had the ability to do so. After the successful completion of the transaction, he could get more. More benefits.

    "Come out, Abomasnow."

    Snubbull nodded and then called out a scorpion like a snow covered, limbs like a sprite covering the plant.

    As this Abomasnow appeared, there was a coolness around it.

    "The normal Abomasnow height should be in the early two meters, but this one…"

    At least three meters in height, huge size, like full of powerful power.

    In comparison, Terrance's floating bubble is just one-tenth of the size of this Abomasnow.

    "Well, Abomasnow has already suppressed the Snowing Ability, and then it's up to you to show off your floating bubbles."Snubbull opening.


    Terrance is confident and directs the floating bubble to fly to the center of the field.

    Snowfall Ability and Hail moves can change the weather to snow.

    In the snowy field, the strong updraft in the Hail cloud will carry many large and small water droplets and ice crystals to start moving. Some of the water droplets and ice crystals will merge and freeze into larger ice particles. These particles and supercooled water droplets are When the ascending air is transported to the water accumulation area, it can become the core of the Hail and completely change the weather.

    Normal, Prayer, Sandstorm, Hail, the weather-changing moves, Pokémon only can only stay in the weather to control, and there is no way to control the weather.

    In order to use the weather in more ways to give yourself a more favorable gain, then at least the use of the weather is very proficient.

    Abomasnow of Snubbull did not do this for the time being, but only through the huge snowy days to carry out the most Primal's combat power.

    There is power, but there is no skill.

    "Floating bubbles, Hail."As Terrance opens, the floating bubbles emit a light blue glow, and then in the blink of an eye between Snubbull and Abomasnow, the weather begins to change.

    The speed of making snow, instantly smashed the pupils of Snubbull and Abomasnow.

    "So fast."Snubbull was amazed, even if his Abomasnow had a snowfall Ability, he had a better grasp of the Hail moves and could not do this.

    Snubbull and Abomasnow also found changes in floating bubbles during the rapid agglutination of the Hail cloud.

    As the weather changed, its appearance gradually changed to a snow cloud form, a water droplet wrapped in a snow cloud.

    At this moment, Snubbull was only surprised by the speed at which the floating bubble made Hail, but as Hail and Icirrus began to fall, he subconsciously took a step back.

    The floating bubble didn't know what skills to use, and Icirrus and Hail stopped falling and stopped in the air. Then, countless Icirrus Hail began to flow backwards, with a whistling Blizzard, gradually twisting into one. Power created an extremely shocking picture.

    The snowy weather image was completely controlled by the floating bubbles. Numerous Icirrus and Hail condensed into a seemingly rotating ice spear, which was directly inserted into the Ground from the sky with the whistling roar!

    Although the ice spear is not fast, but as it descends and rotates, it seems that every second can freeze the surrounding air, creating a strong power.

    Looking at the process of inserting the ground from the ice spear from Soaring in the sky, Snubbull and Abomasnow didn't dare to blink, staring at the picture.

    Then, the ice spear falls.

    The infinite ice and snow condensed power exploded at that moment. Snubbull and Abomasnow stood in the distance, but the cold air that whizzed past them and let them squat.


    Their imaginary pictures quickly appeared in front of them, the ice spears were inserted into the Ground, and the material-specific venue was instantly penetrated through a hole, and in the next second, as the ice spear landed, a cold force spread out quickly. The entire site was turned into the snow and ice field.

    This snow and ice power even spread to the foot of Snubbull.

    Lifting his foot hard, Snubbull showed a shocked expression. On the scale and power, the Hail made by floating bubbles is not much different from that produced by its Abomasnow.

    But the use of Hail power by both sides is one in the sky and one in the ground.

    "Roar."Abomasnow screamed in surprise and looked at the small floating bubbles unexpectedly.

    “This technique is mainly to control the snow weather through airflow.”Terrance walked over and scratched his head and said: "But the training process between air and snow weather has many difficulties. If you don't have a good coach, you need to explore and practice for a long time."

    What Terrance showed to Snubbull was not the Blizzard model, but the ability to control the snow in the floating bubble!

    The former is the result, the latter is the root.

    Mastering the latter, he has mastered the control of a higher level of snow.

    The top tricks of the four weathers, in addition to rain and sunny days, snow and sandstorm weather, he combined with the top airflow control skills that Beautifly masters.

    In the snow or Sandstorm weather, his Pokémon can perfectly control the ice and snow and Sandstorm with the help of the corresponding skills. It has many ways to increase the size, interfere, make Barrier, etc. It is no longer a single use special. The weather is floating on the surface.

    For the ice Vulpix and Larvitar at the Napru Road Museum, Terrance had the idea of letting the two elves learn this technique.

    Floating bubbles and Beautifly will be the best coaches.

    Terrance reminds Snubbull that it is not easy to practice and explore in the simple text if there is no corresponding coach.

    "It’s okay to practice such skills."Snubbull looked at the venue and looked at the floating bubbles with some stunning views. "You're really good at this Breeder's floating bubble. Are you interested in making it a professional coach for Abomasnow? Condition you mention, in addition to exchange, I can help you prepare all the materials of the monster body Breeder method. ”

    After the floating bubble shows the ability to control the snow, Snubbull and Abomasnow are excited. Although Terrance tells the other party that the core element is the mastery of airflow, it is not easy to practice alone. Terrance is also Based on the research results of the Weather Institute and the years of experience of Beautifly, I found out about it.

    Of course, the most powerful method for the increase in snow days involves the reaction of a series of treasures such as “Icy Rock”, “Ice Gem” and “No Ice”. These Terrances are naturally impossible to disclose. Similarly, the other party did not intend to disclose itself. All of the family.

    Through some negotiations, Terrance promised an introductory guide to the short-term deadline.

    As for the Breeder method of the monster body, Terrance also learned some things from the other side, mainly through special medicinal effects, as well as some neutralized recipes to increase the body shape. This method not only does not stimulate the elf body, but has considerable Good benefit.

    In exchange, Terrance received a special potion of three elves, and the three elves selected by Terrance personally matched the recipe.

    No more, go to write a thesis…

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