Pokemon Court Chapter 646

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 646 challenges the Mega Evolution, floating astronomy
    During the Breeder method of trading, Terrance completed the introduction of Abomasnow in just two days.

    It's not because Terrance teaches well, but Abomasnow's foundation is good enough. As the main wizard of the senior Trainer of the Masters, it is much less difficult to learn some skills based on his own experience.

    Trainer's experience, Pokémon's foundation is solid, so the initial control of the snow and ice weather is not a difficult thing for them. As for further thinking, it is not Terrance.

    "Is this the secret of the increase in size?"Asked Akkon looking at the three bottles of potion on the Terrance table.

    "Do you want to check the ingredients?"

    "The inspection is of course to be checked."Terrance said, "It takes two more to do this. In my Pokémon, only Arcanine is suitable for this Breeder method. The other sprites are not big enough. Altaria can also try…But I still feel a bit awkward about the Breeder method I get directly from others. ”

    Terrance's idea is to study the potion. It's not his purpose to get the original formula. He mainly wants to see if there is room for optimization to better Breeder Arcanine.

    Celebi's wake-up time is unknown, so during this time Terrance is still training the elves with the help of Teressi Sha's Teacher.

    But after about a week of this time, Terrance and Akkon realized that it was wrong.

    "Not yet awake?"

    Celebi has been sleeping for nearly half a month. Although the changes in the leaves are becoming more and more obvious, there are still no signs of awakening, which makes Terrance hesitate.

    Waiting so long will kill his patience, and it will be easy to shuttle to the future time and space. When I don't know Celebi's specific wake-up time, I always stay in Anistar City to give him a sense of wasting time.

    He wants to play, his Pokémons are stuck in a bottleneck, and the efficiency of training is extremely low. If you want to break through, Beautifly, Altaria, Allen Thunder, Mismagius, Arcanine, floating bubbles need to undergo qualitative change instead of Accumulation, this situation may be solved through a few fierce battles.

    Mega Evolution is now popular, powerful Trainer abounds, Terrance itself is also rising through the power of Mega Evolution, naturally know how powerful the Mega Evolution brings.

    Thinking a little, Terrance moved to the idea of going around and challenging before returning.

    He had such an idea before, but was forced to press it by Teressi Sha Teacher. Now that Celebi hasn't woken up for a week, Terrance started to pick up Akkon.

    "How, I am going to challenge, you help me record the data, have you been curious about Totem gas field before? When you encounter a powerful Trainer, you can observe it in actual combat. ”

    "There is this idea."The idea of Akkon and Terrance coincides. It is obvious that it is more interesting to travel outside for a while than to wait for Celebi to wake up.

    Although it was best not to leave Anistar City by Teressi Sha Teacher, the two made plans and sneaked out.

    One day later, Teressi Sha came to the hotel to find two people but disappeared, and frowned and took the envelope from the hotel Waiter.


    Open the envelope, after reading the message above, she sighed helplessly, and then looked out the window.


    At this time, Terrance and Akkon had already left Anistar City.

    Now that the two have temporary resident status, they don't have to worry about accommodation. You can go to Kalos for a stroll.

    At present, Terrance's first goal is to let Mismagius experience as many battles as possible. It is already on the verge of completely digesting the fear energy, and it will soon be completed.

    Maybe two or three high-intensity battles can help it master more powerful forces.

    "Want to challenge, this musk…"

    Akkon trotting is next to Terrance. "It is said that she has mastered the power of Absol's Mega Evolution. It is a famous Trainer nearby. If she is looking for her, the distance should be closest to us."

    "Absol?"Terrance said: "It's a good elf. If you don't see it for so long, you won't be scared by the power of my Pokémon…"

    "No way?"Akkon pulled out his palm-sized notebook and said, "I have got your elf data from your Rotom Pokédex. From the data, I can judge the strength of your Pokémon."

    "The change in strength really surprised me…But I have already been surprised once and will not be surprised for the second time. ”

    Terrance looked at his serious appearance and shrugged boringly. This habit of sensitive to data Mega has not changed.

    "Ah, the Trainer is called Musk, right, our first goal is her."


    In the forest outside Couriway Town.

    Terrance looked at the opposite blond woman and accidentally said: "I didn't expect to be my peers."

    Akkon didn't tell him that Musk was a female Trainer of the same age as him.

    "Trainer's strength is not judged by age, and it is known to challenge my Trainer. I have only lost one time so far."

    "Of course I know."Terrance laughed.

    Musk caressed his hair and said: "Since it is a challenge, start the battle as soon as possible. I will have something to do next."

    "as you wish."Terrance opens, "Rotom Pokédex you are responsible for recording the battle."

    "Received Rotto ~~"

    Seeing that Terrance is so simple, Musk smiled and said: "I really like you, especially hair color."

    "Your name is?"

    “Nerpur Road Museum Terrance –” Terrance took out the Poké Ball of Mismagius and threw it directly.

    Remember this name, after all, it will not exist in this time and space.

    "I am musk, and my partner is it, go, Absol!"

    The opponent's Absol has the power of Mega Evolution, but Mismagius may not be able to fight.

    Even if the Attribute of the other party dominates, only the Mega Evolution is carried out, and Absol is qualified to play against Terranc's Mismagius.

    Terrance has this confidence.

    "Mismagius, use Astonish!"

    Astonish, now exhibited by Mismagius, is a combination of fear energy and illusion power.

    Infinitely malicious looming, turned into a Haze phantom to engulf Absol, in the face of this strange attack, Musk with one hand: "Phantom? Absol, don't be afraid, use Psycho Cut to break up! ”

    "Mismagius, strengthen the power."

    Terrance snapped a finger, and Mismagius's phantom Haze directly ignored Psycho Cut's attack. The purple Psycho Cut penetrated Haze, and the Haze phantom didn't have any effect. Instead, the black shadow then turned into a black smoke to completely devour Absol.

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