Pokemon Court Chapter 647

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 647th chapter near the breakthrough of Mismagius, floating astronomy
    If the illusion of Mismagius is so easy to crack, it would be too sorry for the treasure land of Nightmare Island.


    Seeing that Absol was smoky and showing a panicked expression of fear, Musk was shocked.

    “Quick Smelling Salts, Absol –”

    "Show me your embarrassment."Looking at the opposite Trainer, Terrance smiled and spoke.

    Damn it…

    See Absol, a round is restricted by the other party, Musk is cold, the former Trainer with Mega Charizard beat it, but did not make it feel so strange.

    InterestingThe next moment, Musk will calm down and it is not a good habit to lose calm in the battle.

    "In this case, don't regret it, Absol, use Mega Evolution!"

    The left hand touches the earring-style evolution Key Stone, and the musk reveals a serious expression. The next moment, the powerful shackles are connected between her and Absol, and the Absol wrapped in the illusion, the heart instantly calms down.

    The power of Mega Evolution directly broke through the fear of Mismagius and made it Smelling Salts.

    The dazzling light enveloped the scent of Absol. In just a moment, Absol has undergone tremendous changes, and the new body appeared in front of Terrance and Mismagius.

    "Good power, this is Mega Absol."Musk laughed.

    “It looks really strong.”Terrance said, "In this case, I have to show my full strength."

    The words, Mismagius exudes a horrible atmosphere, and the Totem gas field turns into a potential, the fear energy that blends into it is once again turned into a purple mantra, lingering around Mismagius, with Totem gas field Reflecting each other, this scene, let Akkon "snap" to close the notebook, concentrate on watching the game.

    这是The musk face was surprised.

    "Mismagius, use the shadow ball!"Terrance opening.

    The game is mainly to allow Mismagius to have a close-knit Rival to compete.

    “Mega Absol, use Psycho Cut !!”

    Looking at the Mismagius, which suddenly broke out, the musk hole shrank and opened quickly.

    The purple blade and the purple Shadow Ball collide in front of the two elves!


    The roaring smoke blocked the sight of two trainer, but the two men's orders did not stop, the battle continued to carry on high intensity, Terrance did not let Mismagius continue to cast illusions, but through the nature of attack moves directly with each other hard, training Mismagius The quality of the attack is on the one hand, and the other is that the battle can allow two elves to fight longer.

    Shadow Ball, Mystical Fire, Thunderbolt, Power Gem, Magical Leaf…

    These new and mastered attack tricks, which were mastered in the past, are now combined by Mismagius and become the means of attack.

    Although the main force of Mismagius is still reflected in the illusion, but as the strength progresses, it is also very powerful to display other tricks.

    The perfect energy control made Mismagius quickly gain the upper hand and suppressed Mega Absol.

    "Is it tired?"

    Three minutes later, watching Mega Absol, which was bombed by Mismagius, Terrance blinked and it was time to end.

    "Use illusion."Terrance opening.


    Get the instructions, the Mismagius red jewels illuminate, the curse culture sweeps out the sound waves, and it is directly pushed like a sweeping air, and the power even makes Mega Absol's hair rise.

    “Mega Absol !!”Muxiang was shocked.

    At this time, Mega Absol stayed in place, and the exhausted consciousness was directly eroded by the illusion of Mismagius, making it a crumbling fire.


    The combination of darkness and insanity illusion, coupled with emotional stimulation, directly puts Mega Absol down!

    "Absol loses combat power, so the winner is Terrance…"Akkon shouted.

    After a few rounds, Mega Absol was constantly suppressed until he was defeated by illusion, and in the final scene, Akkon was the referee's quick opening, and the outcome was divided.

    As Absol fell to the ground, it bolstered and voluntarily withdrew from the Mega Evolution Contest Condition.

    Defeatd by an elf without the power of Mega Evolution…

    Looking at Terrance and Mismagius, it is difficult to suppress this sad mood in the heart.

    On the same day, Terrance and Akkon found another Trainer who had the power of the Mega Evolution, who had a Mega Pinsir.

    Similarly, Terrance and Akkon made an invitation to play, and then Terranc and Mismagius played against it.

    The battle routine is unchanged, and Mismagius is attacking by conventional means.

    Normal, even if the opponent masters the strength of the Mega Evolution, the level of strength will not exceed Totem Mismagius, so even if they use the attack tricks that Mismagius is not good at, the Terrance will not fall into the trap.

    But in the end, it is basically the end of the battle with the illusion of Mimasagius.

    If you continue to do this, look for the next Rival, which is what Terrance and Akkon are mainly doing.

    Two days later.

    Terrance has challenged four Trainers with Mega Evolution power across three cities.

    "Akkon, Rotom Pokédex, how's it?"Terrance asked them and called Mismagius.

    Just after a hard fight, Mismagius, who played against a Mega Venusaur, suffered a lot, but that match also made it a lot.

    "The strength of the last two battles against Mismagius is very strong. According to reasoning, you should have accumulated enough experience and can completely digest the fear energy."

    Akkon frowned when he compared the data he recorded with the data recorded by Rotom Pokédex.

    "The speculation is like this, but the specific situation, Mismagius, how do you feel?"

    “Whee~~” Mismagius hesitated, then said that he had a feeling of being fully mastered of this power.

    "A little worse?…Forget it, then you will take a break for a while, and the combination of work and rest is the most important, just to relive the experience accumulated in the previous battle. ”Terrance touched his chin. After two days of Mismagius, there have been enough battles. Rival's strength is not weak. It can be said that it has gained a lot of combat experience, which should have great benefits for its growth.

    "Whee ~~"

    Mismagius responded and was taken back by Terrance to Poké Ball. Then Terrance was immersed in thoughts. Mismagius had progressed every time he had experienced a match in the past two days. This is reflected in the data, but it is still worse than qualitative change. A little bit.

    Although quantitative change can cause qualitative change…But it seems that it is not easy to find the point of qualitative change.

    The next step is to rely on Mismagius himself.

    "Continue to challenge, if you are an elf, change to a floating bubble…"

    Beautifly's breakthrough mainly needs to be at the skill level, and it is still in the groping phase and is not dependent on the game. Altaria's strength is already far ahead, and Terrance intends to only let it perform regular training for the time being. Gallade needs to summarize his attack rules and it takes time to learn alone. As for Arcanine's reliance on combat, Ponce is incomplete and unable to enjoy the full benefits of the Elf Center, Terrance does not intend to let Arcanine experience high-intensity battles for the time being.

    So, there is only the Laser Focus floating bubble weather class trick. Then Terrance is going to meet people to challenge. There are too few Trainers with Mega Evolution power. There are no disadvantages in going through several battles, just hone. The sunny Contest Condition and the weakest Sandstorm tricks.

    After the zero point, update the 2 chapters of tomorrow, and fight Allen, and the day after tomorrow will explode.

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