Pokemon Court Chapter 648

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 648 Hoenn disaster, Allen and Ash, floating astronomy
    During the trip to Terrance and Akkon, Terrance also studied the pharmacology of the Arcanine food formula given by Snubbull.

    He and Akkon are both Breeder's, but even so, it took 10 days to find out the pharmacology of a food formula. It must be said that there are many doorways in the monster body Breeder method.

    Terrance also knows that the food formula is actually a secondary part, mainly depends on the ingredients in the nutrients given by the other party, but the professional instrument is difficult to detect, and Terrance and Akkon have no good idea.

    “This food formula should be paired with Pokémon's egg group and Attribute.”

    After referring again to Altaria's monster body Breeder method, Terrance had a rough guess.

    "Forget it, don't study this, let's put it first, and then go back and say it."

    Akkon nodded, and the day they both came to the center of the elf in the forest.

    In the next two days, Terrance and Akkon only found a Trainer who mastered the power of Mega Evolution. At other times, floating bubbles were playing against the passer-by Trainer, and the battle situation was almost one-sided.

    Said to practice Sunny Day tricks, but…

    Under the Sunny Day Contest Condition, the Flamethrower, which is extremely hot in the floating bubble of the fire system, or the near-instant sunshine flame, makes the experience of the passers-by Trainer extremely poor.

    Even with the worst Sandstorm weather, the floating bubble passed the Weather Ball to complete the attack of Sandstorm, which is a powerful attack. In the face of the Sandstorm moves that can combine defense and attack, there are also few Trainer. Support a few rounds.

    "Sure enough, I am already strong enough to find Rival…"Terrance leaned against a tree and sighed with relief.

    "Don't complain, you go to the roadside and find the challenger to find Rival, those are the ordinary Trainers who are still chasing the Alliance Conference!!"Akkon airway.

    "You can't say that…"Terrance is serious.

    At this time, Akkon had already known Terrance's achievements, including defeating the Elite Four Laiyue in the 3vs3 battle.

    It is for this reason that he expressed his helplessness to Terrance and even the ordinary Trainer.

    Too much no master style.

    However, the battle process can not be said to have no gain at all. After all, for the two weaker weathers, the floating bubble itself requires a lot of practice.

    "Wait, let's take a look at this first."

    Akkon took a newspaper and suddenly looked pale.

    "What's wrong, why's this expression."

    Terrance accidentally took the newspaper, but scanned the picture with both eyes, and the same expression was serious.

    “Groudon and Kyogre are in the waters not far from Hoenn Sootopolis City, another huge crisis in Hoenn history!!”

    regressionPrimal ? ! ”

    This shocking news made Terrance feel a glimpse of the moment, not only that, but even Rayquaza appeared this time.

    "Return to Primal?? The one recorded in the ancient book? ”

    "What's going on here?"

    "I don't know, but it seems that Hoenn's champion, Mr. Steven, has also been inserted into the incident. The specific reasons have not been reported and may have been blocked."

    Akkon looked at the newspaper in Terrance's hand and said, "But it's good, but it didn't cause any disaster."

    "En."Terrance nodded. Also, things have passed. Now I can only say that I am afraid. At this time, worry is of no use.

    "Steven is also involved in this incident…"Terrance's eyes flickered, and what he is thinking about now is whether this will happen after he returns.

    Just as Terrance and Akkon were still immersed in this Hoenn's super-ancient elves, there was a sudden wave of vibration in the distance.

    "This power…Is it Mega Evolution? ! ”

    Feeling the strong aftermath, Terrance turned back and remembered the purpose of their trip.

    In the previous Trainer's mouth of the Mega Evolution, Terrance heard another Tracer with Mega Force power.

    And it is said that the Trainer who has mastered the power of Mega Evolution is very strong. His Mega Charizard has defeated a large number of Mega Evolution-shaped elves.


    This is the name of the powerful Trainer that Terrance has heard.

    The other side seems to be looking for a Trainer with the power of Mega Evolution to continue to challenge.

    "Go, go see."

    Terrance greeted Akkon and took the lead in the direction of the battlefield.

    "Oh, wait for me."Akkon panicked over the newspaper that Terrance threw and quickly responded.

    The two trots all the way and soon came to the railing above the venue.

    这是Terrance stopped and on the field, a Black Charizard was fighting fiercely with a Grennja wrapped in water!

    Looking at the Greenja's Contest Condition, Terrance and Akkon all had incredible expressions.

    "This Contest Condition is…"

    Then, Terrance looked at the two people who played against each other, and a strange emotion came out.


    The special Greninja Trainer turned out to be Ash.

    Mega Charizard, the special Greninja, both of them showed great strength, but as the battle heated up, Terrance frowned and saw the flaws of Greninja.

    "Can't you adapt to this power?"

    Greninja feels like Terrance, as if he still can't master the powerful power, there is always a sense of inconsistency.

    This feeling slowly turned into a fatal injury to Greninja's loss of rhythm. Sure enough, the Mega Charizard was powerful, and even if Terrance was slightly surprised by the explosion, Greninja was directly blasted and lost his fighting ability.

    "The strength of the Mega Charizard is very strong and the strength is close to the Gallade."

    Mega Charizard's Trainer is a young black man, and Terrance estimates that this person is Allen he wants to look for.

    The strength of the other side is really well-deserved, and it is definitely one or two levels stronger than the Mega Evolution power owners that have been encountered before.

    Even before Terrance did not guarantee to win the game.

    The exception is Mega Altaria.

    "Are we going down?"

    Akkon said to Terrance.

    The following match is over.

    "Let's go, that Allen's strength is good, his Mega Charizard will be a good trial stone, I hope he will not let me down."

    Terrance smiled a little. Secondly, he wanted to see the growth of Ash during this time. Although it was only ten days in the past, Terrance could clearly see the changes in Ash.

    And that Greninja…

    Just as Ash and Allen shook hands and introduced themselves, Terrance and Akkon had already left the field.

    Clemont helped the glasses, the first to discover Terrance, opened his mouth in surprise.

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