Pokemon Court Chapter 649

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 649 chapter about Allen! Floating astronomy
    "Mr. Terrance?!"

    When Terrance came down, he smiled and said hello to Clemont.

    "Clemont, I met again."

    Ash and Allen were also passively attracted, and both sides let go and looked at Terrance.

    "Terrance seniors."This is what Ash is calling Ash when he taught Ash and Pikachu.

    Allen looked at the coming Terrance, unconsciously, this temperament…

    He only experienced it when he faced the four people.

    Chef Siebold, Steven, Lysandre, Malva!

    These four people are also the most powerful four Trainers who have played against him!

    The breath of the strong…

    Although just just meeting, Allen found that Terrance seemed to be watching himself, giving him a feeling of being locked.

    Wait a minute, Ash just called…

    Ash's predecessor?

    Sure enough, it is Trainer.

    "How are the special trainings for Hey, Ash, and Pikachu?"Terrance waved and smiled.

    "It is completely mastered! In addition, I and my Greninja have also cultivated a very powerful form! ! ”

    After seeing Terrance, Ash was excited.

    "Wait for a game after waiting, see the new power of me and Greninja!"

    Terrance made a "quick stop" action and said: "An, don't worry."

    "And you and your Greninja are not familiar with the Contest Condition. I just saw it in the game."

    "This…"Ash suddenly eats, indeed, he and Greninja still can't master the new power very well.

    Now that Ternce is talking about the pain directly, Ash is also very embarrassed. After all, with immature power to challenge, there is a little disrespect for each other's taste.

    "And this time I came here for another purpose."Terrance laughed.

    After that, he looked at Allen and said, "Excuse me, you are Mr. Allen."

    Uhme? ”Allen looked surprised and this person really came for himself.

    "I am Allen, may you be…"

    "Introduction, my name is Terrance. I heard your name before Mr. Carmon and wanted to challenge your Mega Charizard."

    Terrance's words, Ash's group of people with a surprised expression, Allen himself was quite surprised.

    "Carmon?"Allen recalls that it seems to be the name of the Trainer who has mastered the power of Mega Evolution that he challenged a few days ago.

    "So, are you also a Trainer who has mastered the power of Mega Evolution?!"Allen reveals an expression of interest.

    Terrance is obviously not like the weak. In the process of reaching the strongest road, Allen wants to defeat all the Trainers who have mastered the power of Mega Evolution and stand at the peak!

    Terrance's challenge is catering to Allen's thoughts.

    “Ewww.”Terrance suddenly caught it.

    Then I am embarrassed: "Although I do have Pokémon Mega Evolution, but I want to send a match to another elf."

    "No problem, but can you make a duel with Mega Evolution first?"Allen bowed and said: "I am currently doing the practice of Mega Evolution, and I am pleased to meet my wish."

    ThisTerrance scratched his head, Mega Charizard against Mega Altaria?

    Mega Altaria is also too cheap.

    However, Allen's attitude made it difficult for Terrance to refuse, the courtesy of the other party was also in place, and the game was also proposed by Terrance. Slightly sighed, Terrance had to promise: "Well, let's play a Mega Evolution game first."

    "Do you have mastered the Meta Evolution for the Terrance predecessors?!"Ash was surprised.

    He couldn't know the news for two days with Terrance.

    "Yes."Terrance smiled. "Oh yes, let me introduce you first. This is my companion to travel together, Akkon."

    After that, Terrance came over to Akkon and several people introduced each other.

    The match between Terrance and Allen is set at a later stage. Just after the game, both Ash and Allen need to go to the Wizard Center to restore the Contest Condition.

    Determining that Terrance is going to play against Allen, Ash is looking forward to the game.

    At the same time, he also guessed which elf would be Terrance's Mega Evolution. Will it be the Gallade?

    “Allen, have you challenged many Trainers with Mega Evolution power?”Asked Terrance.

    In fact, it wasn't just the news of Allen in the Trainer called Carmon. This Allen seems to be a challenge madman. Many Trainers who have the power of Mega Evolution have challenged him.

    Terrance also heard several other rumors.

    In the Elf Center, Terrance, Ash, and Allen chatted.

    “Well, I’ve probably challenged more than twenty Trainers with Mega Evolution power.”Allen nodded.

    "Twenty…"Terrance was surprised.

    He spent a lot of time looking for a few people, how did Allen do this guy.

    "Allen, let's talk about what powerful Trainer you have encountered."Ash heard that Allen has challenged more than twenty powerful Trainers and immediately raised interest.

    "All right."Looking at the look that Ash is looking forward to, Allen is helpless and can only pick up some experiences.

    Allen's challenge to the Mega Evolution is indeed legendary, and even Terrance listens with great interest.

    "So, I lost to the famous chef Siebold…"When it comes to playing against Elite Four Siebold, Allen recalls that he is not reconciled.

    "But I am different from that at the time. Now I have the qualification to play against Elite Four!"

    “Really?Clemont exclaimed.

    Elite Four ? ! That's the area that the Trainer can't reach in his life.

    Allen saw Clemont surprised and remembered his battle of the beast.

    Fighting with 10 powerful Trainers who have mastered the power of Mega Evolution, there is almost no chance of rest in the middle. Even if his Charizard uses the best Potion and physical recovery reagents after each battle, it has accumulated a lot of scars all the way down.

    In the final game, against the Kalos Region fire Elite Malva, his Mega Charizard outperformed the opponent's Mega Houndoom, which brought Allen's confidence to a heyday.

    After that fight, his Mega Charizard's strength has also grown like never before.

    “The physical strength of the Pokémons has recovered.”Just when a few people planned to talk down, there was news from Nurse Joy.

    "It seems that we can play against it."Allen stood up.

    "Yeah."Terrance also stood up, and since the battle with Laiyue Elite, Altaria has not had any fierce battles.

    I don't know if this Trainer named Allen can force Altaria's strongest Contest Condition.

    Ash, Clemont, Selena, Peacha, Akkon also stood up and several people began to walk towards the battlefield.

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