Pokemon Court Chapter 650

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 650th chapter Allen's belief, floating astronomy
    Before the battle had begun, the atmosphere on the forest was condensed with a strange atmosphere.

    Ash's group looked forward to seeing the two people on the field. Terrance and Allen are very powerful Trainers. It is very lucky to watch the Mega Evolution battle between them.

    As a party, Allen and Terrance have different moods.

    One is excited and the other is calm.

    Allen became a Trainer much shorter than Terrance and did not experience any major events, but as an assistant to the Brasno Professor of the Roosie Elf in the Kalos Region, Allen's foundation is solid.

    It can be said that he is biased towards the academic Trainer compared to the wild path like Ash.

    This is similar to Terrance, who also belongs to the Academy Trainer.

    "Go, Charizard."

    Clemont took the initiative to serve as the referee. After Allen and Terrance were both on their behalf, Allen took the lead to send their own elves.

    The beginner's elf of the Kanto Region is also the top Charizard in the fire elves!

    After calling Charizard, Allen looked at Terrance and waited for his choice.

    "I am Altaria here."

    Terrance also threw the Poké Ball and confronted Allen.

    "It turned out to be Altaria!"Clemont, the referee, was shocked to see the elves sent by Terrance.

    Seeing Terrance's elves, Allen was a slight glimpse and looked serious.

    "We first attacked, Altaria, using Dragon Pulse."Terrance opening.

    When the words fell, Altaria circled in the air, condensing a blue-violet dragon's dragon-shaped wave in front of him, and the dragon's face was fierce, and a big mouth composed of energy suddenly slammed toward Charizard.

    "Charizard, get away."Allen shouted.

    The dragon-shaped wave slammed quickly, but Allen's Charizard had a good sense of fighting. I saw it quickly flapping its wings. It escaped the amazing Dragon Pulse when it was a thousand, but it didn't finish. The next moment Allen continued to shout quickly. From: "Lei Guangzhang!"

    When the Dragon Pulse was released, Altaria had already been flying at a very fast speed. The blue-violet flame was outlined in the forepaw as a giant dragon's claw, and the fierce attack came from Charizard.

    Between Dragon Pulse and Dragon Claw, Altaria is perfectly connected, and the speed is accurately calculated. In the face of this sudden decline, Charizard's pupils shrink, and Lei Guangzhang has just condensed against him, a huge impact. Force pushes its body out.

    The flame light is intertwined with the thunder, and the sound quickly turns from the sound of the cymbal to the shock. Then, it is a blast of air that is launched with the two elves as the center.


    Under this powerful Dragon Claw, Charizard's body is constantly retreating. It looks pale and the muscles of the legs tremble. It is hard to imagine that Altaria's elegant body has such a terrifying power.

    "Steel Wing !!"Allen opened his mouth quickly and was introduced to Charizard. The wings spread open instantly, filled with metallic luster, and then some strength was removed by slightly twisting. By the way, the opportunity was quickly turned and twisted, and Steel Wing Pound was directed to Altaria!

    However, Allen and Charizard, who thought they could take a break from Altaria, were suddenly shocked to see the Pound's past Steel Wing.

    Ash's group was also surprised. Clemont, the referee, was shocked and quickly recalled the order that Terrance had just released.

    Just two simple words, defense.

    At that moment, in the face of Steel Wing, who suddenly twisted Pound, Altaria's feathers swarmed in, and immediately resisted the attack. The power of Steel Wing was completely removed by the feathers, just like hitting it. Air Normal cannot continue to force.

    At this time, Altria's power of a Dragon Claw was removed, and the other paw had already condensed the giant claws at the fastest speed, and the Charizard Pound was slammed into the ground.

    "Explosive burning!!"

    Seeing this scene, Allen finally panicked and saw that Charizard was suppressed. He was worried that he would not have the chance to even have Mega Evolution. He directly ordered Charizard to use the explosion to smash the violent flames around the body to repel Altaria.

    Seeing the fierce fire, Altaria rose slightly, then Allen quickly waved his arm. "Charizard, Rival is very strong, start, respond to my heart!!"

    "Evolution Key Stone!"

    Allen's speech rate was very fast. Even when he had just engaged him, he was sweating. Seeing Allen's serious appearance, Ash and his party were surprised.

    Without being in the game, they couldn’t feel the heavy pressure that Allen had just faced.

    "Beyond evolution…Mega Evolution ! ! ”As Allen lifted his Mega Bracelet, the Mega Stone in the collar of Charizard instantly sensed with Allen's evolutionary Key Stone, bursting with a strong breath and a ray of light.

    "Is it finally used?"Terrance smiles, "In this case, Altaria, we are here too."

    As Terrance opens, Terrance gently raises his left arm and gently rubs his finger on the left arm Mega Ring, followed by…Key Stone shines!

    "Altaria, Mega Evolution!"

    Although Allen was a step late, the time of the two elves Mega Evolution was done at the same time!

    Terrance's Mega Ring has been specially processed, and the Mega Evolution is much more efficient than the usual Mega Evolution.

    But the price is the consumption of Terrance energy!

    The ray of light lingers on Mega Charizard and Mega Altaria. As the Mega Evolution completes, the two elves sway and the light bursts!

    Then, a strong breath came out, and the airflow under the entire site began to be extremely violent, and it was chaotic! !

    The wave of smashing out of the stock, took a few people watching the battle, let them personally experience the power of the next two Mega Evolution elves.

    "The last is Mega Evolution."Clemont's heart.

    Charizard used to be Fire and Flying, Altaria was Dragon and Flying, but after Mega Evolution, Charizard became a dragon and fire, and Altaria was a dragon and Fairy!

    From the point of view of Attribute, Charizard's dragon moves, fire moves, and even the skilled Lei Guangzhang, were immediately severely restricted!

    Power can't be fully played!

    "Mega Altaria ……"Allen looked serious. He was the first to encounter Mega Altaria. This feeling of being restricted everywhere made Allen feel the pressure and the heart burned with a fight against it!

    "No, I have promised to stand up to the peak with Charizard, and I have other reasons to be stronger!!"

    I…Can't lose! ! ”

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