Pokemon Court Chapter 651

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 651th chapter of the cruel reality, floating astronomy
    I can't lose!

    There are reasons to win!

    Recalling this, Allen's expression changed again, and this change made one of the Terrances against it.

    "A strong desire to win…"

    Allen's beliefs have almost broken through the boundaries and turned into substance.

    And Charizard of Mega Force, the power of Assist Trainer, also felt the belief from his own Trainer.


    Black's body, the blue flame, and the Mega Charizard flew up from the Ground like the dragon Normal from Inferno.

    The next moment, the momentum from Mega Charizard is even more exciting!

    "Good faith…"


    Terrance's eyes were also serious, Rival's desire to win, Rival's seriousness, and Rival's beliefs made him have to respond.

    His response is to show the strongest strength between himself and Mega Altaria and give him enough respect!

    "Charizard, let's make Steel Wing!!"

    Allen has a big hand, Mega Charizard masters the most skilled tricks, Lei Guangzhang, Dragon Claw, Explosive Burning, Steel Wing…At this point, only Steel Wing can cause the most significant damage to Mega Altaria! !

    Grabbing the straw, Allen almost yelled at the order.

    Losing his own weak hours to Elite Four, he can accept.

    But if he is defeated by a silent Trainer, what qualifications does he have to be the strongest!

    Mega Charizard, Steel Wing! !

    Surrounded by a vortex, the Mega Charizard flies out quickly, and the wing of the Oregonburg is cut like a blade to the Mega Altaria!

    In the face of Allen's belief, Terrance took a deep breath.

    The next moment, Mega Altaria showed a pink gas field on the body.

    This gas field is far more peaceful than the Totem gas field, but the power of filling is far less than the Totem gas field! !

    This is a new field with Fairy energy that is merged with the Mega Evolution by the Totem gas field and the mysterious Mega Ring!

    "Altaria, the ultimate…The Adventurer's

    This move, which is absolutely tyrannical, crushed the horrific blow of the Laiyue Elite Trump Card Elite Empire with unmatched power, and is now lightly spoken by Terrance.

    It’s true that Fairy’s moves against Mega Charizard’s no-dragon tricks are more significant, but —

    The lethality of this move is far beyond the dragon god dive!

    After the normal game's big trick Giga Impact turned into a Fairy system, it was powered by the mysterious gas field and then used by the Mega Evolution Contest Condition's Totem Mega Altaria. This power is enough to destroy everything!

    Fairy Energy wraps the whole body, and Mega Altaria is like a Fairy light, like a phantom heading towards Mega Charizard!

    This gentle Fairy energy made Mega Charizard feel cold at this moment.

    Steel Wing is fast, Trainer's belief in winning can also be felt, but in the face of this seemingly peaceful, but creepy attack, Mega Charizard's instinct tells it to retreat, retreat, and retreat!

    "Mega Altaria's Ability's Fairy skin can transform the Normal system into a Fairy system and add a certain amount of power."Allen looked dignified, and the Bratano Professor he followed studied the Mega Evolution field, and he was well versed in the knowledge of Mega Evolution.

    "Charizard, escape from the side and attack with Steel Wing!!"Allen shouted.

    Faced with the impact of Mega Altaria's body as a Fairy beam, Mega Charizard forcibly sideways, and then looked at the huge beam of light with a small, narrow pupil with a heavy breath.

    To say that it is a light beam, it is better to use a light column to describe a more vivid image.

    worthless scum

    Terrance's heart, looking to the battlefield.

    Is Mega Altaria's big trick so easy to escape?

    It does not ask for Flying skills from Beautifly! !

    Just as Mega Charizard escaped from the Mega Altaria side of the thrilling room, the light column of the body of Mega Altaria was like a refraction Normal and suddenly bounced! !

    faster! !

    The power is stronger! !

    At that moment, Ash almost broke his mouth. He was familiar with this trick. He also personally taught his Pokémon.

    Aerial Ace !

    However, this Aerial Ace is different from the Aerial Ace that he knows. It seems that it is just a kind of Flying skill, which is used as a Flying technique, and is applied to its own attack, forcibly transformed into a more subtle flying trajectory!

    perfectSeeing the text-style turn of Mega Altaria, Akkon spoke.


    "Charizard, get away!!"

    Seeing this scene, Allen's face suddenly panicked, but Mega Altaria turned too fast and was not expected by them. It was too late to avoid.

    Giga Impact The powerful force, can even coordinate the body to do that kind of skill? !

    And it’s incredible.Clemont once again made his own standard action glasses and concealed his surprise.

    In the battle screen, the Mega Altaria was wrapped in Fairy Energy, and the body was transformed into the impact of the Fairy Beam Normal.

    The light column directly hit the horror of Mega Charizard, creating a shocking explosion in the air, and then the Fairy beam quickly passed through the explosion!

    In the thick fog, Black's body slowly fell, slamming Tackle to Ground, and the other side, Mega Altaria's wrapped Fairy energy collapsed, using this trick, it also felt weak, need to ease the rest.

    However, the strongest attack made by Totem Mega Altaria paid Mega Charizard an unimaginable injury!

    "Charizard !!!"

    Looking at his Pokémon, Allen panicked.

    The next moment, he felt that the power of the Mega Evolution began to dissipate, and Mega Charizard immediately quit the Mega Evolution Contest Condition and changed back to the original appearance.

    “Charizard lost the ability to fight, so the winner is Terrance –” Clemont felt incredible, and the battle between the Mega Evolution was such a one-sided situation?

    After the Mega Evolution, it was only a turn! !

    “Although Assist has the power of the Mega Evolution, there is still a gap from the top Trainer.”Terrance actually admired Allen. He felt the strong belief of Allen as Trainer, but it was not enough.

    In the face of reality, in the face of insurmountable strength, the reasons for winning must not be enough.

    "Altaria, you are doing very well."Take out Poké Ball and take back Altaria. Terrance goes to Allen and reaches out.

    "A very exciting match."

    Thanks……XieAllen was slightly lost, and after the famous chef Siebold, he lost again, but he lost after his strength increased, which made him somewhat reluctant.


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