Pokemon Court Chapter 652

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 652th chapter of Terrance's suggestion, floating astronomy
    At the end of the game, Allen went to Charizard to the Elf Center, and Terrance declined Ash's invitation.

    “No, Altaria's consumption can be recovered with Roost and fruit.”

    Terrance shook his head slightly and didn't go to the Elf Center with Allen. Although he had temporary citizenship, he didn't have the Trainer status and couldn't enjoy the treatment of the Elf Center.

    "So?"Ash looked at the landing of Altaria, only to see its feathers illuminate the faint light, followed by the radiance of the whole body, gently nourished its damage.

    "Allen he…"

    Clemont came over. "It seems like something is going on."

    "En."Terrance nodded. "He should be carrying something heavy."

    Through a battle with Allen, Terrance discovered that the Trainer called Allen should be a storyteller, and the usual Trainer's beliefs are less intense.

    It was for this reason that Terrance made a decision: "Akkon, clean up, we are gone."

    Let's goAkkon wondered: "Do you have to fight against Allen without floating bubbles?"

    "Yes, is there still a fight?"Ash is awkward, he is still looking forward to it.

    Terrance shook his head: "Suddenly remembered an important thing, as for the battle with Allen, wait for the next encounter."

    Looking at Soaring in the sky, Terrance turned to Ash: "Trouble you and Allen."

    Allen, who had just experienced a failure, was obviously unsteady, and Terrance didn't want to compete with Allen, who is such a Contest Condition.

    At least, the battle must wait until the other person's mood calms down before they can proceed.

    Well, okay then.Ash Road.

    After making a decision, Terrance and Akkon were going on the road, but just about to leave, Terrance suddenly remembered Ash's Greninja.

    "Right, Ash, your Greninja…"Terrance stopped and said: "Let's try to learn about Extrasensory moves. I remember that Greninja shouldn't be hard to learn."

    "Although you can't adapt Greninja to the Contest Condition, there are a lot of ways to use Psychic. As for what to do, try it yourself."


    "Well, come on."Terrance turned and walked out of the forest, raising his arms and waving his hand, leaving a back to Ash.

    Akkon is next to Terrance, and since Terrance has decided to leave, he has no other ideas.

    Out of the forest, Akkon wondered: "Why let Ash's Greninja learn Extrasensory?"

    "Obviously."Terrance smiled. "The Consent Condition of Ash's Greninja is similar to the Mega Evolution. The effect should be stronger than the Mega Evolution, but its Greninja Breeder takes too little time to control the power."

    "The Greninja has just evolved. In the hands of Ash, Breeder has not been more than half a year. The newly evolved elves with less than half a year of Breeder have gained the combat power of the Elite level. How can it be so easy to control?"

    "So, you need Extrasensory to neutralize…"Akkon suddenly realized.

    “Correct.”Terrance nodded. "Greninja's unique skill is to use the shuriken made of compressed water. If the compressed water sword is flying out of the Rapid Spin, even the metal can be in two halves. ”

    “Greninja skills to get more strength are not enough to manipulate the more compressed water shurikens, but if you can use Extrasensory to coordinate the internal structure of the water shuriken, don’t say anything else, just rely on a perfect water shuriken It is enough to make that Greninja play a strong strength."

    Terrance's suggestion was a temporary rally, and although Assist had an external force, Ash's Greninja really gave him a stunning feeling.

    If you remind me of two sentences, you can make Ash take less detours, then Terrance is still happy to do it.

    "Where are we going?"Asked Akkon.

    "Along the way, then go to this place."

    Terrance took out the map and pointed to a position.

    This…Is the latest discovered relic? ? ”

    Akkon was surprised.

    “Well, the legend is related to the mythology of Kalos…”

    "No, or, its existence confirms the authenticity of that myth."

    Terrance's eyes burned, and he came along the way, in the same direction as the mountain where the remains were.

    Xerneas, Yveltal, Zygarde The legendary elves of the three Kalos Regions are also known for this myth.

    After playing against Allen and separating from Ash, Terrance and Akkon went straight to the peak of Kalos, approaching Soaring in the sky.

    Linyin Town is a small town under the mountain range.

    When Terrance and Akkon came here, Terrance suddenly stopped.


    Terrance came to an empty place to throw the Poké Ball of Mismasius, and the gloomy body of Mismagius immediately appeared in front of him and Akkon.

    "Is that force completely digested?"

    Feeling the movement of Mismagius, Terrance immediately released it and surprised him.

    "It’s only two or three days, my reasoning is correct."Akkon is proud of it.

    “Whe~~~” Mismagius nodded and answered Ternce.

    "True."Terrance smiled a little, so that the overall quality of Mismagius was enough to rank second in the Pokémon he owned.

    Being able to digest the fear energy all the time, Mismagius certainly took a lot of thoughts, and didn't have a moment of idle effort.

    "Verify the data!!"Akkon opens.

    From the outside, Mismagius hasn't changed much at all, but Akkon and Terrance know that the strength of Mismagius will undergo a certain degree of qualitative change after thoroughly digesting that energy.

    This kind of qualitative change will definitely bring a lot of strength to Mismagius.

    "Alright, but before that, let's solve the trouble at hand."Terrance raised his ears and heard some lively movements.


    Sure enough, the next moment from the forest, two Reporter-like men and women ran out.

    The two men panicked and the running posture was extremely embarrassing. Behind them, a group of Beedrill was carrying the Twineedle chasing.

    "Mismagius, give them a color…Oh, no, it smells good. ”Terrance opening.

    Mismagius heard the order, nodded, floated to a higher place and picked up the mantra.

    After hearing the mantra, the Beedrill's face was brushed and changed, and the eyes almost came out, and even the tentacles began to twitch.

    They have encountered something extremely horrible, like being unable to breathe Normal, turning wildly in place, seemingly experiencing something that is unbearable.

    Oh, la la la.

    In a short while, only one Beedrill fled, and did not want to stay in this place for a second. The gaze when he fled was even more unbearable.

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