Pokemon Court Chapter 653

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of Chapter 653 Celebi wakes up, floating astronomy
    "Haha, let's see, the odor effect simulated by Mismagius is already estimated to be confusing."

    Terrance laughed, and this was because Mismagius didn't make the best effort. If it was true, the group of Beedrill would even be stunned on the spot.

    "Is olfactory illusion?"Akkon was surprised.

    "I don't want to give it a try."

    "This is even…"

    When Terrance talked to Akkon, the two Reporters seemed to have noticed the situation behind them. They also saw the two saviors and quickly rushed to the side.

    "Thank you very much, we are the Reporter of TV Station, this time, if you don't have your help, we may have to be chased for a long time…"

    Male Reporter squats forward.

    "It doesn't matter, it's just a little effort."Terrance said, "Try to ask, are you here for the girl stone statue above?"

    "Oh ?" Are you also? ”

    Female Reporter was surprised to say: "But the passage is still banned now, except for the investigation team, all unrelated people are not allowed to enter…"

    When you heard the two words, Terrance and Akkon face each other and are not allowed to enter.

    Then they are not white.

    The two Reporter people who wanted to express their gratitude were rejected, and Terrance and Akkon started climbing in another direction.

    "Don't you let it go?"Akkon Road.

    "We will not go in, but it does not prevent us from examining the remains."

    Terrance gestured, and Akkon followed Lannce's gaze and realized.

    "You intend to let Mismagius sneak in to observe the remains and then construct a fantasy?"

    Shaking his head, Terrance said: "And Rotom Pokédex, let it go with Mismagius."

    "It's camera and video functions come in handy, with Mismagius working with it, no one should be able to find them both."

    At this point, Terrance was quite confident about the illusion of Mimasagius's illusion, and it would not be difficult to hinder the sight of others and Pokémon.

    He and Akkon, two oversized humans, did not slip in, letting Mismagius and Rotom Pokédex go alone, and the probability of being discovered was less than 1%.

    "This kind of acting style…"Akkon frowned. "How do you feel that you are quite skilled?"

    “What else did you let Mismagius and Rotom Pokédex do for you?”

    Terrance brows, "Don't guess."

    The two stayed halfway up the hill, Terrance sent Mismagius and Rotom Pokédex alone, and he and Akkon were waiting here.

    During this time, Terrance took out the book that recorded the mythical story of Kalos and revisited it.

    Legend has it that the destruction of the elf Yveltal raged in ancient times and absorbed countless life energies. A man named Qiang’s lover was petrified by the power of Yveltal in the process.

    The girl stone statue is said to have been discovered, right at the top of the mountain where Soaring in the sky.

    The man named Qiangen did not give up his lover. He set foot on the journey to find the life elf Xerneas corresponding to Yveltal. During his journey, he experienced many things, including the human malice against Xerneas, the present of the Kalos patron Zygarde. And so on.

    Finally, I saw the strongness of Xerneas saying his request, but Xerneas, who saw human greed, directly rejected the request and disappeared in front of Qiang En.

    In the next few decades, the disheartened strong grace returned to the side of the lover's stone statue, and used his own efforts to plant the greenery of the land that was absorbed by Yveltal. It took him decades. I got the approval of Xerneas, but the ending of the story…

    Xerneas still has no chance to restore Ella's petrochemicals.

    "If this bleak story is true…"Terrance looked up at the top of the mountain, which was too sad.

    "The legend Xerneas has the ability to give life. I don't know if I can find its hiding place in the traces of this ruin. But as far as this myth is concerned, it is undoubtedly difficult to ask Xerneas to save Baicheng."

    Terrance sinks his heart. He has already remembered the address of this ruin. If he can return to that time and space, he will come and see for himself.

    After half an hour, Rotom Pokédex and Mismagius returned unharmed, the tasks left by Terrance were easy to complete, and Rotom Pokédex successfully shot every part of the ruins.

    "Go down the mountain first."Terrance to Akkon.

    The two succeeded and did not plan to stay here for a long time. Terrance called the Gallade and let it send two people down the mountain with Teleport.

    "When you go up the mountain, you don't call Gallade. When you leave, you use Teleport. Are you doing something bad with Mismagius?!"

    After going down the mountain, Akkon wondered.

    "Where is there…"Terrance waved his hand, not so filthy.

    He was just a whim to want Gallade to come out.



    "Xerneas usually rests in the form of trees. I don't know the relics."

    "Like a rainbow like a forest? Is this not the original words in mythology? ”

    After Terrance and Akkon were temporarily looking for a place to settle down, Terrance and Rotom Pokédex exchanged things inside the relics.

    "The mythical story is also recorded in this ruin. Rotto!! And it seems to be the most Primal version! ! ”

    Rotom Pokédex said: "In addition, you can see the picture of this girl stone statue. It is definitely not like carving. I have restored it and found that the probability of being a petrified person has reached more than 50%!!"

    "En."Terrance touched his chin, but these are not valuable information.

    Later, Terrance and Rotom Pokédex sighed, and the value of this ruin seemed to confirm the authenticity of that beautiful myth.

    "court……court……Terrance ! ! ”

    Suddenly, Akkon’s exaggerated shouts came from outside the room, and Terrance immediately got up.

    "Celebi seems to wake up!!"

    When he heard Akkon, Terrance quickly went out and saw the backpack shrouded in light.

    The two carefully took out the leaf and watched it flashing with glare, a surprise.

    Under the illuminating light, this temporarily rented room is like a layer of light, warm and comfortable.

    The vegetation on the window sill is directly illuminated by the light, and it is full of vitality.

    After a minute.

    The leaves slowly change, a white light is drilled from it, and then…The white cockroach collapsed and the green figure once again appeared in front of Terrance and Akkon.

    The god of the forest with its eyes closed, like Celebi, the sleeping baby, wakes up.


    As Celebi wakes up from sleep, it gradually regains consciousness and opens his curiosity to look at the Terrance.

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