Pokemon Court Chapter 654

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the main body of Chapter 654, another Terrance (fifth), floating astronomy
    Anistar City.

    Terrance didn't expect Celebi to wake up in less than half a month.

    Celebi wakes up and marks that he and Akkon are about to leave this time and space.

    "It seems to be a word, can't watch Ash's Kalos Alliance game…"

    Back to Anistar City, Terrance, Akkon and Teressi Shah made a final farewell.

    Celebi, who wakes up, knows what to do next, and has not forgotten the agreement with Terrance.

    "This child…"Teressi Sha looked at Celebi and was in a complicated mood. Because of Celebi, she experienced too many things. Now I think of it, some fragments are still deeply printed on her mind.

    "Go back, you should have no news in that time and space for a month, don't worry about those who care about you."

    Teressi Shah's Teacher looks at Terrance, the child he has witnessed growing up, and has grown into a one-of-a-kind Trainer.

    There is no regret that Terrance and Akkon have witnessed her existence.

    "Teressi Sha Teacher…"Terrance and Akkon have experienced a lot of separation, and this time, perhaps the separation between life and death is not much different.

    After they go back, they may never see each other again.

    "Do not worry about me."Teressi Shake shook his head with a smile.

    Terrance and Akkon look complex.

    Going to the Annapur Mountains is the last journey before leaving this time and space.



    Future time and space, two months later.

    Kanto Region, Cerulean City.

    In a restaurant called Water Charm, a young man with a brown-haired uniform is smiling and recommending drinks to his guests. The professional smile has been fixed on the face of the young man and has become his signature face. In fact, this is very A friendly smile also brought a lot of convenience to his work.

    His name is Terrance, 19, and is a Waiter in a restaurant in Cerulean City.

    Today, he entertained a special guest. From the perspective of hair color and dress, this woman should not be a local.

    The brown hair twisted behind the head, the emerald green eyes are very Attract, the woman is wearing a dress with golden embroidery and blue broken glass pattern, and the white pantyhose on the leg outlines her outstanding The figure, slowly entering the restaurant, the silver ring worn by the female's neck with a black thread shook slightly, and her white skin color reflected.

    "Welcome."Terrance stepped forward and received the beautiful guest.

    Teressi Sha saw the Waiter welcoming and smiled slightly. Compared to Terrance in that time, the 'Terrance' is quite mature.

    Due to the different experiences, the temperament of the two is different.

    In front of me, this gentle, like most senior Waiter, is their standard work attitude, and the Terrance that has returned to his time and space, because of the early experience of various encounters and challenges, behind the gentle, still hidden That dazzling edge.

    "You are Terrance?"Teressi Shah asked, looking at the other person's horrified face, a burst of funny.

    The two trajectories of Terrance have different trajectories. Teressi Sha feels that it is her responsibility. Although she has been delayed for some time, she came to the Kanto Region to find the only one she knows but her identity. The person who has changed dramatically, Terrance.

    "I am, are you…"Looking at the pretty woman who looked at herself, "Terrance" suddenly blushes.

    "You…Interested in becoming a Trainer? ”



    Kalos Region.

    It has been a week since the "Terrance" joined the Stuart researcher's ecological research team.

    Teressi Shah invited "Terrance" to join the ecological research team on the grounds of his family and Terrance's father, making him an assistant.

    This is the date of the Kalos Region Lumiose Conference.

    Teressi Sha and Terrance came to Lumiose City as an audience and planned to watch the Lumiose Conference.

    “Lumiose Conference is a large-scale event in which the Kalos Region has collected eight Badge Trainers, similar to the Indigo Plateau Conference in Kanto Region.”

    Sitting in the auditorium with Terrance, Teressi Sha introduced them to each other.

    “Want to be a good Trainer, the Alliance Conference is a step that must be experienced.”

    "After watching this event with your own eyes, maybe you will be interested in Trainer."

    Teressi Shaw smiled, and compared to Waiter's social identity, she decided to compensate herself for the fault and give Terrance a chance in this time and space.

    Even if you can't get to the point of the main owner, you won't stay in a restaurant for a lifetime.

    "Trainer…"Terrance is excited, and as an orphan, where did he get in touch?

    In the audience, listening to the passionate words of Host, Terrance couldn't help but look forward to it.

    Kalos Alliance Lumiose Conference First battle!

    Mega Charizard X vs Mega Charizard Y!

    "The Trainer called Allen is so strong!!"Terrance was amazed by the opening. As the two Charizard Mega Evolution were different, Black's Mega Charizard X showed unrivaled strength and pushed the game to an extremely hot level! !

    "The elf named Greninja is also strong, his Trainer Ash…It seems to be from the same Region as me. ”

    "What is the change in Greninja? Is it Mega Evolution? ”

    First battle, second battle, third battle…

    Once and for all, it was seen by "Terrance". The first time Terrance, who was sitting at the Alliance Conference and watching the Trainer, was gradually attracted by this feeling. After watching the match of one excellent Trainer, he was curious and many questions were He asked.

    And Teressi Sha, slowly explained to him, so that the battle came to an end.

    Allen vsAsh!

    Even if "Terrance" doesn't understand Trainer, it is clear from the previous game that these two players are the most powerful players! !

    The Kalos Alliance's summit, Allen vsAsh, Terrance looked forward with great expectations.

    With Ash's first elf, familiar to Terrance, and Pikachu, who was not a rare place in Kanto, the situation slammed.

    First defeated Allen's Bangui, and then defeated the noble Metagross, Ash's Pikachu showed a tough battle!

    “This Pikachu Breeder is quite perfect…”Teressi Sha surprised to explain to Terrance.

    But then, after Ash recalled the physically weak Pikachu, he experienced several rounds of other elves, and the battle situation was slowly reversed by Allen.

    "It's almost over, Ash has Pikachu and Greninja left, Allen has his Charizard left…"Terrance looks at the screen and is nervous. At this critical time, even if you don't understand anything, you can feel a trembling atmosphere!

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