Pokemon Court Chapter 655

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 655th chapter Ash summit Kalos (sixth more), floating astronomy
    The final battle.

    Pikachu was once again sent by Ash to face Allen's tyrannical Mega Charizard.

    Physical strength has already consumed a great Pikachu, and with the attack of Mega Charizard, the Contest Condition is no longer enough to face Allen's Trump Card.

    "It’s dangerous to go down this Pikachu and it should be a match between Greninja and Mega Charizard."

    Watching the situation, Teressi Sha continued to explain to Terrance.

    As Pikachu was knocked down by Charizard and Flamethrower, it became dark, not just Teressi Sha, and many viewers thought that Pikachu was no longer working.

    "Continuously fighting three powerful elves, this Pikachu is already very powerful."

    Just when everyone was judged, Ash’s shouts were almost resounding in people’s hearts.

    "Pikachu !!"

    "We have to fight to the last moment!! Never give up

    In the shout of Ash, Pikachu dragged the body full of burns and slowly stood up again! !

    Pikachu's gaze, Smelling Salts, even with a fatal injury, still braced the body with a touch of physical strength.

    Strong willpower, shocking!

    "Pikachu, make the greatest power of Thunderbolt!!"

    Ash's big hand waved, and his mind quickly emerged from Terrance's teachings. Under this Contest Condition, using Reversal tricks, he and Pikachu can burst out the most powerful combat power! !

    He has been waiting for this moment for a long time, and he and Pikachu's pressure box cards have not been used yet! !

    The dazzling thunder instantly condenses, like a thundering Normal shock, seeing this scene, Kalos champion Diantha looks surprised, Ash's Pikachu…This shocking power…It was not shown at the time when Ash and her played against each other! !

    Pikachu, Thunderbolt! !

    Ash burned the command of the blood, this Thunderbolt, the scope of the attack, spread all over the venue, the power is strong, almost let the Ground gravel.

    In the face of this horrible blow, Mega Charizard and Allen looked dignified and fell into the biggest crisis.

    "Charizard !!"

    The ruthless Thunder bombarded Mega Charizard, the smoke condensed throughout the field, and as the smoke dissipated, Mega Charizard was half-squatting, and although perseverance supported it, anyone could see that it was full of scars. body of.

    The most powerful blow of Pikachu, naturally, will also exhaust the last physical strength, ending his battle with a dazzling attitude.

    "You are doing very well, Pikachu."Looking at Pikachu, Ash is very excited. "Tell it to Greninja."

    Pikachu's blow to reverse the situation is not only to let the audience, even the Kalos champion Diantha was shocked by the shackles between Ash and Pikachu.

    "If Allen didn't give enough attention and didn't directly let the Charizard Mega Evolution come out, it might have been a fiasco in this hit."Diantha was shocked.

    "This…"On the other side, Teressi Sha did not know what he said, and his judgment was wrong.

    “Is this Trainer?!!”Unlike the Teressi Sha, "Terrance", he looked at the embarrassment between Ash and Pikachu, and was suddenly infected by their persistence, admiring the opening.

    "Yes, this is the Trainer!"Teressi Shah heard the words of Terrance and nodded hard.

    Mega Charizard full of scars, and Greninja with the Contest Condition.

    Audiences……The final result has been expected.

    With Greninja coming out, Ash enters the Contest Condition directly with Greninja, and Greninja shows a powerful posture like the Mega Evolution! !

    "Allen, can say well in advance, no matter who loses who wins, there can be no complaints."Ash opening.

    "Alright!"Allen's original dignified expression, after hearing Ash's words, gradually calmed down and smiled.

    After the battle with Terrance, his mentality gradually adjusted, this time against Ash, he is enjoying, enjoying the fun of the game.

    "I am very happy to play against you."Allen spoke, "So, please do your best to fight me!"

    I think so too.Ash solemnly said.

    On the field, Mega Charizard screamed and revived, and Greninja was very beautiful.

    "Allen, this is the move I made with Greninja to fight against you, let me have a look!!"Ash suddenly shouted.

    As he shouted, a water sword that was bigger than Greninja's body was condensed out! !

    The extremely compressed water flow is now undergoing a qualitative change, and even a golden glow! !

    "Greninja, water sword!!"Ash issues the order.

    This trick is the strongest move his Greninja can use, but Greninja has been unable to control this extremely compressed water before!

    However, as Ash realized that Terrance had Greninja master the meaning of Extrasensory, he carefully tried it and finally, let Greninja finally use Psychic to coordinate the compressed water to create the perfect golden water sword! !

    Looking at this blow with terrorism, Allen changed his face, "Charizard, the explosion burned!!"

    He didn't have time to think about it and felt the enormous pressure he faced, directly making Mega Charizard the strongest trick.

    "Hey!!"Mega Charizard condensed the flames to the ground, and the horrible flames eroded the earth and continued to ascend toward Greninja.

    On the other hand, Greninja also threw out the golden shuriken and dazzled it until Mega Charizard! !

    Both parties Can not be spared to bear the huge horror blow of the other side! !

    The powerful aftermath almost swept the entire venue and shocked all the audience.

    People's hearts are lifted, and they want to see the final winner through the smoke.

    Who Wins?

    As the situation of the two Pokémons finally appeared in people's sights, with a moment of silence, there was a warm cheer on the instantaneous venue.

    Charizard was unable to return to the sky under the amazing golden shuriken, crashing to the ground, and hard-fired Greninja, because it did not consume any physical strength, now stands like a lonely king Normal, and announced Ash in his own appearance. Victory! !

    "He won."

    "The Kanto Trainer named Ash won."Terrance looked at the venue and was very happy.

    "Do you know Trainer now?"Teressi asked with a smile.

    "Yeah, it's an admirable career."Terrance unexpectedly opened.



    And two months ago, Alliance 214 years, Kalos Region, Annapurg Mountains.

    Terrance and Akkon, who were sent back to Primal by Celebi, looked at the surrounding environment.

    Terrance, who had just returned to his time and space, did not know that his teaching of Ash changed the history of the Kalos Alliance.

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