Pokemon Court Chapter 656

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 656th chapter visited Anistar Gym, floating astronomy
    "We have to change the perception that the backstop could be a trap from which the UK could not escape," May told EU leaders, according to Downing Street.I'm coming back

    Looking at the familiar environment around, although I can't feel much change, the feeling of dizziness in my mind makes both Terrance and Akkon realize that under the influence of Celebi's shuttle time and space, they may have returned to their own. Time and space.

    "Rotom Pokédex !"

    Terrance licked his sore body and called Rotom Pokédex.

    "Received, Rotto!!"

    When Rotom Pokédex hears Terrance's call, he knows what his Trainer is going to do with it, only to see it connect quickly to the network.

    “The query is completed, now the time is 214 years of Alliance, which is one month after we shuttled time and space.”

    "It's finally back, but what about Celebi?!"Akkon stood up and looked around, then did not understand the opening.

    "Celebi ……"

    Terrance looked around and after sending them back, Celebi disappeared.

    "Forget it, the Pokémon that holds the incredible power is not what our Trainer can do."

    “We are very fortunate to be able to experience a journey through time and space with it, and let it go to the life it should have.”

    As he packed his backpack, Terrance sighed slightly.

    “Teressi Shaheerer guesses that Celebi will be born by nature every long time, and Celebi, who grows up to master the power of time and space, will invest in time to maintain the stability of time and space…”Akkon said: "This Celebi, will it be just born."

    Who knows?Terrance laughed.

    The two did not speak, only after ten minutes, the two people who planned to go down the mountain heard shouts.

    After returning to this time and space, Terrance sent Rotom Pokédex his message and passed it on to some acquaintances.

    After missing for a month, I am sure that many people are worried about themselves.

    "Terrance, Akkon!!"

    A few people who ran from the forest far away, the police who had been on duty in the Annapur Mountains and the Teachers of the Tianguan Academy had been getting the news for the first time.

    "Aisa Teacher ……"

    When I saw people coming, Terrance and Akkon were relieved, and the two men who had been missing for a long time, after returning to their own time and space, felt relaxed and relaxed, quite a feeling of going home.


    Kalos Region, Lumiose City.

    For his own experience, Terrance and Akkon did not reveal much. Terrance met with the Stuart researchers of this time and space, and the other side had more to know about Teressi Sha Teacher than Terrance imagined.

    "That is to say that there is a Teressi Sha Teacher in this time and space that is not much older than myself?"Terrance smiles.

    After returning to the human city, Terrance reported a peace to his acquaintances.

    Of course, Terrance gets different attitudes.

    Worried, curious, and even blaming him.

    The return of Terrance and Akkon was a perfect solution. Akkon was taken back to Kanto by his father, and the two teachers left by Tianguan College returned to Sinnoh.

    As for Terrance, I temporarily gave up the idea of returning to Hoenn.

    In the time and space four years later, he asked Rotom Pokédex to record a lot of information, and even the information that has not been discovered and confirmed during this time period.

    These things are the most precious things that Terrance got on this trip.

    "Including some undetected moves, Ability, and the system summary of Fairy's elves and tricks. These are the results of the research that many researchers have worked hard. Now I get it in advance and I can get my knowledge to lead this. The time period is one step."

    Terrance didn't take this knowledge into his own thoughts. First, the kind of behavior was not his acting style. Second, the time period of this information may not have been studied, perhaps just like the Mega Evolution, but it has not been announced yet.

    If you are greedy, the next moment may be the face of a group of researchers who have used the complete data from years of sophisticated research.

    "Before returning to Hoenn, I need to do one thing now."

    Terrance looked at him. He had two reasons to do this. He wanted to visit Olympia and ask him something.


    The next day, Terrance traveled from Lumiose City to Anistar City and visited Anistar Gym.

    After Terrance reported his identity as Lord of the Hoenn Region Fallabor Gym, the Anistar Gym apprentice led Terrance into the pavilion with the consent of Olympia.

    "Please come in, now Olympia is teaching apprentices."After a few turns, the Taoist apprentice pushed a door and led Terrance into it.

    It was just an ordinary room. There was a strange pattern in the center of the room. The terrified Terrance walked slowly, but when he stepped on the carpet, with the sound of “嗡~~~”, all the space around it. As if Broken Normal, Terrance was shocked by the changes that occurred in front of him even if he was psychologically prepared.

    The original ordinary room, after he stepped on the carpet, was like being in the innocent cosmic starry sky, surrounded by stars, many Taoist apprentices filled with magical white light, flying with their elves in the air, Calm Mind.

    "This is–" Terrance was speechless and was frightened by the situation of Anistar Gym. It was also a pavilion. Why is your pavilion so good?

    Compared to Anistar Gym, his Fallabor Gym is really different from the countryside.

    “Do these apprentices have Psychic and Calm Mind laws?!”Terrance was surprised to see the apprentices floating in the air, but he quickly dismissed the idea, "No…They can fly in the air, relying on their own Pokémon Confusion moves, not their own Psychic! ”

    Perceived the expression and movements of Pokémon in the air, Terrance breathed a sigh of relief. If every Taoist apprentice can use Psychic Flying, it is too exaggerated.

    To know that even if he is superb, the practice of the Calm Mind method is not to say that it is flying, and even easy control can not be done.

    "Olympia, Mr. Terrance is here."The Taoist apprentices walked toward a high-level position, and the esteemed outlets reported.

    Then, the fascinating light flashed, two Meowstic and a woman with a purple singular hairstyle wearing a robes like the normal color of the stars floated in Soaring in the sky, and the eyes of the other Pearls seemed to contain everything, leaving neither Terrance nor I am consciously caught in it.

    Running from the Calm Mind method, Terrance quickly broke free from the attraction of the other party.

    “Welcome to Anista Gym, I am the owner of the Anistar Gym, Olympia.”

    "Where are you coming from afar, I wonder if you are going to come here for the purpose?"

    Terrance took the previous step: "Mrs. Olympia, I want to ask you some questions, I don't know if I can take a step."

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