Pokemon Court Chapter 657

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the chapter 657 Xerneas trace, floating astronomy
    Anistar Gym, in a no-man's way, Olympia walked in front of Terrance and slowly said: "Guests come from afar, should it be the power of prophecy to want Assist?"

    "Ms. Ge Huahua is really powerful."Terrance followed the other side and smiled.

    “This time I want to ask Ms. Olympia to help me find a Pokémon location.”

    "Of course, in exchange, what are you asking for?"

    Olympia is silent, she often receives similar requests for her prophecy, but she basically won't take care of the Normal.

    "In the past or in the future, the growth trajectory of the youngsters in front of them is blurred, and it is the first time that this has happened."

    Before Terrance arrived, Olympia had already found out the full identity of Terrance.

    Hoenn owner, Top Coordinator, senior Breeder, international researcher, and the young Terrance have many titles, which are extraordinary potential.

    Such people, even Olympia, hope to make a good deal, and they may ask for the other side in the future.

    "Speak your question."

    "Xerneas, I want to know the life of Pokémon, where Xerneas is!!"Terrance opening.

    Olympia shook his head and said: "The location of the legendary Pokémon is not so easy to find. Even if I use astrology to find it, I can't find a clear position."

    "Only the approximate location is OK."Terrance is not dying.

    Looking at the serious Terrance, Olympia looked up and wanted to see through his heart.

    "This person is not a person with an evil heart."

    After a long time, Olympia led Terrance into a separate room.

    The room was empty, but in the middle of the room, there was a huge crystal ball.

    "So in exchange, in the near future, you need to help you with something that doesn't go against your heart."Olympia put his hands on the crystal ball and waited for the other person's answer.

    "Well, as long as it is not against my principles, I will do my best to help."Terrance opening.

    When the words fell, Olympia closed her eyes, and the light of Confusion lingered, the crystal ball under her hands, and the dazzling Lucas.

    In the next moment, the whole room seemed to be covered with stars, and it became a vast and innocent universe. It was mysterious and distant.

    "With the ability to stand up, I can only help you determine the approximate position…"Olympia frowned.

    Although Lock On has the location of Xerneas, she is very stunned by this guide.

    "According to the guidance of the stars, Xerneas is accompanied by mythology, guarding the girl stone statue…"

    It was impossible to judge the prophecy of the place and let Olympia show a blank expression.

    Obviously, based on these broken pictures, she couldn't judge the position of Xerneas at all, and even the approximate position could not be judged.

    However, Terrance who heard this was a glimpse.

    “Thank you, Ms. Olympia.”

    "If there is a need, I will fulfill my promise."

    Girl stone statue?

    Terrance's heart rushed, and if Xerneas was next to the girl stone statue, wasn't he on the mountain near Soaring in the sky?

    The ruins that have not been discovered in the present time and space, it is said that there is a girl stone statue. The existence of this ruin confirms the authenticity of the myth of Kalos. It seems that "it is accompanied by mythology, guarding the place where the girl stone statue" The words are instantly clear.

    After bidding farewell to Anistar Gym, Terrance did not say that riding Altaria to the mountain range.

    If Xerneas is there…

    Then his doubts can be answered.

    When Terrance taught Ash's Pikachu four years later, Terrance and Ash and his group spoke freely and shared the interesting things they encountered while traveling.

    Terrance heard an experience from Ash.

    This experience begins with a Carbink mutant elf "Diancie".

    Diancie is the princess of the diamond mining country. Because the huge diamonds that exist in the diamond mining country – the holy diamonds are on the verge of disappearing, it is necessary to make a new holy diamond by Diancie, but Diancie is not strong enough, after the people's point of mention, it and its The serviceman embarked on a journey to find the Legendary Pokémon Xerneas.

    The point that the tribe gave it was that Xerneas had a mysterious Fairy Aura, a gas field that could help the Fairy Type's Diancie gain more power.

    The Ash team happened to meet the Diancie princess and embarked on a journey to find Xerneas. The final result was also very satisfactory. Under the help of Xerneas, Diancie succeeded in mastering the power and even achieved the autonomous Mega Evolution!

    "Ash, any legendary Pokémon is not strange to him, but…Autonomous Mega Evolution…"

    "And Fairy Aura…"

    Terrance was excited, and in that time, he also got a speculation about the Mega Evolution.

    The person who made this speculation is the Bratano Professor, who believes that the life energy of Xerneas or Yveltal spread throughout the Kalos Region at a certain time, a long time ago, which led to the formation of Mega Stone.

    The so-called Mega Evolution is the change caused by the energy radiation of the two elves Xerneas or Yveltal!

    "Blatano Professor is really a ghost. Combined with the magical experience of Ash, this inference is not necessarily wrong…"

    At the same time, during the senior Breeder family assessment, Terrance also got a corollary in the process of exploring with many international researchers.

    The Z power system, including the Z moves and the Totem gas field, is likely to be related to the "Lucas" Necrozma, which is the product of the other party's energy radiation.

    "Mega Evolution system, Z power system, these two systems that can greatly increase the strength of Trainer, if all the changes caused by the legendary Pokémon energy radiation, how strong is the legendary Pokémon bursting out all the power? ”Terrance is awe.

    Mega Evolution, that is the system that can make a huge increase to the Trainer and the Alliance champion.

    If this power is only the legendary Pokémon energy radiation product, how big is the gap between the champion and the top legendary Pokémon?

    One reason why Terrance wanted to find Xerneas was because of Altaria.

    After the Mega Evolution, Altaria's Totem gas field combined with the new power Fairy skin produced the "Fairy Aura", which was very similar to the Xerneas Fairy Aura in the experience described in Ash's mouth, which made Terrance's desire to explore infinite.

    If you can see Xerneas, maybe this question will be answered.

    And the inference of the Bratano Professor may be confirmed.

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