Pokemon Court Chapter 658

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 658th destroyed Mega Ring, floating astronomy


    When Terrance and Altaria came down and walked across the grass on the Ground, the mysterious ancient remains appeared in front of them.

    The broken ruins in front of the trees are between the green trees, giving people a sense of vitality when they reveal the ancient meaning.

    Crossing the gravel and walking outside the ruins, Terrance and Altaria and Rotom Pokédex face each other. The remains are not yet discovered, but the appearance is not much different from those on the pictures taken by Rotom Pokédex.

    "Rotom Pokédex, take me to the girl stone statue first."

    Terrance suddenly became nervous, and he hoped that Xerneas really existed here!

    Following the guidance of Rotom Pokédex, Terrance came to a cave.

    As the remains have not yet been discovered, the caves are dark and far from being as bright as Rotom Pokédex.

    “Rotom Pokédex, turn on the lighting.”

    "Little things a Rotto ~"

    With the illumination of Rotom Pokédex, it is very easy for Terrance to enter the cave.

    After a few minutes of walking, Terrance slowly walked out of the cave.

    At the end of the cave is an open-air zone, where the same plants are born, along the location of the cave, there is a passage that points to the circular Region surrounded by the lake.


    In the center of the circular Region, a stone statue of a girl standing on one foot and standing in the hand, stood there, but this is not the reason why Terrance was shocked.

    The girl stone statue, he has seen it from the photos taken by Rotom Pokédex.

    He was shocked by the appearance of a deer-like, blue and black Pokémon lying in front of the girl stone statue!

    "Xerneas!"Terrance broke out.

    It really is here, Ms. Olympia's prediction is completely correct.

    As Terrance arrived, Xerneas slowly stood up, the rest of the body was Black, with a blue stripe on the spine and a small, fluffy Black tail at the end of the blue stripe. Its limbs are like hooves with long hooks pointed at the tip, and the main "edge" is beige like the corner;

    Looking at the corner of Xerneas, Terrance has never seen such a beautiful part, the eight branches of the branches stick out, each with two branches at the end and four colors of orange, red, purple and blue. The protrusions are entangled, and the left and right colors are opposite, just like the artwork Normal.

    "Xerneas, I have something to do with you!"Terrance saw Xerneas suddenly turning around and seemed to leave, shouting.

    "Please wait, even if you refuse, please stop first, please!"

    With Terrance's cry, Xerneas stopped walking and stared at Terrance with the pupil in the shape of the letter X.

    HumanityThe deep female voice was introduced into Terrance's ear, and Terrance was shocked. He subconsciously reacted. This is telepathy.

    "Xerneas, I have a friend who lost his vitality because of the power of the waveguide. Is there any way to save him!"Terrance quickly asked his question, but what made Terrance disheartened was that Xerneas didn't want to face this problem at all, just after shaking his head, it continued to leave.

    As Xerneas with the ability to give life, is it not to interfere with human beings, or is it powerless?

    Terrance looked bitter, but he couldn't watch Xerneas leave, he still had questions to ask.

    "Xerneas, please take a moment, I heard that you have the ability to master Fairy Aura, please look at this!"Terrance took out the Mega Ring and smacked it on Key Stone and cast the Mega Evolution directly in front of Xerneas.

    Altaria flew up, dazzling light shrouded its body, and with the completion of the Mega Evolution, Altaria mobilized the Totem gas field, a mysterious pink energy lingering around it.

    Xerneas, who was going to leave, stopped again.

    The deep eyes have long stayed on Mega Altaria, or the mysterious atmosphere of Mega Altaria.

    "Fairy Aura…"In the ears of Terrance and Altaria, the telepathy of Xerneas came again. In the face of Xerneas's speech, Terrance looked happy.

    As expected…Xerneas knows this gas field.

    Watching Mega Altaria for a long time, Xerneas looked at Terrance.

    Mainly, I looked at the Mega Ring that Terrance held.

    In the next moment, the color of the Xerneas horn quickly changed from light blue to color, and colorful spots appeared on the back.

    With this change, Terrance's Mega Ring flew directly to Xerneas between his mistakes.


    With a broken sound, Terrance twitched in the corner of his eye and only felt a pain in the egg.

    Mega Ring, broken? ?

    At this time, Terrance already had the urge to vomit blood. Although the black technology Mega Ring has a lot of side effects, it not only has the effect of increasing the Mega Evolution, but also has the ability to display Fairy's small Z moves by Tapu. Precious bracelets…

    Terrance regretted looking for Xerneas, but fortunately, the evolution of Key Stone was not destroyed by the break of the Mega Ring, or Terrance was really a rushing cliff.

    "Human, this bracelet, and how does the gas field on it come from?"Xerneas looked out of the broken Mega Ring and looked at Mega Altaria. As it released the energy, Mega Altaria was forced to exit the Mega Evolution Contest Condition and the Fairy Aura turned into Primal's Totem gas field.

    At this time facing Xerneas, Terrance gave a slight glimpse: "From Alola."

    "Can you tell me specifically?"

    Terrance looked at the broken Mega Ring floating in the air. Obviously, Xerneas was quite curious about the Z energy system.

    With the inquiry from Xerneas, Terrance slowly calmed down and told Alola about Xerneas.

    "Lucas God…"Xerneas looks to Soaring in the sky and says, "A creature from the outside world?"

    "There is such a terrible energy, its existence is a blessing or a curse for this world…"

    Xerneas's thoughts surged, and from the Z-Ring and Totem gas fields, it felt a powerful essential energy, which made it feel uncomfortable when it faced.

    Even more frightening is that under the traction of this force, Mega Altaria with Fairy Skin Ability has mastered its unique Fairy Aura ability!

    Although Mega Altaria's Fairy Aura is still a prototype, it can't be used like it, but it is enough for Xerneas to pay attention to the "Lucas God" in the mouth of Terrance.

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