Pokemon Court Chapter 659

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the text 659 chapter goodbye, Altaria, floating astronomy

    Xerneas changed his attitude and faced the beginning of Terrance, which he didn't want to pay too much attention to.

    "Is that bracelet important to you?"

    Terrance looked at it and didn't know what it wanted to say.

    "I broke down the nature of this power in order to explore it, and caused losses to you, please don't blame."

    "In exchange, I can help you and your Pokémon master the gas field."

    Xerneas fell, and its body burst into a huge amount of energy. This energy is expressed in the form of a gas field, very similar to the previous "Fairy Aura" on Mega Altaria!

    "Fairy Aura, as my unique ability, I originally thought that this world only has me, but…"

    "With two special energies, it seems that something has changed from nothing."

    Terrance is stunned, the other side said, is Altaria's Mega Evolution power and Z system power!

    "I need it, let it follow me for a while, I want to feel the energy of it. In exchange, I will teach Fairy Aura how to use it…"

    Xerneas watched Terrance and Altaria, the power of the "Totem gas field", or the power of the Z system, made Xerneas feel curious.

    "Maybe, the fusion of life energy and the Z power in this human mouth may make Fairy Aura inherit."

    It can be seen that the Mega Evolution process carried out by Altaria is accompanied by a powerful life energy, and mastering this energy is a breeze for it, and because of this, it sees infinite possibilities in Altaria.

    Xerneas, who hasn't known how long it has lived, is the first time to see such a special Pokémon, with the same ability as Pokémon!

    "Xerneas…What do you mean by letting Altaria follow you? ”Terrance was surprised.

    As Xerneas nodded, Terrance and Altaria looked at each other more difficult to bear with this information.

    "If you can use Fairy Aura initially, its strength will be unimaginable."Xerneas slowly opens its mouth, stimulating the hearts of Altaria and Terrance.

    This is……A strong chance.

    Terrance quickly recalls the speculations of Bratano Professor and Ash's experience, if the life energy mastered by Xerneas can control Mega Evolution, if Xerneas masters the mature Fairy Aura application method…

    That opportunity was an unimaginable opportunity for Altaria and him.


    "I want to separate from Altaria…"Tightly asked this sentence, Terrance was sweating.

    Follow Xerneas to practice, isn't that Altaria going to leave him?

    In the unlikely event that it takes decades to practice, this Terrance is hard to accept.

    "Don't worry, time will not be too long, and the place of practice is here."Xerneas saw Terrance's fears and slowly said: "Beside the girl stone statue, I will guide your Altaria to master Fairy Aura. After that, it will look for you with the shackles between you."

    "Altaria ……"When he heard Xerneas, Terrance bit his teeth.

    "Altaria, let's make a choice."

    The sound of the sound, Altaria fell, recalled with Terrance's bits and pieces, then looked at Rotom Pokédex, looked at the Poké Ball at Terrance's waist, looked at Xerneas, and finally, a long beep.

    “Altaria says it wants to be stronger and then better Help Terrance Rotto !!”

    Rotom Pokédex fluttered with tears and translated Altgar's Growl.

    "This way…"Terrance suddenly felt relieved, and since Altaria made his own choice, he would also choose to support.

    If it doesn't take long, it doesn't matter.

    Isn't Mismagius also practicing alone for half a year? Terrance comforts himself.

    "It seems that you have already decided…"Xerneas nodded and said: "Human, you can rest assured, I will teach it with all my heart, you and it, I can feel that you will not be separated for too long."

    "Trouble you, Xerneas."Terrance looked out to open it.

    Xerneas nodded again, controlling the power to bounce the evolved Key Stone and fly to Terrance's palm.

    Looking at the evolution of Key Stone, which finally got detached from the Mega Ring, Terrance smiled bitterly and couldn't get rid of it in the early days. Now it is so easy to get rid of it.

    AfterIt doesn't take any effort to carry out the Mega Evolution. It's worth it. ”Terrance sighed.

    Just as Terrance sighed, the next moment, another light suddenly appeared in front of him!

    This is a drop of water floating from the lake, under the control of Xerneas, sparkling with amazing Lucas.

    This Lucas, let Terrance feel a thriving life!

    "This is the water droplet that I made with life energy. You can go and give it to your friend, but…"

    "If you are involved in the power of the waveguide you said, I do not guarantee that this drop of water will save your friend."

    After a dull encounter with the coagulated water droplets sent by Xerneas, Terrance suddenly became overwhelmed.

    He was surprised, and a feeling of depression first appeared, then disappeared, only feeling comfortable.

    “Thank you very much, Xerneas !!”Terrance took a deep sigh and thanked Xerneas.

    "Don't thank me, thank you for your partner."Xerneas looked at Altaria and slowly opened his mouth.

    Terrance is in a complicated mood, and millions of emotions are pouring in his heart.


    Two days later.

    Terrance appeared in Lumiose City, and in front of him, a woman who had not seen him for a long time stood in front of him.


    When Terrance contacted Hoenn Alliance to re-determine the situation of Bai Cheng, he learned that Riean was doing the task at Kalos.

    "Try this."Terrance handed the water of life given by Xerneas to Riean.

    "Before his situation did not completely deteriorate before."

    "Where did you get it from?"She took the water of life and was incredibly open.

    Terrance shook his head and said: "This can't be said. In addition, there is one more thing I have to do in Kalos. I can't return to Hoenn for the time being, and Bai Cheng's things will be handed over to you."

    Holding the vessel with the water of life, Riean suddenly groaned deeply, and when she looked up, she burst into tears.

    For a moment, looking at the back of Riean's departure, Terrance murmured: "I hope everything goes well."

    At the same time, the Kanto Region, a Rookie Trainer and a Pikachu, witnessed the legendary Pokémon Ho-Oh flying from their Sky.

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