Pokemon Court Chapter 660

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 660th chapter of Arcanine's flame armor, floating astronomy
    One reason Terrance stayed in Kalos was to wait for Altaria.

    Since returning to the Hoenn Region is also training, it is better to stay in Kalos, so that if Altaria is completed, it can quickly return to his side.

    Terrance intends to stay in Kalos for a month.

    Achieve a 30-day impact plan!

    After Altaria left, the lack of Terrance's team immediately became apparent.

    Now in Terrance's team, only the strength of Mismagius has entered the level of the top Trainer.

    As for Beautifly, Arcanine, floating bubbles, Gallade, they may have reached a high level of individual quality, but this quality can not pull their shortcomings, so that they have the outstanding strength of the top Trainer main spirit.

    Terrance feels that the accumulation of his own resources is enough. It takes a lot of time to collect resources and lay a solid foundation. Now –

    Resources, he is not lacking, the direction of growth, he is also very clear.

    What is missing is only time.

    He plans to use a month to complete an extremely high-impact shock, pushing all the strengths of these Pokémons to the next level!

    As for Mismagius, it needs a better experience of the current Contest Condition and strength, and strive to adapt to this newly acquired combat power as soon as possible.

    After the data detection of Terrance and Rotom Pokédex, the quality of Mismagius, which completely transformed its potential into strength, entered a period of rapid growth. This period of strength growth period was gradually reduced until the fourth day, and it was maintained for 3 days. .

    At this time, the overall quality of Mismagius has increased by about one-tenth. As for the control of energy, this quality has increased more. At what level, Terrance and Rotom Pokédex can't test, just know that it is built. The illusion is more stable.

    The small Vulpix and Larvitar over Hoenn Region, they are not lacking in resources, and the training tasks are still in the basic stage, without the need for Terrance to supervise.

    Just a month ago, Terrance felt that it was the best choice to consolidate the strength of his main elf.

    Wait until you are fully in the field of the top Trainer, and then come back to focus on Breeder, two Pokémons just entering the growth stage is not too late.

    With Terrance's training experience and Breeder experience, as well as the resources available, it is much easier to think that the Breeder New Elves will be more than just debut.

    The first day.

    As an international researcher, Terrance applied for a temporary use of Laboratories and a set of physical exercise devices similar in effect to “Macho Brace”.

    Macho Brace is Terrance's body-building props at Battle Tower. This item has been accompanied by Arcanine's growth and has achieved remarkable results. However, with the strength of Arcanine, the Totem gas field is acquired. It has been difficult to exercise the power of today's powerful Arcanine.

    Terrance application of this set of new props, is tailor-made in the form of arcanine, this time the props are no longer a whole, are through the various parts of the prop combination of the device, this device can be at any time to arcanine all parts of the high-intensity devil exercise, high strength, Far more than the "Macho Brace" prepared for the ordinary trainer, suddenly strengthen the intensity of exercise, arcanine in the short term should be significant progress.

    The Laboratory is located in Lumiose City, near the forest and is an independent research site.

    After getting the temporary ownership of the Laboratory, Terrance stayed here with the Pokémon.

    As for the role of the Laboratory, Terrance was to study the “nutrition pottery” obtained from the “behemoth Snubbull”, and the second was to assist Beautifly in completing the “source of physical strength” technique for the reverse Totem gas field.

    First of all, Terrance intends to use a few days to plan Arcanine's monster body Breeder method according to the formula and nutrient pharmacology of the other party.

    On the third day, Arcanine's new exercise device was delivered.

    Arcanine's deep orange hair with Black stripes is like a tiger-like black-orange stripe. It's very powerful. When Terrance installed the orange-red exercise arm like the Flame Armor Normal, Arcanine screamed.

    “Is it effective?”Terrance is happy.

    It can make Arcanine accidentally hurt. It seems that the power of this exercise device is not Normal.

    The price of this latest exercise device can be very expensive, even if Terrance has multiple identities such as the owner of the pavilion, and has multiple sources of funding, the purchase of this device is also very painful.

    This is not a black technology that ordinary Trainer can afford. Even if there is money to buy, the body of Normal Pokémon is not enough to withstand the pressure of this exercise device.

    "Keep it, when you have customized, you have set Earl Dervish to the range you can afford…"

    Looking at the whole body taut, with the new body exercise device, Arcanine biting his teeth, Terrance laughed.

    The fluffy fluff of Arcanine's chest is locked by the flame of the normal device, and the fluffy fluffy hair is also reflected in this set of equipment. Not only that, but even the foot, leg and back have been installed. The custom-made new exercise device, Arcanine is like a body that blends with the wind, and now it is like a set of armor.

    The device Earl Dervish is five times more powerful than "Macho Brace", and now even Arcanine is stressful.

    However, this force standard words, but can be very good exercise today's strength of the arcanine body, a short period of time arcanine if can bear, its body explosive power, endurance will be more terrible, the structure of the apparatus is very complex, is the use of a variety of massage, stimulation techniques as the core of the deep structure, Even Terrance doesn't quite understand how it works.

    However, on the sixth day, after three days, Arcanine had initially adapted to the new exercise device, and with Rotom Pokédex, Terrance re-measured all aspects of Arcanine's quality gains.

    Eventually Terrance discovered that the device was awesome and that the Arcanine body was tempered several times better than Macho Brace.

    Now that Arcanine has just touched this device, it will have a burst of physical fitness in a short period of time, and the speed will not be eased until it is fully adapted to this new exercise device.

    On the sixth day, Terrance also improved the last bottle of nutrients on his hands at the cost of two bottles of nutrients wasted, and he got three bottles of nutrients in the Beast Snubbull, corresponding to the recipe formula of Altaria, Arcanine and Larvitar, but in the exploration, Terrance Unfortunately wasted two bottles of nutrients, but although did not explore the ingredients of nutrients, but the pharmacological reaction to the inside, Terrance has been groping 7788.

    According to his own Arcanine situation, Terrance made minor changes to Arcanine's recipe recipes. Although this change has little effect on the original formula, it is more suitable for your own Arcanine use.

    As for the recipe formula of Altaria and Larvitar, Terrance threw it directly aside as garbage disposal, the size of the body is not suitable for these two elves, and may even have a negative impact, there are arcanine an elf to try the size of the Beast breeder method is enough, Larvitar, whose weight is amazing, and Altaria, who follow the legendary elves, have little to lose without this breeder method, and they have other ways to go.

    After all, this is just an advanced Breeder method from a Masters level Trainer, not to the point where Terrance is regarded as a treasure.

    He just wants to gather the other party's strengths and choose the right one in his team to try Breeder.

    Also on this day, Arcanine, which was hailed as "Flame Armor Exerciser" by Terrance, began to change three meals and started the Breeder route of the monster body.

    On the eighth day, outside of Laboratory.

    Terrance and Rotom Pokédex looked at the techniques that Beautifly showed, revealing a pleasant look.

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