Pokemon Court Chapter 661

The latest chapter of the pet Pokémon's Terrance, the body of the 661 chapter two two top skills combination, floating astronomy
    Beautifly's long-standing "source of physical strength" technique was initially used today, and it was a prototype, which made Terrance happy.

    This not only confirms the feasibility of this technique, but also marks that Beautifly can combine the two top skills of “wind field” and “source of physical strength”, and the strength is greatly increased.

    At this time, hovering in the outer courtyard of the Laboratory, Beautifly is wrapped in a pale yellow mysterious atmosphere, and Beautifly has a lovely appearance and is also a powerful momentum.

    Under the mobilization of Beautifly, the Totem gas field around it is disordered, like a chaotic airflow, violent!

    Beautifly, the first Pokémon in the Terrance team, is planning to take the initiative to harness the energy of Totem! !

    This comes from the power of "Lucas Great God", Terrance's other Pokémon has been used as a passive gain BUFF, but today, Beautifly made a bold move.

    Under its mobilization, Totem's gas field energy began to disintegrate and break, like a countercurrent vortex Normal, but the next moment, Beautifly failed to control this force, which suddenly caused an explosion and hurt himself.

    "Don't worry, Encore, take your time."Terrance opening.

    Beautifly slowly flew again, recalling the success of the coincidence, and the eyes were serious.


    The fluctuations in the Totem gas field began to confuse again. This time, it looked much smoother than before. Under the control of Beautifly, the disintegration and reorganization of the Totem gas field formed a stable cycle, while the gap in the middle, Beautifly absorbed. The energy that comes out after the Totem gas field collapses, the sun can!

    Under Beautifly's "Giga Drain" plunder, the sun was swayed by both Beautifly and Totem gas fields. In this process, Beautifly used a lot of effort to gradually change the form of the Totem gas field "inertia", the sun Light blends into your own Morning Sun moves.

    By plundering, Beautifly only feels physically strong.

    “Using the wind field after the Quiver Dance.”Terrance opening.

    Upon hearing the order, Beautifly nodded and danced to his beautiful figure. In the process, countless scales floated out, and the breeze lingered around his body.

    With the dance of Beautifly, the gentle breeze was more harmonious, but Terrance and Rotom Pokédex smiled.

    Don't look at the wind, but Beautifly uses Bug Buzz's vibration technique to compress the air waves to the extreme performance. The breeze reveals a breeze, and the sharpness is far more than the air Cutter.

    Compressed to the ultimate unpretentious airflow became Beautifly's eyes and weapons, in the process, Beautifly wing damage, physical strength and energy consumption to a terrible degree.

    Both Terrance and Rotom Pokédex know that if there is no physical strength and strong physical support, this is only a moment of embarrassment.

    "Mismagius, use the shadow ball!"

    The next moment, Terrance issued an order, and the hidden Mismagius behind it condensed a dark purple Energy Ball.

    Inside the Energy Ball, it contains a huge amount of energy, which is the main attack method for Mismagius to achieve the illusion after reaching the Elite field.

    But it was such a shadow ball. In the process of rushing to Beautifly, Beautifly did not get any reminder from Terrance. It seemed to predict the future. It was almost measured when the shadow ball was about to be close to its body, and then…

    In an instant, the airflow controlled by Beautifly is like a continuous wind blade. In just less than 0.1s, the shadow ball has been smashed!

    The collision of energy should have a strong explosion, but the speed of the wind blade is too fast. The wind blade cutting Attribute with the scale powder is too strong, and the shadow ball is even cut into several groups of different sizes. The energy body, the cutting speed, is faster than the energy reaction to produce an explosion! !

    When the shadow ball exploded, Beautifly had stayed in front of Terrance, canceling the “wind domain” technique.

    "Let me see the injury."Terrance stretched out his arm and let Beautifly fly to his arm and check it.

    From the wings, to the body, and by asking about the consumption of Beautifly, Terrance became more shocked.

    Dodging and destroying a shadow ball of Mismagius, Beautifly's consumption is negligible, or even almost no consumption? !

    Although Mismagius has not yet shown the Totem gas field, the basic strength of Mismagius is real.

    Just as Mismagius didn't show his full strength, Beautifly didn't have any spare power.

    "Great, Rotto!!"Rotom Pokédex shouted in surprise and admired watching Beautifly.

    If Terrance's other Pokémons can reach the Elite field with pure strength, then Beautifly, now completely relying on their own skills to reach this level!

    “Great, but still need to practice more.”Terrance is pleased with encouragement.

    The fourteenth day.

    After five days of practice, Terrance tested the effects of Beautifly's “Wind Fields” and “Body Sources” techniques in many ways, and gained an ideal amount of data.

    Through these days of running-in, Beautifly's “source of physical strength” skills are no longer so laborious. The Totem gas field has less and less influence on Beautifly. At this time, Beautifly can fully mobilize the energy of light to supplement its own body damage. And energy consumption.

    After such high-frequency practice, Beautifly's "wind field" skills are no longer required to be intensified by the Quiver Dance in advance.

    Beautifly's overall strength has also begun to increase with the use of top-level skills in such high-intensity, between damage and recovery processes.



    The next day, Terrance's Laboratory lifespan was reached.

    He did not continue to rent, the value of this Laboratory has been squeezed by him in this half a month.

    Not only did Arcanine's recipe recipes be optimized, but some observation instruments assisted Beautifly in mastering the techniques of the reverse Totem gas field at a micro level. It can be said that Terrance was full in the first half of the month.

    For half a month, Terrance's floating bubbles and Gallade are not doing nothing.

    They are also doing high-intensity special training.

    The Contest Condition of the floating bubble has reached the Elite Four level. The control of the ice and snow force is equally horrible if the Assist rainy form is weak. As for the sunny day, the Contest Condition is weak. As for the power of Sandstorm, there are still serious Short board.

    The single rainy weather of the floating bubble Terrance doesn't have to worry too much, but Terrance wants to adapt its Breeder to a versatile variety of battlefields.

    So for the power of the sun, the power of Sandstorm, Terrance needs to train it.

    Finally, in order to complete the final step of the Help Gallade, Terrance came to a place called the Battle Chateau in the Kalos Region.

    Monthly ticket

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